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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Kekkaishi 312


+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Jul 20, 2010 22:18 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 312

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

[Title] Ruin
[Inset] Before Masamori's eyes, a spreading, jet-black darkness

* fwoooo
[2] The Commander's snakes come raining down from the sky and...
* fwooo

[1] JI JI JI JI*
* fzzt fzzt fzzt fzzt
[2] I can't see them at all / I can only feel them at the range of the zekkai I have around myself, but...
[3] This place is probably---
[4] This is just like that time with Yumeji... / What an overwhelming amount of power...
[5] SUKU* / FU...
* shff / phew

[1] ZORO ZORO ZORO* / Where are you going!?
* shuffle shuffle shuffle
[3] BIKU*
* startle
* shuffle shuffle
* shuffle shuffle
* shuffle shuffle shuffle

[2] ZUZUN*
* skkkrrrshhhh
* crassshhh

[1] Wowww!!
* shffff
* fwish
[6] Wow!! Wow!! / This is awesome, big brother!!

[3] FU...* / So that's how it is...
* sigh
[4] That which you tried so desperately to protect... / This is its level
[5] But well, isn't it better this way? / For you, I mean / Weren't you thinking it'd be fine if all those headquarters bastards just died?

[1] And that if it were you... / you could build a much better organization?
[2] But how would you accomplish it?
[3] You're always seized with useless emotions... / Overwhelmed by great powers... / So easily stopped from moving forward
[4] In actuality, you think those fools at headquarters you made light of... / used their power reasonably well
[5] So, what'll you do now, boy? / The Commander's power is now greater than I told you / As for me... Without my smooth forward thinking, you'd already belong to him
[6] You going to throw down the gauntlet here all alone here, surrounded by his faithful hounds like this? / (Handwritten) *chuckle* / It's lunacy, but I'm not averse to the idea
[7] Shut the hell up... / *chuckle*

[1] I know
[2] that, without being able to do anything, or protect anyone, or save even a single person / you'll scamper away having only saved yourself
[3] That being the case... / can you keep looking upwards, boy?
[5] Shut up... / GOTSU*
* thoom
* fzzt
[7] There're still so many of the Commander's snakes...

[1] (Handwritten) Tsk. / FUKU* / So you can't move, after all...
* shff
[3] Wai- / YORO*
* wobble
* crash
[5] Don't blame it on the things around you, boy
[6] The thing that's keeping you from moving... / is always you, yourself
[7] Doesn't that make you the worst of all?
[8] FUTSU*
* fwip

[6] Chief...

[1] About three hours have passed since you staggered back here / The central headquarters has gone completely silent... / And we've only received the sketchiest intelligence
[2] Just what is going- / The Urakai- / has fallen

[4] Have you heard that the Urakai central headquarters has been captured by the Commander?
[5] Who did you hear that from?
[6] This morning, the crows were unusually noisy, so I asked and heard from them that something'd happened... / and confirmed with my friends in the Yagyou / Ah, Kagemiya?

[1] My brother made it out without being taken over, but... / they say he was all messed up when he got back / Is this... going to be alright?
[2] I thought I told you not to look to the left or right
[4] If Nichinaga no longer has any desire to destroy Shinyuuchi, he'll prove to be a minor hindrance, but won't interfere with the plan / he still doesn't know of the Lord's existence, after all
[5] You... / It's just a little longer now!
[6] We don't have much time / we don't know how much longer that orb hanging around your neck will last / it doesn't matter what you think of me... / but concentrate on the seal for that child's sake

[3] Hey...
[4] Chuushinmaru... / is your kid, right?
[5] That's why you're so desperate, right?

[1] You can tell at a glance. Why're you acting like his servant? / Is it possible that he doesn't know you're his father?
[4] I've been thinking for a long time now... / whether there might not be another way besides sealing him
[5] I mean, the shinkai is all-powerful or something... / Like, we could change his genetic makeup... / It's impossible
[6] He'd return to normal as soon as he left the shinkai
[7] I've tested everything I could think of / What I concluded was that I can't let that child out, no matter what / Because-

[1] that child... / just by living somewhere, would steal away the life force of every living thing around him
[2] Eh...? / But it's not his fault / it's mine
[3] The reason I haven't told him... / is because I'm totally unfit to be anyone's father
[Inset left] Continues in issue 32
[Inset right] What sorrowful past will Tokimori reveal? Next chapter!!

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