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Psyren 117


+ posted by Nagumo as translation on May 9, 2010 18:34 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 117

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

Scan has been released at Mangastream.com

TS please use translated SFX only and not those in caps.

Covering for Queenie...

[1] GOTSU*
* thud
* skisssssshhh
[4 inset] Meeting fist with fist and stopping the charge!!
[Title] Call 117: Seething

[1] GOSHA*
* smash
* boom (x4)

* ksssssh
* fwip
[3] DO*
* thoom
[4] ZUDO*
* kaboom

[1] GUUUUN...* / GARARA*
* vrmmm... / crumble
[2] BACHI*
* crackle
[4] ZUO*
* shoom

[1] BUON*
* shoom
[2] DOTSU*
* shff
[4] GOTSU*
* thwack

[1] GOGAA*
* crash
* rumble

[1] You're awesome / Pretty good for one of those Taboo monsters ...or are you a modified human?
[2] ...of course I'm a human / It'd be best for you not to underestimate the Scourge. We're special.
[3] Special?
[4] What we've been implanted with isn't the typical Illumina. Rather, it's a powerful, condensed type of Illumina which is still experimental / The survival rate for modification by this special Illumina Forge is less than 0.1% / We Scourge are the survivors, experimental soldiers who've obtained powerful PSI... The elite of the elite

[1] Oh...?
[2] It's comforting to know you're an elite / If you were just an underling, I would've had to train for another 10 years to destroy WISE
[3] ...Is that so? / So your death will come 10 years early
[5] Kyle!! You alright!? / Shao!

[1] Let's split up and clean up the intruders. What's your situation?
[2] Sorry!! I let four of those annoyances in!!
[3] Right now I'm fighting one of them in the gym / He's a tough one...!! I can't leave until I take him out
[4] Understood. Leave the others to me and the rest / Take that one out with everything you've got!! We'll rendezvous later!!
[5] Got it!!
[6] Heh heh
[7] ...What is it? Is something funny......?

[2] I'm having so much fun I can hardly stand it / GOO* / And at a time like this!
* fwoom
[3] I can't get this feeling from training with Shao / This exhilaration!
[4] He's trying to decide it with one blow--!!
[5] OOOO*
* vrmmmm

[2] No worrying about whether my opponent will break... / No doubt or hesitation / Just putting all my strength into one strike
[3] This battle is giving me goosebumps... It's exactly what / I've been waiting and hoping for all this time!!!

[2] ZUDO*
* kathoom

* kaboooooom
[2] ZUZUN*
* rumble
[3] Looks like that huge hole WISE opened up bored straight through Zone B right into Zone D beneath!!
[4] Four enemies infiltrated through the gym in <D>, where Kyle is...!! / The points we have to protect are the <A>-<B> and <A>-<D> pipelines!! / Hangar 2 / We've got to get everyone into Zone A in the center of the shelter, where Hangar 2 is located...!!

[1] Zone B, in the vicinity of the <A>-<B> pipeline junction / Yoshina Ageha and Amamiya Sakurako
[2] ZUBAA*
* shing
[3] GO*
* swish
[4] ZON*
* shing

[1] ZUZUZUZU* / Noooooo!!!
[2] Help me---!!!
[3] PYUN*
* shink
[4] These things creep me out......!! / DOSHAA*
* fwump
[5] SHIN...
* shing

[1] GOGOGOGO* / Let go of meeee!!! / Kyaaa
* rumble
[2] Those things are trying to take humans alive...!! / I'll go after the captives!! / Amamiya, you protect this junction for the people who fell behind in the escape!!
[4] The <A>-<D> pipeline junction / Frederica

[2] They've arrived...!!
[3] OOOOO*
* fwoooo
[4] BOGOO*
* kafwooom
[5] We'll continue the infiltration. Necca, we'll leave this place to you / Gotcha

[1] GOBAA*
* fwoooom
[2] BABA*
* fwip
[3] BOO*
* fwoo
* clatter

[1] ZUGA*
* thoom
* skrssssh
[3] I missed!? How!!? / Where the hell'd you come from? I'll kill you!!!
[4] Looks like this might take a while...!! / Kabuto's power!? / Hey, put me down!!!

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#1. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on May 10, 2010
I have nets now, so I should hopefully be able to do the next chaper! \o/

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