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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Heaven Company 2

Chapter 2

+ posted by Niffer as translation on Dec 7, 2015 11:24 | Go to Heaven Company

-> RTS Page for Heaven Company 2

I translated Chapters 2 and 3 for Mystic Isis a while ago. You can read it here on MangaFox

Heaven Company Chapter 2
Translated by Niffer

Pg 1

Chapter 2

Pg 2


Pg 3

A sweet smelling breeze. The flower’s buds are starting to bloom.

They nicely frame the happy couple.

This is the work of the office HEAVEN

Pg 4

The place is flooded by Rosalinda Lilies
Delphiniums, White Roses, and White Bishop’s Weeds

SFX: clap clap clap clap clap
But this kind of showy work is rare.

T: I hope they’re happy.

I’m part-timer Marika Fujisawa.
Green Office HEAVEN

The most of HEAVEN’s work…


SFX: Crash

Is delivering decorative plants and plant maintenance.

ST: It’s very simple
A-are you ok!?

Pg 5


Is the Alteinium ok-!?
It’s fine! // I protected it the moment I fell.

SFX: Squeeze
SFX: Sigh
Thank goodness, I thought you’d killed it

ST: That was the fifth one, I’m not letting your carry a sixth bowl.
All the same, I’m an inexperience green coordinator…(No, perhaps lower than that…)

ST: Ahh- What an annoying guy

Today I’m doing maintenance along with my demon boss Tetsuya

Pg 6

Tetsya, you’re an idiot---

Even though she was kindly helping you lift it…

ST: Such a cute girl

Ogikuchi Satsuki, Tetsuya’s elder sister and department manager
Don’t spoil the staff!

SFX: Roar

Ah- Scary
It’s fine Jasmine // He thinks women are useless, the only thing he cares about are flowers and greenery

SFX: Grin grin

SFX: Grab

We’re gonna be late Fujisawa!
This is Ranbo Tetsuya…

T: He’s panicking

T: Stupid sister

SFX: Rumble rumble

My wish working with HEAVEN is to be a designer, an artist!
ST: But most of the work is maintenance

Pg 7

This is also one of Tetsuya’s works

This rose arch was what lead me to this work
Really…If I had never // seen something so beautiful I wonder if my ambition would have faded?

SFX: Stare

ST: Just an average guy

SFX: Clip clip
His eyes have no hesitation…
What are you looking at?

Pg 8

At you
SFX: Click
Ah. Owwwwwwww!

SFX: Woosh

Don’t wave it around!

ST: Ahhhh

ST: Ah, blood’s…

Pg 9

Give it to me
There you go
You couldn’t have used a different one?

ST: The customers will laugh…

It suits you

Pg 10

So why does a girl like you // want to become a green coordinator?
The work’s often very laborious! And it’s dirty! // My office even has my stupid sister and the others…

ST: What did you say!?

ST: Kotaro, Don, Geni
Because it’s fun!

If I can reach what I value with my own hands I’ll be satisfied

Pg 11

If I make beautiful greenery growing thick and flowers blooming

My heart will always be happy

What are the “3K’s” to you then?

Beautiful // Cute // Makes you feel good T/N: Kirei, Kawaii, Kimochi ii
You… // are strange

3K = Dirty, Tight, Hard T/N: Kitanai, Kitsui, Kurushii

SFX: Ba-dum ba-dum

ST: I’m strange?
SFX: Pitta patta pitta patta

Pg 12

Are you doing well Anne? (Anthurium)

Dinner time~ <3 (Water~<3 )
Tetsuya… // There…isn’t even one bud

ST: Even though the season…
You’re teasing it
ST: Teasing…

You have to let the flowers bloom

You’re fertilizing it too much

ST: You’re being too overprotective

It’s flowers will start to bloom if you reduce the nutrition.

Pg 13

SFX: Za za za

Here we go, plenty to drink <3
You’ve become so big~ <3

T: Rosemary, Thyme and Mint

T: All spring herbs

And they look tasty
I look forward to watching them grow

SFX: Baa Baa Baa


Pg 14

SFX: Soaked
SFX: Kyaaaaaa!

