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Translations: Gintama 535 by kewl0210 , Bleach 619 (2) , One Piece 779 by cnet128

Kuroko no Basket 125

It's an upset!!

+ posted by myao as translation on Jul 16, 2011 02:51 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 125

[] = text in boxes or in the panel but not in a bubble
** = translator's comments
// = new bubble or new section of a bubble

-: Intermission has ended

Takao: Oh

[With Kagami's awakening, they managed to stay only 2-points behind during the first half...but it's still not enough]

[To win, that guy is indispensable // but... can he do it?]

-: As of now the second half

-: 3rd quarter will begin
[125Q: It's an upset!!]

Momoi: ...Tetsu-kun

Kise: Kuroko-cchi...!

Wakamatsu: It's commendable he still came out after getting owned by Aomine // but what can he do? // There's no way he could have gotten stronger in less than 10 minutes!!


-: It's started!! Touou starts with the ball!!

Imayoshi: Don't make such a scary face // ...although
[He's a good defence // All of them have improved their basic skills by a lot]

Imayoshi: it doesn't matter!

-: Whoa, they're going at it in the second half too!!

-: Aomine vs. Kagami!!

Kagami: This guy...!?

Kagami: *shocked*!!?

-: He got past!!

-: Wha-!?

Kagami: Damn it!!
[What's going on...!? Aomine was already at his best... // but...

[he got faster...!? // How the heck...!!]

Kiyoshi: Need back-up!!

Kiyoshi: ...tsk
[No.. won't make it in time!!]



-: What?

Referee: #5, black jersey!! Charging!!//
-: Wha- Aomine's foul!!?

[He wouldn't have made it in time if he'd watched Aomine get past// Could he have...]
Imayoshi: read his path!?

Kuroko: If Aomine-kun knows my movements, isn't the opposite also true? // The time we spent together is the same.

Kuroko: When it comes to basketball, we really do think alike, // Aomine-kun

Aomine: ...So you still had that up your sleeve// Tetsu!
**I had a problem translating やってくれんじゃねーか so I went with what I felt was close to the statement. Let me know if you can think of a better translation.

Kagami: Thanks... you saved me
Kuroko: No problem

Izuki: Alright, let's go!!

[Damn it, my mark...]
-: Not good!!

-: It's Kuroko!!


[He's not doing anything...!? ...! // I get it, so // ...he's doing nothing during offense but supporting Kagami as defence...]
Wakamatsu: That's why he came back out!!

Wakamatsu: You're doing something!!! Passing.

Hyuuga: Ouch!!

Sakurai: Ah!

-: *shocked*!?

-: Whoaa, it went in!! A 3-pointer!! // The first points of the second half go to Seirin!!

-: Yes, Captain!!

Hyuuga: Kuroko!!
Kuroko: That was nice shooting

Hyuuga: That pass really hurts!!
[Can't you do something about it!?]
*throbbing pain*
Kuroko: ...Sorry

Sakurai: Wait a minute...!!
[That was an ignite pass!? Wasn't Kagami-kun the only one who could catch it...!?]
**"Ignite Pass" is Kuroko's "accelerating" pass. I haven't checked out past scans, so if it's been translated already to something different, let me know.

[...That's how much we've grown...!! // With their improved physical strength, now all the members can catch a normal ignite pass]
Riko: Kai is impossible but...
**"Kai (廻)" is the improved "Ignite Pass" with a helical rotation. Kuroko does it for the first time in Q116. Don't know if I should translate the name or just keep the Japanese name.

Hyuuga: Alright defence! Let's stop them!!
-: Yeah!!

Imayoshi: That's really something // When he's around, the team's quality is completely different

-: Oooh, Seirin's suddenly at the top of their game!!
-: Well yeah // they got 3 points just now...

-: it's an upset!! // For the first time in the match, Seirin's leading...!!

Imayoshi: ...then again, it's not like he's doing anything especially different
[During offense, taking it easy near Aomine and only giving passes when he's far away // During defence, using his experience to help Kagami]

[Using his current weapons to support the best he can // Devoting himself completely to the team...]

Imayoshi: How heroic...

Imayoshi: So heroic // I'm in tears
[...!? // His atmosphere is completely different...]

[This guy... Is he...]

Touou coach: ...Everything's gone according to plan until now // I feel bad since he just came out, but looks like we'll need to take care of him after all.

Touou coach: Momoi-san, you had a countermeasure for Kuroko too, right?

Momoi: I like Tetsu-kun but... // that's why I won't go easy on him

Momoi: ...yes
[I'm sorry...Tetsu-kun]

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