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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Heaven Company 3

Chapter 3

+ posted by Niffer as translation on Dec 7, 2015 11:27 | Go to Heaven Company

-> RTS Page for Heaven Company 3

I translated Chapters 2 and 3 for Mystic Isis a while ago. You can read it here on MangaFox

Heaven Company Chapter 3
Translated by Niffer

Pg 1

Pg 2

Chapter 3

Pg 3

Pg 4

Pg 5

Pg 6

The rose arch stretching to the skies

When I first saw it // I really thought it was heaven
Pg 7

SFX: Toss toss toss

In the middle of getting rid of caterpillars
You’ve got bolder

SFX: Grin
Please say “you’ve got stronger” instead

I‘m Fujisawa Marika, aged 20. My dream is to become a Green Co-ordinator
This disagreeable person is my boss Tetsuya // He’s the Green Office “HEAVEN”’s ace. He’s an artist of a designer.

ST: Hey hey! Don’t carry it! The flower will get damaged.

ST: I’m sorry

This beautiful rose garden is also his creation.

Pg 8

Fall’s roses are beautiful as well aren’t they…

Nothing like spring’s roses but // when you glimpse the green of the leaves the flowers look really cute.
These shoots are being a troublesome // Well, that’s also a good thing.
ST: Wait!

SFX: Rustle rustle rustle
You put lime with the Alyssums!

ST: They prefer the acidity

Pg 9

SFX: Close…
You waste my time…

SFX: Sweep sweep

I’m sorry!

SFX: Sweep sweep
At times like this I…it’s strange

Pg 10

“Come here”

What happened last month

SFX: Blush
What am I getting so excited

It’s bad

He must realize I look like an idiot

SFX: slap slap
Surely Tetsuya…?
You’re adding too much soil

ST: He never changes with that irritated authority.

SFX: Biff

ST: I-I’m sorry…

Pg 11

I feels like it was just a dream

Welcome back! <3 Jasmine, Tetsuya

This is HEAVEN’s office // It’s a company that offers a variety of “flowers” and “greenery” to a space.
Look <3 // I baked a black olive and basil pie <3

SFX: Grin

ST: It’s still warm <3 It’s from the herb garden behind the office.

Satsuki is the company’s section head, Tetsuya’s older sister.
…Well you have a lot of free time
ST: Even though we have the Gala coming up.
I have a lot of free time DO I!? // Who’s fault do you suppose that is?

ST: Scary…

Pg 12

If only you’d gone on the New York trip from Kajiwara // HEAVEN would be a famous office by now!

SFX: Glare glare

And you call me “useless”…

ST: It was such a good business chance…
You know // I’m greedy
If there’s something I want // I get it with my own two hands!

SFX: Munch munch

Stop trying to look cool eating that…
Yatsuya’s dream…

Pg 13

is “HEAVEN”!

For this office to become the number one in Japan.
I don’t believe it! We’re late! // Don’t joke around

ST: I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
ST: I’m really sorry

It-It’s because I accidently broke the pot I was delivering…

You need to think about what you’re doing you damn monkey!

And today I’m being scolded again

Pg 14

I am terribly sorry!
Hey hey, it’s fine!

No…Asaichi // We promised to make the delivery for your shop’s opening on time.
Ah! So cute! // The flowers are all making curls
They’re called Benjamin Berlock

Pg 15

I chose them because I thought they would make this shop glow.

I also thought they would cheer you up.
I’m really pleased with them! // Thank you!

ST: Let’s do this again some time!

SFX: Squeeze
SFX: Pat
That was close but…
ST: Well it worked out

Even if you’re a ‘newbie’ // You need to stay ‘professional’ in front of the customer. // Be conscious of that.

Pg 16


You didn’t have to reply.
This rooftop garden

Is the first project I’m in charge of.
Hey! Tetsuya! Marika!

ST: So everyone’s here

Pg 17

This place is my “relaxation spot”

ST: The office oasis
O---k! Time to get the afternoon over and done with

ST: Lunch time’s over already

ST: See you later

Thank you for all the hard work
SFX: Blush

I’m so happy

Pg 18

Time to get to work

SFX: Biff

“Green” is so mysterious

T: Even if there’s only green people are there

T: and they become happy.
But you know // even if they don’t say anything

I will protect them…
You’re so kind- <3
ST: Saying that to a plant

SFX: Giggle
SFX: Buzz Buzz

Pg 19

T: Big sis?
ST: We’re in the middle of work
TETSUYA~ Over here! I’ve come back!