ST: Don’t scream here

SFX: Thump thump thump
You shouldn’t do that- Tetsuya

Women prefer gentlemen you know

ST: You look like a beast
I don’t give a damn // about women or any of that crap in the work place!

ST: At this rate I’m gonna get a cold
It’s finished. All our good work is finished.
ST: This time…

ST: And he was supposed to be popular

SFX: Sob sob sob

Get back to work now please!

Pg 15

A party!?
That’s right <3
ST: Party decorations
// You see~ This popular author Mary Ejiri is having a 20th anniversary party!

ST: At the Avan Hotel 10 days from now
SFX: Blink blink
I read her work! I’m such a fan!
ST: I have all her work~

Yeah yeah
ST: Don’t tell me it’ll be like god’s house!
The president’s the person doing this. // Everyone that’s taken care of the company will be invited. It’ll be seating style with 40 people.
ST: Now, how should we do this?

Pg 16

Flowers! // Flowers would be good!
Ah // Ejiri’s books always has flowers on the covers // and loads always turn up in her writing.

I think it would make good imagery!
I-I said it
ST: The first time I’ve expressed myself

SFX: Ha- Ha- Ha-

Pg 17

Ok. It’s decided then.
Why the “eh~”?


T: That easily
T: My-my-my suggestion
You’re a part of my staff // and the design team is us

You had accurate judgment of the project…

So. What shall we do?

SFX: Stare

Pg 18

I’m so happy…
My breath…

SFX: faint


Eh Eh

Hey! Tetsuya, what did you do-?
As I thought, women are hard to handle

ST: What should we do if she’s so delicate?

SFX: Tap tap tap tap

Text box: Typing up the project’s proposal

Pg 19

Am I…Am I too aware of that girl?

SFX: Freeze
Concentrate! Concentrate!

Even though we don’t have much time…
Excuse me…

SFX: Surprise

I – I was thinking and…

Pg 20

How about… // The guests on the table one by one taking a flower home with them?

They can remember that important day…
They break the flower decoration!?
ST: It’s precious!

ST: We would allow them to do that to our work?

No! // The decorations would stay the same from the start
ST: F-for example
The flowers on the table are lumped together in mini-bouquets which they take home // We can make a big flower decoration using lots of smaller ones
Make one and bring it to me // Just how you imagine it
ST: I want to see what it looks like

Those table flowers

Pg 21

ST: Well if it isn’t the beautiful Jasmine
T: I’m so happy

Even someone like me can help
SFX: Sigh

SFX: Thump
That was unexpected…

She might just be suited for this work

Pg 22

The customer’s particular interests

Is the most important thing to rember
SFX: gasp gasp

Ah, Jasmine!
I did it!
ST: The sample

Pg 23

Wa--- So adorable! // Amazing! Can I take one?

ST: She’s got good sense

The color of the roses are good
ST: A nice pink and lavender
SFX: ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum
We can’t put something like this on the tables
Y // Yes

SFX: Thump

ST: What did he say!?
What do you think will happen if we left something this absorbent? // Think about it and bring me back something smarter for them to take home!

ST: I will do it again

ST: This might not be the most professional work…

Pg 24


A small vase
ST: Ah
You’ve finished?

ST: Please have a look

Pg 25

A test tube?


I put in a water retaining jelly that won’t spill
ST: Put together with a pink ribbon
Let’s go with this then!
Thank you very much!

SFX: bow bow

Pg 26

You’re praising her more

ST: Jasmines’ trying hard isn’t she?

SFX: Lean

What about it?

What a strange guy

ST: You’re heavy
ST: Women need to consume love to live

ST: You’re getting in the way of my work!
The day of the party

Pg 27

It’s as if…

I’m in Mary’s world…
My table flowers

Tetsuya’s coordination has made these so refined…

It looks like I’m looking at thousands of them
ST: Amazing!

Pg 28

You’re a genius…

With one fell swoop…

ST: That’s rude

Of course!
It’s 5:00 // The party should be starting soon

ST: I’m getting my hopes up

ST: Yeah!

