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Kekkaishi 322


+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Sep 20, 2010 12:58 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 322

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

Scan has been released at Mangastream

[1-2 Inset] The other person on the line, a long unseen Tokine
[3] You doing well?
[4] Ah / Yeah. / Fine.
[5] I see...
[6] And you, Tokine?

[Inset Right] The first conversation in a while / is feeling a little stiff..........
[1] I'm fine
[Title] Chapter 322: Smile

[1] We ran out of soy sauce, so my mom sent me out on an errand / And then your father... / (Handwritten) And now / (Handwritten) for the tofu / KURURIN* / hang on a sec, sir!?
* fwip
[2] Sir, your phone... / (Handwritten) You're so white and square, you're amazing / Hey hey heyyy / Yoshimori, good luck!
[3] Did my dad do something? / He went off somewhere, singing and skipping...
[5] Is your training... going well? / Yeah... / I see...
[6] Our Mikeno... / says that I'm almost ready, that it'll be over soon

[1] Soon, huh...
[2] It's been a while since I've heard Tokine's voice...
[3] Yoshi... / FAAAAA* / Yoshi... / Yoshimori...
* fwoooo
[4] KATSU*
* shing
[5] Kaahhhhh~~~!! / GUSHAGUSHAGUSHA* / I was trying not to think about her, too...!!
* scratch scratch scratch
[6] I really love... / your kindness

[4] Dammit... / I want to see her

[1] Hello
[2] Eh... / Ah, you came to drop some things off... / Yeah... / Your dad asked me to, and since I could see you at the same time...
[3] Ah, yeah... / See me...
[4] My mom's out shopping right now... / Is barley tea alright? / Ah, yeah / Please don't go to any trouble

[1] GARAN*
* clink
[2] SHIIN*
* silence
[5] C'mon... Talk... / We talked about school on the phone, so...
[6] Ah, / were the bags heavy? / No, they were fine
[7] Ah, you know? / In addition to kimonos, your dad said there were other things like food or whatnot in here and... / Ah, / I'm grateful / sorry for putting you to the trouble...

[2] Ah... / BORIBORI* / Huhh...?
* scritchscritch
[3] I'm sure that... / I wanted to see her--
[4] Why... / GOKYU* / is this so awkward...?
* gulp
[5] Ahh!! / BAN* / What!!? / That's right, have you met Tokimori!?
* slam
[6] Tokimori... you mean the founder!? / Mm mmm... Nope, I haven't...
[7] The hell, that old man said he'd go and apologize... / (handwritten) tsk / Ehh... / So it's true that the founder's still in the world of the living

[1] Eh? / I heard roughly about the origins of Karasumori from Mikeno
[2] She said that Chuushinmaru is the Founder's child / Ah, yeah...
[3] It's a difficult thing to have so much power...
[4] Speaking of which... / What's your role, Tokine?
[5] Have you heard... where the seal point is going to be? / It's directly below the Urakai Central HQ, right? / Apparently it's a vital point around which many shinyuuchi are located
[6] My job is to somehow convince the land god of that place... / and move him to a new location

[1] Ah... / It's the same as way back when Tokimori convinced Uro-sama to hand over the center of the forest to him...
[2] Eh, but we've never seen him... / if he's in the Central HQ, won't that land god be appropriately powerful? / Will you be alright?
[3] It... / It's okay! / Fine, just fine
[4] You've got a much harder role! / Will *you* be alright!? / Eh... / I'll manage somehow...
[5] But, you... / It's fine, it's why I've been training, after all... / Even Mikeno praised me saying, "You've performed well."

[1] If we seal him completely... / No one will ever have to suffer the same fate as my dad
[2] We've got to do our best
[4] Well then, / take care
[5] Yeah, you too
[6] Thanks for everything / Yeah, bye

[1] GARA...* / Man, it was awkward all the way to the end...
* slide
[4] SUTASUTA* / (handwritten) Let's see... The next bus...
* step step
[5] SAKU*
* rustle

[1] I thought when I saw Yoshimori... / that he'd be in higher spirits...
[3] No... Yoshimori's putting his life on the line far more than I am, I should've cheered him on more and told him not to worry... / It's because I didn't give it my best... / that it feels so lukewarm...
[4] That's right, I mean... / I mean, what if...
[5] I never see him--- / Tokineeeee!!

[1] You / ZAKAZAKAZAKAZAKAZAKA* / must / eh!? / be / kidding
* sprint
[2] me!! / DANTSU*
* jump
[3] SHUTAN* / You! / What the heck is that!?
* land
[4] What's up with that face!? / You say you're fine, but you're sure as hell not!!

[1] Your role... / If you don't want to do it, it's fine to say so
[2] Due to the circumstances, I'm already committed, and that's fine... / But you... if it's too much for you, I'll tell Tokimori myself / It's his fault in the first place, so I'll have him do something about it
[3] No I can't... / only I... / Quiet!
[4] I hate this!!
[5] We've met again after such a long time... / but you haven't truly smiled!

[1] You're always taking things on yourself alone, and refusing to say a single word in complaint... / stop it already! / Sorry... / But...
[2] I...
[3] Dahhh dammit!! / BATSU*
* smack
[4] I didn't mean to say it at a time like this... / GONYOGONYO*
* mumble mumble
[5] GIRI*
* grit
* fwip

[1] I... / like it best... / when you're smiling!!
[4] 'n that's... / That's why when you're down...

[3] We'll see each other again, won't we?
[4] Of course!
[6] Thank you... / for cheering me up!
[Inset] Tokine's smile returns! Being direct makes you the happiest, right? <3
[Inset Bottom] Continued in Issue 44

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