SFX: Thunk!
SFX: Beep beep beep
Hey // What are you doing here Kajiwara!?

ST: Aren’t you supposed to be in New York?

T: What a loud coat…

Been a while <3 Tetsuya
ST: How you doin’

I’m off. Off.

Pg 20

Today is not for my business // I have a favor for you, an introduction.

This is Nicolai
Tetsuya!!! <3
ST: I wanted to meet you!

SFX: Shake shake

BRAVO! Tetsuya, you passed!

Pg 21

Hey! He competes with several designer companies!

Designer Nicolai Bagman in person!

He’s fallen in love with Tetsuya’s designs
Nicolai Bagman?

Yes! ST: I am Nicolai // Let’s do some work
SFX: Uwa- Uwa-

You’re cute today as well // Little chipmunk.

It’s Marika

OH! Japanese doll!

Pg 22

H-hey hey hey! Let’s go arrange something! Nicolai! // The support room is on the 2nd floor!

SFX: Grab

They’re getting too affectionate
They’re such beasts!

Our Madonna!

ST: They’re always like this
Young people everywhere…

Pg 23

The next request is // for the opening of Nicolai’s SHOP in Japan.
ST: Masukomi are making a lot of noise over this

Nicolai is a chair designer

It’ll be for the announcement’s exhibition! The title is “The Future’s Garden!” // With an artistic interior and green collaboration.
Even with Tetsuya it’ll be a challenge.
HEAVEN’s future is

Tetsuya’s dream
Why // did you become a green co-ordinator?

ST: Aren’t you always saying it’s quite plain?


T: With Tetsuya’s ability he should be able to go anywhere

Pg 24

It’s because I love doing it!

T: The greenery…
I understand
I want to catch up with you…

That’s what I wish for…
Kawamura House


Pg 25

You made this a calm garden too~

The wind’s blowing

The sun’s shining

All year round the flowers will bloom
Playing with garden’s become really fun lately.
ST: Thanks to Rebon

ST: Looks like you’ve really got into gardening
Also… // mumble mumble

ST: Ehh!? That’s amazing!
So what was that conversation about?

He- he-he-
Well, Kawamura // she’s always seeing a guy in front of the garden who says “what pretty Hydrangeas”…<3

He gave her that type of flower, the same flowers that bloom in the garden…

Pg 26

So now they’re dating!

She said next year they’re getting married! <3

SFX: Squeee! Squeee!

Isn’t that amazing!? It’s it!?
With only flowers and greenery…

a wonderful encounter has happened!

T: Fate between two people
Tetsuya and myself…

Met fortuitously under the rose arch.
ST: It’s kinda…

What’s that?

Pg 27

The middle of August
SFX: Rustle rustle rustle
Here’s are the project documents for the end of the year // so make your notes using these

Please keep it up everyone!

SFX: he he~
For Christmas we need 120 Poinsettias, 40 Gold Crests

And 4 garden illuminations…

T: Th-th-that’s a lot

ST: Leave it to us
ST: Yes!
I’ll do my best!

Pg 28

Nice reply

Hey Tetsuya // You just came back?

SFX: Pat pat

I got the materials // I’m going to rendezvous with Nicolai

Just leave the bad things to me
ST: I’ll help you all soon
P- // Please do your best!

I’ll also…

Pg 29

The things that I can do…
SFX: Excited

Yes // Yes! Of course! // I understand!
ST: Thank you very much!
WAIT! Tetsuya!

SFX: Grab

SFX: Choke
A project from The Ritz Hotel!

The super best hotel has asked HEAVEN to do it’s Christmas green!

Pg 30

YEAH! Tetsuya!

ST: Wow!

Such a big order!

Let’s do our best!
ST: Ah.
The delivery is… // the same day as Nicolai’s

SFX: Faint

Ah! Tetsuya!

Christmas tree---?

