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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kuroko no Basket 126

Let's be friendly

+ posted by myao as translation on Jul 23, 2011 18:33 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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This translation is for use by imangascans

[] = text in boxes or in the panel but not in a bubble
** = translator's comments
// = new bubble or new section of a bubble

-: Whoa, for real? With Touou as the opponent... // an upset...!!

-: Seirin upsets~!!

Imayoshi: Well this is difficult... // they're all so courageous, I'm in tears

Imayoshi: ... but

Imayoshi: thinking you'll win if you work hard... // the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows like that

[Holding on to the thoughts from back then, another hot summer comes, this year // 126Q: Let's be friendly]

-: Touou's trying to catch up!! // Can they stop Seirin's energy!?

Imayoshi: ...*sigh* really

[Shooting all of a sudden!?]
Izuki: Ugh...

Izuki: Ah!?
[Damn it, a feint!!]

-: Nice pass!!

-: Whoa, taking the lead again so quickly!! // Their offensive power is unrivalled this tournament!!

Izuki: Damn it...
Hyuuga: It's alright Izuki! Let's take the lead back!!

Izuki: Huh?

Riko: ...Wha-!?

Imayoshi: If we can stop their energy? // They're thinking so lowly of us

-: Imayoshi is guarding Kuroko?

Imayoshi: Did you know? There are a lot of things you can only see through a mirror.

Izuki: Stopping Kuroko...!? No...that's // not possible...!!

-: Shuutoku's Takao couldn't stop him with his Hawk Eye and you couldn't with your Spider's Web... // You can't do anything to him with spirit alone // What exactly are they planning?

Hanamiya: HA! // How should I know... // Well... maybe he's the right one for the job

Hanamiya: No one has a worse personality than that guy
-: I don't really know but... you're one to talk

[This never happened before...]
Izuki: Ugh...

-: It can't be... Kuroko is...

[Until know, Kuroko's pass has been stopped a few times... // but he managed to get through with new passes and drives. // But this is different]

-: Kuroko can't throw off his guard!?

[I can't even give the ball to him... // It can't be... // Misdirection isn't working...!!]

[Kuroko is completely disabled-!!]

Imayoshi: Don't be so hostile. // Let's be friendly.

-: Face guarding #11!?

-: We'd have done that already if we could've // Even if you pay attention to him, before you realize it, he's run off somewhere

Momoi: "Before you realize"... that's the important thing
-: Huh?

Momoi: He doesn't disappear during the entire match // Normally, he's just hard to notice

Momoi: Because of that, you stare at him so that you don't miss him // but that's what makes you easy to misdirect

Momoi: The more you try to look at him, the worse it is // It just becomes easier to fall for misdirection

-: But then how do you guard him...
Imayoshi: Hey, hey... she's pretty much already given you the answer
-: Huh?

Imayoshi: You mean, // just stop trying to look at him, right?

Momoi: ...That's right. // He uses misdirection when he's coordinating with his teammates

Momoi: Right before that, he must make // eye-contact with the other player

Momoi: The player he makes eye-contact with is like a mirror reflecting him // If you look at where that player is looking, he'll for sure be there

Momoi: To guard him without losing sight of him then, // you have to look at the player giving the pass, after eye-contact, rather than him, and move in that direction

Momoi: What's most threatening is not his passes or drives but the misdirection technique that supports it all // If you render that useless, it's the same as rendering him useless

Imayoshi: Alright, got it // Susa, let's change marks.

Imayoshi: I'll take #11/Kuroko

[To think of stopping Kuroko-kun like this, you have to know him fully. This must be Momoi's idea... // ... but to be able to do it so perfectly... ]
Riko: That Imayoshi guy...

-: Hey hey... your Senpai's amazing

-: He's actually smarter than you, isn't he, // Hanamiya?

Hanamiya: You're annoying. Shut up.

Hanamiya: I don't know about intelligence...but // I wouldn't want to compete at things like poker with him.
-: What?

Hanamiya: Reading the opponent's mind from their facial expressions and habits... // he's a monster when it comes to playing mind games

Hanamiya: He's completely aware of Whatever Kuroko's thinking

Hanamiya: No one is better than him at doing what others don't want

[A 3-pointer!? // Then...the play just now was to prep for this...!?]

-: And a 3-pointer!! Touou has widened the gap in one go!!

-: Ugh

Izuki: Hyuuga!!

[We'll return the favour!!]

[Barrier Jumper!!]
**I'm having trouble translating this 'attack', lol. So essentially, all of a sudden, Hyuuga moves away from the opponent really quickly, further than you'd expect, and hits a 3-pointer. The other way the manga puts it is "不可侵のシュート", which means "a shot of nonaggression". If you think of a better name, let me know.

-: Let's go, Captain!!

-: Huh!!?

Hyuuga: Wha-!?

[To stop the jump shot after that quick back-step, focus on his center of gravity]

[Don't be fooled by his upper body // When he gets the ball, look at the toes of his pivot foot]

[Touou's showing their true colors now...!! // Damn it...!! // Can't stop them like this....!!]

Aomine: Tsk, getting excited by themselves over there...

Aomine: Why don't we go to round 2 as well?

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