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Kekkaishi 313


+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Jul 20, 2010 22:19 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 313

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

[Inset left] Kekkaishi
[2] What do you mean he'll steal the life force of every living thing around him? / I haven't felt anything like that so far... / So, how...
[Inset above 3] Tokimori begins to recount the past...
[4] I wanted to give everything in this world... / to my child, who was being born
[6] Back then, I was... / an incorrigible fool / HYUOOO*
* fwooo

[Inset left] The days of Hazama Tokimori's youth
[Title] Chapter 313: Tsukikage**
** T/N: Lit. 'moonlight'

[1] Over 400 years ago
[2] So you're the one called Hazama Tokimori...? / I was living the life of a wanderer... / and called upon the castle of the Karasumori clan, who were being troubled by ayakashi
[3] So another scruffy-looking one has come... / We've had many men who were rumored to be talented, but they were unable to complete the task / You think you can?
[4] Yes / I, by myself, will be sufficient
[5] Are those words true?
[6] This is my precious only daughter, I'm entrusting her to you / Understood / I was told that the one who was being targeted was the princess of the Karasumori clan

[2] SU* / BERITSU*
* slide / rip
[3] This won't do
[4] It is dangerous outside / Please return to your quarters
[5] Princess

[2] BO-*
* stare
[3] She's called Tsukikage, I believe... / This girl... she's beautiful to behold, but perhaps she's a little lacking in brains... / (Handwritten) and after I went to all the trouble of clearing everyone out / Umm...
[4] I believe it will be alright... / After all, you are incomparably more powerful than those who came before, Tokimori-sama...
[5] Princess Tsukikage had the strongest spiritual perception in the Karasumori clan
[6] Well... / A young girl like this wouldn't understand the truth
[7] If you speak with one such as I, the Lord will scold you / Please go inside / Where are your servants? / Um... / Uhh...

[1] I want... / to see the ayakashi...
[2] Huh?
[3] My... body is weak, so I am not able to go outside very often... / I realize that it is immodest of me, but... / I enjoy seeing strange things like that...
[5] *sigh*
[6] Could it be that you're the one who's been calling the Ayakashi? / BIKU*
* startle
[8] Umm... / Perhaps I may have asked an ayakashi who appeared by chance to bring other, bigger ones... / HAA*
* sigh

[1] Please keep it a secret from my father...
[2] Tokimori-sama... / Ah, Madarao / Ah...
[3] It looks like those ayakashi have come / (Handwritten) above us / Shall I eat them? / No, it's fine / More importantly, make sure not to enter the house
[4] Princess, please close the door and stay inside
[5] You may look through the cracks / but what you see must remain a secret
[6] Ketsu!

* shoom
[2] He flew!
* crackle / crackle
[5] You're smaller than I thought you'd be... / GI GI GI*
* grind grind grind
[6] Well, that's fine
[7] You... / Become my pet

[1] Starting tonight, I'm your master / I'd been subduing ayakashi who wandered into the domain immediately surrounding me since I was a child
[2] Your first job is to gather every last ayakashi called by the Princess that appears around the castle
[3] No...
[4] Starting tomorrow, bring one each night / That way I'll earn more
* shiiing
[6] When it's all over, I'll release you... / BATSU* / Now go!!
* fwip
[7] HYUOOOO* / Once I make some money... / I suppose I'll go to another deserted area for a while...
* fwooo

[1] Several evenings passed
[2] Princess / Surely that's enough ayakashi-watching / How would you like to rest for tonight?
[3] Umm... / There's something I'm concerned about...
[4] This girl really isn't afraid of me at all, is she... / What is it?
[5] It's the extremely... stagnant atmosphere that surrounds you
[6] There are times father is like that as well, but it's only from time to time
[7] But you're always like that, Tokimori-sama... / Whether you're laughing or just standing there...
[8] I don't... / understand what the cause of it is, but... / it must be from anger, or hatred, right...?

[1] That's... not good... / Sooner or later, you'll be dyed completely black and exhaust yourself
[2] This woman...
[3] BATSU*
* fwip
[4] How... / DOTSU DOTSU* / Impossible! / No one has perceived anything up to now... / except for those with the psychic ability to read inner thoughts...
* thump thump
[5] I had extreme conceit about my power
[6] Ever since I first became self-aware, I realized I was different from other people

[1] I was an orphan, but it was due to the ability I had / So I whiled away my childhood fitting into my surroundings
[2] I practiced my ability on ayakashi / and didn't open my heart to anyone
[3] But while I thought my power would be accepted if I could just find a good use for it... / in the end, I was just treated like a monster
[4] I continued to master my powers... / Why can't they understand power at this piddling level...!!? / but my heart kept getting darker
[5] I'm sorry... Tokimori-sama... / I've said something to throw your heart into disarray... / BIKUTSU*
* startle
[6] OO* / What a perceptive girl... after I went to all the trouble of hiding it...!!
* fwoo
[7] Shall I kill her...?

[1] Calm down... / If I'm swept away by this, I'll fall into darkness all the more...
[2] No mater... / how detestable I am, I'm still...
[3] Tokimori-sama.. / You still wish to remain human, don't you...?
[5] That desire... / to return to your original whiteness... / There's still time

[1] I... / told myself I'd never tell anyone again, but...
[2] Since long ago, on occasion... / I've been able to see people's emotion given form
[3] Yours looks like multiple layers of wet robes wrapped around you... / it always looked so difficult to drag along...
[4] But a robe... / is something you can just take off if it's too heavy
[5] After all, unlike me...
[6] you have... / the wonderful chance to have...

[1] the whole wide world... / within your reach
[2] For the first time, I felt accepted / But if the princess hadn't smiled so sadly back then...
[3] I don't think I would've been so attracted to her
[4] Before long, the princess became pregnant
* splisssh
[6] How dare you... / Milord! / How dare you...
[7] A thing like you!! / Of course, the relationship was severed

[2] What're you gonna do, Tokimori? / UHI* / You gonna kidnap her? Kill 'em all? / Just forget about that girl!!
* hee
[3] No... / This is fine
[4] If we just leave it alone, my child... / may succeed the Karasumori house one day
[5] And the child's parents are Tsukikage and myself / His power and lineage will both be perfect
[6] But... / we need more

[1] In order to grant the child which would be born yet additional power... / I exhaustively researched all kinds of forbidden and secret arts
[2] The Karasumori castle is near a shinyuuchi... / We'll use the power of the land!
[3] And then... / OOOOOO* / we waited for the time to come
* fwoooo

* rumble
* thoom / crackle
[3] And so... the child was born / But... um / isn't it normal for a parent to want his child to have lots of things? / But there's a limit to that
[4] I couldn't accept myself... / On top of that, I wanted to take revenge...
[5] The cost was high
[6] The first one to die was the child's mother
[Inset left] Continues in issue 33
[Inset right] What's the reason behind Princess Tsukikage's death!?

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#1. by elitefox (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 21, 2010
Thanks for the early translation
#2. by Vajrastra (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 25, 2010
awesome translation. Thank you so much! :)

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