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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Kekkaishi 310

Attack on Central Headquarters

+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Jul 8, 2010 18:51 | Go to Kekkaishi

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For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

Scan has been released at Mangastream

[Sidebar] News of the attack on Arashizaki Temple reaches the Urakai Central HQ---
[Title] Chapter 310: Attack on Central Headquarters
[3] Sorry for gathering you so early
[4 inset] Supreme Council of the Urakai / The Group of Twelve
[4] Well then... / Let's begin

[1] Meian-dono... / We don't appear to have a quorum
[2] Sigh
[3] About three days ago, I received... / a letter from Number Six, Shiromi-dono, conveying his intent to resign and his membership token
[4] How irresponsible! / ZAWA* / It couldn't be... Kidouin-dono, as well...?
* murmur
[5] I managed to convince Kidouin-dono not to leave, and he withdrew his resignation... / But he refused to come to the meetings
[6] I don't think he intends to come today, either
[7] ZAWA* / So we're down to 5... / To think! The main house of the Ougi clan was attacked last night! / The Central Headquarters is next... / ZAWA* / We haven't a moment to spare...
* murmur / murmur
[Sidebar] The strength that the Group of Twelve has shown since ancient times is flickering out...

[1] Quiet, please
[2] To put it briefly, many have been destroyed, and now the Central Headquarters is the Urakai's last fortress... / and of the 12 leaders, only 5 of us remain who can participate
[3] If we pillars fail to function, and this place falls... / The Urakai will die
[4] However...
[5] We won't die off... / so easily...

[1] The Commander is a relic of the past... / We are the present...
[2] And fighting is our specialty / Isn't that right, everyone?
[4] I'd like to evaluate our war potential today / I'm sure most of you are already aware, but... / I'd like to have Sumimura-kun, who was assigned to surveillance, to report on the situation at the Ougi clan main house last night
[5] Sumimura-kun?
[6] We're under attack

* shoooom
[3] PIKI PIKI KI* / Maybe I should put a little spin to 'em
* shingshingshing
* whirrr
[6] Eat this

[1] Impossible... / It hasn't been even a few hours since the Ougi clan main house was attacked!! / ZA* / The kekkai I erected around the Central Headquarters are taking fire
* shff
[2] DOTSU*
* shoom
[3] It's only the kekkai around the lower level, but a few have already been destroyed!
[4] I've gotta get through a few more or it's all for nothing, eh? / These are unexpectedly sturdy
[5] Oh?

* skissh
* rumble
[3] Hey, hey... / I haven't cleared up the kekkai yet
[4] FUU*
* fwoooo

[1] Men are appearing in the sky... / This is insane... / From their appearance, they seem like Ougi's men, no?
[2] It appears the time has come
[3] Well... / This is nothing to flinch at / We've already deployed combatants to fortify our defenses around the lower and middle levels
[4] I'd like to leave the defense of this upper level to you all / if that's alright
[5] So it's our turn at last / ZATSU* / I suppose there's no choice at this point / Fufu... / We're the cornerstones of the Urakai now, after all
* shff

[1] Is this any time to be fronting like some last boss...?
[2] Meian-san, where are you going!?
[3] What...? / I'm off to pull out one last trick I held in reserve
[4] ZA* / Wait-
* shff
[5] The boss is looking impatient / (Handwritten) Yeah / If he does this, my attacks're gonna hit our men, too...
[6] Kiddo... / Release the kekkai / What!? / We can't attack like this
[7] People can come and go / If you want to fight, please do it outside the kekkai
[8] Don't you dare give me orders

[1] The principle behind my spells is to act in concert with the Dragon's Pulse in the land, and use that power / They're meaningless if I cut myself off from the land!
[1 inset] Group of Twelve, Number Twelve / Juuhou**
** T/N: Lit. "Spell Treasure"
[2] Now, now / Juuhou-san... / GUNYA GUNYA* / It's not as though these kekkai will last long anyway
* wriggle wriggle
[3] If they're destroyed, I can just erect them again / Hmph... / Your worth lies in the speed of your techniques, after all
[4] BITSU*
* fwip

* fwoooom
[2] With your powers, you can't even prepare a proper army, can you / Once your kekkai are broken, why don't you just quietly go guard the treasure room or something? / BITSU*
* fwip
[3] You're already aware / of the Commander's powers, aren't you? / It's important to quarantine ourselves from it in order not to be taken in by it
[4] And how, exactly, is that a fight?
[5] This broad-range attack... / means the enemy is underestimating us. This is our best chance

* kashiiiiinnnngggg
[2] There... / FU* / This should be fine
* phew
[3] Now then, let's spin this sucker... / GYURU...*
* whirr...
[4] And now, to pick something to aim at... / so it doesn't hit anything unnecessary---
* shoom

* shing
[2] SU* / Hm, another one's been destroyed / It's just a matter of time for this place, as well
* fwip
[3] I should make ready
[4] KURU* / JUKU...
* fwish / vrmm
[5] BO (x many)* / I'll begin my attack at the moment the kekkai here falls
* pop
[6] (Handwritten) Fufu... / I guess we can leave the big guns to Juuhou-dono after all
[7] Just you watch

[3] OTSU*
* shoom
* thoom
[5] Kuh...
[6] Alright!
[7] BO (x many)*
* pop
[8] From the nearest Dragon Pit--

* fwoooom
* fzzzzt
[3] IIIIN*
* vreeeee
[4] It's been repelled...
[5] Hmph... / If it's on this piece of land, I can fire as many energy pillars as I like / YURA* / I'm just getting started...
* sway

[2] ZA* / Meian-sama!
* shff
[3] Can... we release that thing? / Yes, of course!
[4] DOKUN* / It's matured quite enough. It's a work we can be proud of
* badump
[4 inset] Meian's secret weapon! What lies within this sinister ball of flesh!?
[Inset] Continues in Issue 30

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