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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Fairy Tail 198

Wings Toward Tomorrow

+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Aug 31, 2010 23:05 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 198

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

Scan has been released at Mangastream

[Title] Wings Toward Tomorrow
[Inset Right] Waving around a wand with a spell of love!!
[Inset Left] She'll only give you as many heart-stopping moments as there are stars <3

[1 Inset Box] Earthland
[1] ZAZAZAZA...* / Natsu and company have come through a fierce battle in Edolas!! / But one question remains.... What was it again!?
* fssshhhh
* fwooosh
[3] PON*
* pop
[4] DOSA DOSA* / Ngahh / Kyaa
* thud thud
[5] Guohh / DOSA DOSA DOSA* / Hiiii
* thud thud thud

[1] We're baaaack!!!! / WAATSU*
* yeahhh
[2] That's right, what about Fairy Tail!!?
[4] It's back to normal!!!! / Magnolia Town too!!! / Yayy

[1] It's too early to celebrate - first we've got to make sure everyone's alright
[2] They're fine / WAI WAI* / We reached Earthland a step ahead of you / We flew all over / The guild and everyone in the town are just fine / WAI WAI
* yay yay / yay yay
[4] It looks like none of them even realized they were turned into Lachryma / Earthland is awesome! It's overflowing with magic!!
[6] How....
[7] How'd the Exceed end up in Earthland!!!!?

[2] This is no laughing matter / BITSU* / These guys are dangerous!! We should return them to Edolas
* fwip
[3] SHUN...*
* silence
[4] Now, now / Extalia's gone, too. Let's leave them be / No way
[6] We apologize for throwing stones at you / We're sorry / But we have nowhere to return to / We're going to mend our ways / Please forgive us

[1] I don't care about any of that!!! / You sent us to Earthland with a mission to kill off the Dragonslayers!!!
[2] That's right!! The Queen stole our eggs!! / BATSU* / Don't you dare tell me you've forgotten!! / Ah! Mister!
* fwoom
* murmur
[4] We still haven't explained ourselves clearly, have we? / This is a tale from 6 years ago
[5] We've already told you of Shagotte's ability to see the future, have we not?

[1] One day Shagotte foresaw an image of Extalia crashing to the ground / GOOON* / DOGAGATSU* / GOGATSU*
* kathooom / crash / thoom
[2] In hindsight, it's clear that it fell naturally as a result of the depletion of magic in Edolas, but.... / at the time we thought it would come as a result of human actions
[3] We realized that even if we went to war with the humans, we would never win / After convening a meeting / we established a plan to allow 100 children escape from Edolas
[4] Escape!!?
[5] We kept this plan secret, even from the citizens of Extalia / But the official story was that they were being sent to destroy beasts called Dragonslayers in a parallel universe

[1] Of course, it's not that we had any grievance with the Dragonslayers / I understand. It's just that you needed that "setup"
[2] And if you had spoken the truth, you were certain it would have caused a panic
[4] Borrowing the humans' Anima, we succeeded in our plan / However.. Just one thing occurred that we did not plan for
[5] That was your power, Charle..
[6] You have the same power of "prediction" as we do / Eh?

[1] But because it activated while you were unconscious, it jumbled your memories
[2] Among the 100 escaped Exceed....... / You were the only one with this power
[3] It's likely you foresaw bits and pieces of the future of Edolas / Everthing is for the kingdom / This world's magic is running out / That was your mission / The children were sent to destroy the Dragonslayers.... / And you probably mistook those impressions for your "mission"
[4] It can't be..
[5] Then, the rest of us...... / There was never any such mission
[6] It was truly misfortune upon misfortune... You created your own "imaginary mission"

[1] Those were all prophecies?
[2] We thought it would be better for you not to know about your own power / so we said those things to manipulate you (handwritten) Sorry... / It was all a stupid ploy to display the majesty of the Queen. I truly apologize
[4] The bluff I used to confront the misfortune facing both my people and the humans caused you great suffering / No...it caused great sorrow to all those families who had their eggs seized
[5] Ngh..
* murmur
[7] That's why I've surrendered my sword to you / It is not all the Exceed who are evil / It is only me

