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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Kuroko no Basket 123

123Q: He's beside himself with joy

+ posted by myao as translation on Jul 10, 2011 18:57 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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[] = text in boxes or in the panel but not in a bubble
** = translator's comments
// = new bubble or new section of a bubble

123Q: 嬉しくてしょうがないと思います

-: うおおっ...マジかよ!!
WHOA... for real!?

-: あの青峰が... // 攻めあぐねてる...!?
That Aomine... // is having trouble attacking...!?

-: ウソだろ...
It can't be...

-: うわああいきなりブン投げ...
Whoa, he's throwing it all of a sudden...

-: なっ!?
[He stopped it at that timing!?]

-: 抜いた...!! // さすが青峰
He got past...!! // As expected of Aomine

-: なっ!?
-: うおお スゲェッ!! // ナイスDF火神!!
WHOA AMAZING!! // Nice defence, Kagami!!

Imayoshi: ...いったいどーなっとるんや
...What exactly is happening?

[火神のポテンシャルの高さは認める // 今までまがりなりに「キセキの世代」相手にもくらいついてきたし実際今も青峰を本気にさせた]
[I'll admit Kagami's potential is great //Until now, even if it was with difficulty, he managed to keep up against "the Generation of Miracles". And now, he's gotten Aomine serious.]

[だがそれでもトップスピードでは青峰の方が上や // なのになぜヤツはついていける...!?]
[But even so, Aomine has a faster top speed. //So why is that guy able to keep up...!?]

[まさか青峰の動きを読んでいるのか...?いや...そんなことは不可能だ // かと言って青峰の速さは動きだしを見てから反応してついていけるものではない]
[He can't be reading Aomine's movements...? No... that's impossible. // But he shouldn't be able to keep up if he's waiting for Aomine to move before reacting...]

[A natural stance and from there, a super-human reaction time...]

Kise: うまく言えないんスけど... // 今のアイツのフンイキは
I can't express it well but... // his atmosphere right now

Kise: 野生の獣のそれに近い
is close to that of a wild beast

-: どうやって身につけたのか知らんが...
I don't know how he learned it but...
Riko's dad: ああ // オレらも現役時代あーゆータイプにはずいぶん苦しめられたもんだ
Yeah. // We had a tough time against his type when we were players too.

[...なるほど // アレックスに会ってきたのか...]
[...I see //He went to see Alex...]

Himuro: またずいぶん荒療治したなタイガ
That was a rather drastic cure you took, Taiga.

Kagami: えっ!?

Kagami: 賭けバスケ!?
Gambling basketball!?

Alex: そーだ

Alex: とりあえずここの猛者共相手に一週間生き残れ // 色々教えてやるのはそれからだ
For starters, survive against these toughies for 1 week // I'll teach you stuff afterwards if you can do that
Kagami: なっ...

Alex: ホラ軍資金10ドルな
Here's your war fund. 10 dollars.
Kagami: さっき1回10ドルって書いてあったんだけど!?

Alex: いいか...まずは失ったもんを取り戻してこい
Listen...first, go get back what you've lost

Alex: まあせいぜい死に物狂いでがんばれ // ここで負けて払えませんは通らんぞ
Just work hard like your life depends on it // Saying "I can't pay" when you lose won't help you here

-: お おいアレックス! // いくらなんでもキビしすぎるぜありゃあ...!
H-hey Alex! // That's a bit cruel, don't you think...!

-: それに失ったもんってのはいったい...
And what's this thing he's lost...

Alex: まぁ一口で言えば... // 野性のカンってトコだな
Well in a word... // something like animal instinct

-: いやっ...よくわかんねーけど...そうゆうのって持ってる奴は最初からあるっつーか... // いまさらどうこうできるもんじゃねーだろ!?
Bu-t... I dunno... like, those who have that have it from the start... // It's not something you can work on later, right!?

Alex: ...そりゃあ違うぞ
...No, that's not true.
-: え!?

