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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Kekkaishi 305


+ posted by Nagumo as translation on May 29, 2010 22:09 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 305

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

Scan has been released at Mangastream

[1] The children that were in his room back then... / were necessary for Shinyuuchi hunting
[2] It's likely that there were several people in that house whose abilities included spatial control...... / And one of those...
[3] probably had the same spirit reserve ability that I do.
[4 inset] Kakeru explains the King's plan to Number One**
** T/N: Zerogou, Ichigou, etc. are actually just numbers, not names, so I'll translate them as such.
[Title] Chapter 305: Hatred

[1] I was also chosen during the ability user selection process / though I didn't end up being of use
[2] Spirit reserve is extremely rare / though it's said they tend to appear when the world is in chaos... / To think that in this era there'd be another better qualified than I am...
[3] At any rate, when that one appeared... / he discarded that old body and left the castle, leaving Michiru and me behind / BOSOBOSOBOSO*
* whisper
[4] So basically you're saying that the Commander's in the body of that kid who had soul reserve? / No, that's not it
[5] It was a girl.
[Sidebar] The thing that the King=Commander compared to striking it rich was a child with the same ability as Kakeru!?

[1] Eh? / He can't transfer himself into girls. / Sort of like organ rejection
[2] In addition, there are various other requirements, so transferring is life-threatening. / Hee / And yet, because the vessel's power becomes one's own, he chose from among ability users
[3] Hee hee... / Hee hee hee... / It's laughable that such a disgusting creature would be so particular...
[4] GIRI* / Why, in a stupid squabble for a bastard like that?
* clench
[5] Why... / did Michiru have to die for an idiot piece of trash like that!?
[6] I'll kill him.

[1] Kill him.
[2] Kill him. / GATA GATA* / Kill him. / Kill him. / GATA GATA GATA* / Kill him.
* rattle / rattle
[3] KILL HIM! / GATAN* / Eek!
* clang
[4] MERI*
* creep
* creep / tremble

[1] Wasn't Michiru-sama fully prepared for this?
[2] The final entry in Michiru-sama's journal said... / MERI* / "I am sincerely ashamed for my deeds---"
* creep
[3] "I must bear some of the punishment for my sins"
[4] Wasn't Michiru-sama left behind in the castle by of her own will? / She could be depicted as being remorseful for allowing the Commander to embark on his path towards revenge
[5] What... / the hell are you saying?
[6] And now perhaps she's done something unforgivable to you, Kakeru-sama... / Shut up!!

[1] He's the bad one, right?
[2] I'll kill him. / Help me, Number One.
[4] Have... / you read all the other documents besides the journal? / No...
[5] Well then, let me tell you
[6] You "dolls"... / are spares that those brothers created that they could successfully transfer themselves to

[1] Hee... / Hee hee hee... / The one who came up with it was the younger one though, that piece of trash!
[2 background] Hee (x many)
[2] Hee / How's that? / You've got a great reason to want revenge, too...!
[4] So help me / ZA* / I'm the one who ranks highest in this castle right now, anyway
* fwip
[5] Michiru already created the plan / If everything proceeds according to that scenario... / after he finishes destroying the Urakai, he'll return to this castle
[6] The greatest, most powerful, and most evil being is within the spell Michiru created... / I'll put my everything into completing it... / And use it to ambush him!

[1] I am power.
[2] Michiru's spell... / will make use of me...!
[3] I'll end him... / along with this entire world

[2] POI*
* release
[3] I'm tired of you / So mean!
[4] Tokimori / Tokimori!! / DADADA*
* toddle
[5] Do you have any other servants? / I do... / But as you become indifferent to them so soon, milord...
[6] That's fine! / Yoshimori, Yoshimori!! / DATSU* / Ah, milord!
* shoom

[2] Oh! / What's that, what's that!? / Milord!
[3] Yoshimori-kun is in the middle of important training / Please don't interfere
[4] If he can complete this / you'll se something really interesting / FU...
* heh
[5] KURU* / And when will that be? / Eh?
* fwip
[6] Hmm... Pretty soon... / Be exact. / Let's see...
[7] Tokimori

[1] You / understand that I hate being bored more than anything... / don't you?
[2] I won't wait much longer
[4] Then... let's talk about something that'll happen sooner
[5] Very soon now, there'll be one of those battles you love so much nearby, milord. / Look

[1] Happily, you aren't the target, milord. / Your balance is going off / I thought perhaps you'd enjoy watching, to your heart's content
[2] Is that really true? / Milord?
[3] You lie from time to time / That's a part of you I don't like
[5] Arashizaki Temple / Main House of the Ougi Clan

[1] I don't really like having so many people around...
[2] About 300 more troops we've borrowed from the branch families / will arrive tomorrow / Whoa-
[3] And they're all men... / Women aren't allowed on the mountain after dark. (handwritten: It can't be helped)
[4] Is it really that important to protect this place? / Young master!
[5] It's just... / while I target others, I don't like being targeted
[6] Young master, you and I will be on standby around the Spirit Cherry Tree tonight, understood!? / Yeah yeah... / I'll defend the sacred tree with my life
[7] Ah, Shijima / Yes?

[1] Deploy some of the men in town / It'll be a nuisance having all these men on the mountain
[2] Understood / I'll ask the master
[3] You're gonna ask my dad...? / GACHA* / Ah, young master... I'll come out shortly!
* clack

[4] Your majesty...!
[5] Your majesty isn't weak! / Your majesty just has a kind disposition!
[6] Your majesty...

[1] If you wish it... / You still have me in reserve to use
[2] I can... / lend you power
[3] Anything will become possible / After all...
[4] I... / have a sacred treasure
[5] Sacred... treasure?
[6] It's something that was formerly known as a sacred treasure / A person containing an endless store of power called a soul reserve... / To put it simply, a mass of power in the form of a person
[7] In sympathizing with the sacred treasure... / I've been chosen as its user

[1] There's no way Your Majesty could be weak when accompanied by the sacred treasure's user / You can do anything!
[2] I can use as much power as you please!
[3] if it's for your sake......!
[4] Big brother
[6] Ah... Haruka

[1] Why are you up so late? / I can't sleep
[2] Come over here
* fwump
[4] Big brother, when are we going outside this time? / Ah...
[5] Very soon now
[Inset] At last, the Commander makes his move...!? / Continues in Issue 25

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