Pg 31

Ahh! // Rather than being eccentric we need to go as a legitimate group

The HEAVEN way is to go out looking forward
How about a living tree // We need to find a huge fir tree

Ah the real thing would be great!
ST: It would be magnificently different
I want to see a snow scenery tree

T: It’ll be so romantic
Let’s call it “A White Christmas” // A simple Christmas as if the snow’s just fallen would be great

ST: E-excuse me

Pg 32

That’s it, your instinct is important!

SFX: Ruffle
There’s nothing more brilliant than the color white in this world
Gen // Also order a load of cotton plant fruits!

Box: Natural cotton = Making a snow effect

The design… // see what kind of grade we can get.

ST: Leave it to us!

Pg 33

Isn’t that great

SFX: Pat pat pat

You did it Marika
ST: Just like a HEAVEN member
ST: She’s crying

SFX: Sob sob sob

ST: So cute

SFX: Hahaha
SFX: Pita pata pita

I have to hurry!

T: I have to do the preparation for Asaichi
The office light is still on

T: That’s right, Tetsuya is…

Pg 34

Please do your best
SFX: Bang

Ah! // Ah!
H- // H- // H- // Hey

Pg 35

Give me your hand
SFX: Plop
Waa! So cute!

ST: So small
“Baby Tears”

It’s the world’s smallest flower

Pg 36

They remind me of you
I- I’m sorry for intruding!

SFX: Bow

ST: Be careful now!

T: It’s hard
T: and painful

T: I want to scream out loud!

Pg 37

That I alone love him…is a problem

Good morning
ST: Good morning

ST: Hi!
Huh?? Where’s Tetsuya?

T: It’s rare he’s late

He’s got a demon fever // He’s sleeping upstairs
ST: Looks like he has a cold


Pg 38

SFX: Cough cough
Looks painful

T: He’s overworked himself
How is his temperature…?

Pg 39

…His fever…It’s high…
UWAAH! // You!?

SFX: Sits up
SFX: Grin


Right now // It looks like it’s fighting with you Tetsuya
Get out! // Move it…

Hurry up and get back to work

Pg 40

Porridge // I brought you some porridge!

Please hurry up and eat it so you can get better!
It stinks of mint…

ST: We didn’t have any onion so I used autumn mint…

It’s good

Pg 41

SFX: Stands up
U wa wa wa wa
I feel better thanks to you!
Where are you going?
ST: With your illness

Maintenance! // From lunch I have 4 matters to take care of
I’ll going!

ST: I don’t care what you say

SFX: Pull

Pg 42

Tetsuya! // You have to properly take care of yourself!
SFX: Crash
T: You don’t have to
T: be strong all the time…
I have to hurry!

Pg 43

Tomorrow… // we have to deliver these.
I know that! // So please direct me // I’ll help

Tetsuya! // Don’t forget about us!
T: You’re not alone


Pg 44

10th December “The Future’s Garden” completion!

Nicolai Bagman’s one man exhibition

Pg 45

They’ve immersed the greenery in the concrete wall!
So mysterious…

T: The air is different

T: An inorganic world has become full of color…

Pg 46

Of course!
ST: Wonderful!

SFX: Kiss kiss kiss

You can see my chairs look wonderful


Two days later

The Ritz Hotel

The tree’s establishment // For the customer they are working behind the scenes so they won’t be seen in the dead of night…
SFX: Cheerful

I really feel like Santa

Pg 47

A dark green fir tree

Cotton snow
Lots of white flowers


Pg 48

A silver white world

Pg 49

The customer be surprised when we deliver this to them won’t they!?

Pretty--!! It looks like a Scandinavian forest!
We did it!

ST: Isn’t it great

ST: Squee! What a success!

What a great feeling!

Pg 50

Let’s go!

Eh? Eh--!?

SFX: Grab

Where to?
It’s Christmas!


ST: He—He—

ST: Go for it!

ST: Bye!

Pg 51

The rose arch!
Your tree
SFX: Crack

Pg 52


The place you gave me your dream
SFX: Drip drip

I like you Tetsuya…

Pg 53

Don’t say it before me!
I love you!

Pg 54

With you here

This is my HEAVEN

HEAVEN Company – The End –

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