Alex: そもそも誰もが持って生まれて成長とともに失われていく力なんだよ
Everyone is born with it and lose it when they grow up

Alex: だがそれを失わずに持ってる奴らがいる // そーゆー奴らも望んでそうなったワケじゃないかもしれないが... // 今タイガを放りこんだような弱肉強食の世界で生き抜いた奴らだ
But there are those who haven't lost it // Although maybe they didn't become that way because they wanted to // They're the guys who make it in a world where the fittest survive, like the one I just threw Taiga into

Alex: 野性ってのはつまり才能じゃない // 修練の先に得る力だ
In other words, you can't be gifted with animal instinct // It's a strength you gain from training

Alex: 五感が研ぎ澄まされたその感覚は // バスケットにおいて予測などよりさらに速い反応を可能にする
In basketball, when all five senses are heightened like that, // it's possible to react faster than you can predict the opponent

Alex: ついでに言うと人より高く飛べる奴は人より速く飛ばなきゃイミがない // なぜなら最高点に達するまでにそれだけ時間がかかるからな
Besides, even if you can jump higher than others, if you don't jump faster too, there's no point. // That's because it takes that much longer to get to the highest point.

Alex: 火神のジャンプ力は // 野性と組み合わさってこそ真価を発揮する
Kagami's jumping ability will show // its true value only when combined with animal instinct

-: な!?

-: すげえぞアイツ!! // リバウンドもとったァ!!
That guy's amazing!! // He took the rebound too!!

[Just now... when the ball touched the ring, he'd already left the ground...!?]
Wakamatsu: なんでそんなタイミングで飛べんだよ!?
How's he able to jump with that timing!?

-: うおお誠凛反撃!!
Whoa, Seirin's counterattack!

-: 残り時間は...!?
How much time left...!?

-: あと3秒...!!
3 seconds...!!

[点差は2点...!! // これで決めれば同点で終われる...!!]
[A 2 point difference..!! // If we make this one, we can end it at a tie...!!]

Izuki: 頼む....
I'm counting on you...

Izuki: 火神!!

-: なっ!?

-: フォームレスショート!?
A formless shoot!?

Aomine: ハッ...

Aomine: ざけんな!! // 100年早えーんだよ!!
Don't make me laugh!! // You're a 100 years too early!!


-: 外れたぁー!! // けど惜しかったぞ今のは!? // そして前半終了ー!!
It misses!! // But that was close!? // And the first half ends!!

Hyuuga: あの場面でお前...いろんなイミでめちゃくちゃだな、まったく!
In that situation you... you're ridiculous, you know that!
Kagami: いやなんとなくできそうな気がして...つい
No, I had a feeling it'd work... couldn't help myself

-: これよりインターバルに入ります // 後半第3クォーター開始は10分後です。
It's the half-time break now // The second half, 3rd quarter will start in 10 minutes

Wakamatsu: おい青峰?どこ行くんだよ
Hey, Aomine? Where are you going?

Aomine: うるせーよ // 後半開始にはちゃんと戻る
Just shut up. // I'll be back before the second half starts.

Wakamatsu: ああ!?
Imayoshi: ...若松ほっとけ
...Wakamatsu, leave him alone

Wakamatsu: ったく...大丈夫だろうなあのヤロー... // 火神にやられてさぞヘコんだみてーだが
Tsk... that bastard better be alright... //Looked like he was pretty depressed about being outdone by Kagami
Imayoshi: まぁそう心配すんなや
Ah, don't worry about that

Imayoshi: さっきまでの青峰は確かに本気やった // ...が // 手の内全部出したわけやない
Aomine was serious just now // ...but // he hasn't shown his entire hand yet

Imayoshi: 後半始まればすぐわかる // 結局あいつに勝てる奴はおらん // てな
You'll see when the second half starts // nobody can beat him // in the end

Imayoshi: それにたぶん...逆やで?
Besides, it's probably...the opposite
Wakamatsu: は?逆?
What? Opposite?

Momoi: ...そうですね
...You're right

Momoi: やっと見つけた自分のすべてを出させてくれる相手... // たぶん今ごろ青峰君は
He finally found an opponent he can give his all against // Probably right now Aomine-kun

Momoi: 嬉しくてしょうがないと思います
is beside himself with joy

Koganei: あれ?黒子は?
Wait? Where's Kuroko?
-: あ

-: ちょっと表の空気吸いたいって言ってどっか行ったんですけど
He went somewhere after saying he wanted to get some fresh air
Hyuuga: え?

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#1. by Tensai_Sakuragi ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2011
Wow, many thanks.
I´ve been following the Kuroko raws since forever without fully understanding it... it´s really cool to see such a nice translation being posted.

Much appreciated.

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