ST: Shall we head off?
SFX: Sigh
SFX: Bow


Pg 29

I’m Mary Ejiri // Thank you so much for everything

SFX: Ehhhh!?

T: A man!?

Quite a nice man

You’re a man!?
The contact person only said ‘manager’

ST: This is the first time I’ve heard of it too
That’s because “Mary” is a pen name // My real name is Masato Ejiri
You’re….just like a flower

SFX: Gazey

Pg 30

Everyone’s really enjoying the party // Especially the bouquets they can take home
Those were this girl’s idea
Thank you

It was no problem at all!

Pg 31

Ahh! I wish I’d got an autograph!

ST: I’m even more of a fan

SFX: Spaced out
Let’s go

SFX: Pat
It’s like a dream…
So that’s your type?

T: Under Tetsuya’s guidance…

Pg 32

T: The me right now…

T: feels like I could shine like the sky
Yes // Yes, defiantly!

Thank you very much!


SFX: Ka-chunk!

Pg 33

If you want Tetsuya he’s out doing maintenance with Marika

At a time like this?

SFX: Flap flap flap flap
The Mizuno House

It’s become such a great garden
For the spring you have Japanese Roses // For summer it’s Azalea

Autumn brings all kinds of colors // and then winter berries
Also, early spring // The fragrance of the Daphne odoras…

ST: You’re just like my wife
Thanks a lot Tetsuya!

ST: I’ll defiantly use this garden a lot now

Well it’s all yours now Mizuno

Pg 34

Hey, you know how ‘home’ is written with ‘house’ and ‘garden’?

T/N: Home = 家庭 House = 家 Garden = 庭

Well a ‘garden’…is not just an empty space
It’s something that is sweet, that grows, that is something you can look at beyond yourself and that’ll show you what’s important.
I’m glad that old man was so happy
ST: After all

My ‘garden’ would be my apartment with my Benjamin and Pachi

ST: Ficus benjamina & Pachira aquatic

That’s small
ST: Gahahaha!

SFX: Ring ring ring ring ring ring
Hang up, I’m driving!

Tetsuya! Get back here! Right now!

SFX: Ga-chan

Pg 35

It’s nice to meet you

ST: A-a customer?

It’s nice to meet you

Style on Green
Space Designer
Kajiwara Nao-

Pg 36

Kajiwara Naoki~~~???

ST: Tetsuya! Not so loud!

SFX: Clueless
He’s a super popular interior designer

SFX: Whisper whisper

He’s been a popular person for years and wants to do a collaboration with us // He’s here to give Tetsuya a message!

ST: It’s a miracle from heaven
That’s how it is Ogikura // I’d like to arrange meeting

ST: I heard everything Gen and the others just said


Pg 37

Aren’t you cute <3
ST: What’s your name?

Fujisawa Marika
Ok, let’s go! // Aren’t you in a hurry Kajiwara?

SFX: Yank

ST: She certainly replied quickly
SFX: Bang!
That guy’s dangerous // Our Madonna


They like younger girls?

Pg 38

You know that road works have started over at Umigawa? // Kajiwara’s in charge
of that office space
ST: Like the big café

That’s where Tetsuya, as a green designer, has been entrusted with

If it’s a success
The road will open for him
HEAVEN is a small office

He’s been submerged in this place that’s too good for him

That’s what Satsuki said


Pg 39

That was a big sigh Marika

ST: Ah, no
I-I’m sorry
SFX: crumble
After that Tetsuya spent all his time working at that place

He barely showed up at the office and would soon disappear again
I have to keep going

SFX: Fu-
Which Tetsuya’s away

I have to be there to help everyone else

SFX: Scoop scoop

Pg 40

What a cute flower pot Marika

It’s so nice, like spring
ST: Such a bright yellow too
I’ll rely on you again

SFX: Bow

Thank you very much
That next time we meet // I’ll show him how much I’ve grown

You can do it

ST: Something like that

SFX: Grin

ST: Who’s that?
SFX: Chink
Tea <3 // Jasmine

ST: Satsuki

Pg 41

Are you lonely because that nagging guy’s not here?
I am
SFX: Glomp

ST: Ah, my tea!
SFX: Stroke storke

SFX: Ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum

She has the same smell as Tetsuya
A sunny place smell…

Pg 42

A green smell…
SFX: Drop

What’s wrong? Jasmine, you’ve turned beat red!