[1] That's not true, Your Majesty!! / You did everything with all of us in mind / We were overconfident in ourselves / We've made it all the way to Earthland, let's go find those kids who escaped 6 years ago!!
[2] Yeah!!! We've got a new goal now / Let's get along with the humans this time!! / It's a new beginning!
[3] Haha / They sure are a forward-looking bunch, aren't they?
[4] Everyone..
[6] Alright / I'll let it go

[1] Charle......
[2] But why do I have the same power as you?
[3] *cough cough* / I... I wonder... / Um... Uh.... / Something's fishy
[4] Hey, mister / Huh?
[5] Don't Charle and Her Majesty kind of resemble each other? / You think?
[6] Aye! I mean.... like the way they move / The way they move?
[7] And look.... that part / Kahh!! What part? / *chuckle chuckle*
[8] Thank goodness everything ended up alright / Yes! / SHU (x9)* / Hey!! It's contagious, Natsu / Not you too
* fwish (x9)

[1] That aside, what beauty... / Yeah... What a lovely aroma / *sniff* / *sniff* / ZOZO* / Th.... This guy..
* fsshh
[2] We're thinking of settling down in this area for the time being / We can come see you anytime, huh / What're you looking so happy about?
[3] That's right....
[4] You can see us anytime, Charle / GYUTSU* / Waita..
* hug
[6] Warm....

[1] Come over and play anytime, Happy / Aye ! / Kahh!!! You don't have to come!!!
[2] I really like your smell, Mister, Ma'am... I wonder why?
* tremble
[4] Kahh!!! You're a hundred years too young to be smellin' us!!! / Hiiiii
[5] Thanks, everyone / Let's meet again! / Be well! / Yeah, see you soon! / Later! / Byebye for now!

[1] Why didn't you tell her you were her mother......?
[3] Until we find every last escaped child from 6 years ago.... / I won't have the right to call myself that
[4] Come to think of it, what about you? / Kahh!! A kid that green couldn't be my son!!!
[5] We can see them again whenever we want, after all
[6] Anyway, why.... / Uh... um.... / I didn't know your daughter was also among the eggs we sent off
[8] "Queen" is just a title

[1] Every parent thinks of her child as the most precious / Kahh!! You got that right!

[1] We should head on back to the guild, too / SHUSHUSHU (x3)* / How're we going to explain all this? / No worries... Nobody will have noticed anything this time, right? / But we can't keep quiet about what happened to Mistgun / Everyone.... Your hands....
* fwishfwishfwish (x3)
[2] Wa... Wait a sec
[3] What's wrong, Gazille....? You wanna join in? / SHUSHUSHU* / What the hell would be the point in that!!!?
* fwishfwishfwish
[4] Where's Lily? / I don't see Pantherlily anywhere!!!
[5] If you're looking for me, I'm over here / ZUUN* / BASHA*
* fssssh / sploosh

[1] DEN*
* clang
[2] He's teensy!!!!
[3] You sure got a lot cuter / It looks like Earthland didn't mix well with my constitution / You... so there's nothing to that body of yours? / Not at the moment, anyway
[4] I want to join the guild that His Highness was helping out / As promised, you'd better let me in.... Gazille

[1] Of course!!!! / Uwahh.. He's crying / GUMO* / My cat!!!!
* squish
[2] That aside, I caught a suspicious-looking person / *yank*
[3] Come / GASATSU* / BIIN* / Wait..
* rustle / twang
[4] GASASA* / I... am not really....
* rustle
[5] anyone suspicious.. / GOSOTSU*
* fwish
[6] Kyah / BASHA*
* splash

[1] I'm a member of Fairy Tail, too.... / Supposedly long lost "Lisanna" / has reached here from Edolas.... / But how!? And what's going to happen!?
[2] Lisanna......
[Inset Bottom] Continues in Chapter 199: "Lisanna"

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#1. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2010
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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