KANJI: Rock solid*

*literally ‘Hard’

Pg 43

Wh…// What’s wrong?

With me…?
I want to see him again!
SFX: Crunch
I’m surprised....

Pg 44

…She’s gonna catch a cold
ST: inside the green house

ST: Oi~

ST: Ah~
I’ll attach you!

SFX: Roar

SFX: Zzz
What rough hands

Pg 45

Ara, Tetsuya, you’ve come back!?

The green house idiot, // send Gen to get her
ST: I have to get back to the other office as soon as possible
Eh? Eh?


He’s somehow!
The next morning


Pg 46

Last night Tetsuya // Came back~?

SFX: Thump thump

ST: I didn’t see him…


ST: For a little bit
But more important than that!! // Do you want to give this a try Jasmine?
A room on a small building in Yamamoto Street

The owner changed and it was left alone and became damaged

They want a beautiful mini garden there

SFX: Kacha
SFX: Hyuu


ST: The wind

Pg 47


It’s like I could swallow the whole sky

ST: What is this? What is this?

The sky’s so biiiig!

It’s the season for them but the flowers are so small
SFX: Thump

The soil is so poor!!


Pg 48

I’ll…defiantly save you
ST: Perhaps the medicine’s written in here
Summer comes to an end

Autumn is almost here
Tetsuya’s gone to manage some work on the coast // He finished the “Treasures” project at the shop complex

Pg 49

SFX: Creek

ST: Tetsuya

ST: Y-you’re back?
I told them // that no matter what I had to show the HEAVEN staff before opening

ST: I got permission from Kajiwara

SFX: Ching

Get in
ST: I got the van out
SFX: Stare stare

Eyes just like cats

Stop looking at me like that!

Pg 50


Is it really?

Y // Y // Y // Y // YO~

ST: Rap (lol)
I’m so nervous I can’t speak

SFX: Ka~

Pg 51

Have a look

SFX: Click click
This is “Treasure”

Pg 52

Greenery everywhere!

Born inside metal and glass

It’s a real meadow

Pg 53

Why don’t you try walking on it?
SFX: Click
It’s like I’m floating!
When I’m on the gap I get this sense that I’m on top of a grass from my memories

Such a mysterious floating feeling

Pg 54

It’s amazing!
Of course

SFX: Grin
Hey! Remember some modesty!

ST: Bu-hi!

ST: Ahahaha!
At that time I thought one thing was for certain

Pg 55

Tetsuya’s going to New York!?
It seems like Kajiwara’s company office is moving to New York // They want Tetsuya to join their team as a partner.
That’s amazing Tetsuya!

SFX: Smack

ST: That’s our boss for you

ST: Ow

It’s not confirmed or anything

Pg 56

Your dream is almost here!
I have not more strength…

SFX: Wobble
Why…does my chest hurt this much?

SFX: Face plant
Don’t say something like you’ll “be lonely”!

Pg 57

ST: Hey
Turn right // The next maintenance job is at Mizuno’s place!

SFX: Screech
Please, just follow me on this!

SFX: Bang bang bang

What are you
SFX: Gasp

Pg 58

The fully bloomed roses that reach up to heaven…
Did you do this?
ST: You sure look worn out

Yes, I did!
ST: Thanks to everyone’s help
T: Because it’s my treasure

Please leave it to me // You can be at ease…

T: I’ve use everything Tetsuya taught me…

Pg 59

Please try your best!

I’ll cheer you on!
I’m not going you know!
ST: It’s probably bad to puff up like that
My dream is HEAVEN

I’ll make it the number one office in Japan with my own hands!

Pg 60

Now let’s go!

Pg 61

I want to see the same dream as you

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