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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Little Jumper 9

Full Swing Girls

+ posted by niiica as translation on Dec 22, 2010 21:08 | Go to Little Jumper

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Volume 2 page...


Chapter 9: Full Swing Girls


Summer's here!

I'll find a job and
at full speed,

we'll go to the beach!


Let's go!
Let's go!

Did I make a mistake?
Historically speaking, this is the era of part time jobs right?

Of course! Summer's important to me too!


the big problem is,
she's been sleeping like crazy.
I wonder if we can talk when she wakes up.

And more importantly, what is up with your clothes?
We're inside the house, you know.
Does it get you excited?


Are daughters supposed to be like this?!
I know I don't have any experience, but this strange feeling is...
I take after mom so,
I'm your type, right?

Wha... what are you saying...

It's fine.
The parts that you like about me
will not betray mom.
I... is that so?
If I'm your type, you can just say so...
I like you.


I like you, Chief Fuwa!!

H... hey... what are you sleep talking about...
(She's got big tits)


What are you doing, you perv?!
Ichinose Chimari! I'm arresting you!


I won't forgive you.

Wait! I apologize!
Calm down, you two!
Let's talk about this calmly...

That's pointless!


If you betray mom,


I won't forgive you!
Like I said, I won't betray her!!



If you break the house more than this,
I'll make you work in the shop!!
B... but mom, I didn't do anything...

So you're the sick person he brought?! Take responsibility!



Eat all you want!
Or do you want a drink?

No, thank you! I'm on duty, so...

You don't have to restrain yourself. Eat and drink all you want.
You were sleeping for 3 days, you know.
I don't want them!


Let me say this!
I only slept in order to be able to regain energy and lessen the damage I took.
But I do feel sorry for being treated to a meal by a criminal!

I don't know what you're planning, but
don't belittle me! You won't be able to bribe us that easily!

Uhm, Kozakura-san?
Your words and actions aren't matching.


No way!! Since when?!
M... my body suddenly...
It won't stop
No way!!
You're unfair!


What are you aiming for?
Would you like to join hands
with us?
I'll help you out with saving your boss,

and in exchange, please give us some information
about the future, about Narusawa, and about Chima's mother.
I'd like to help Chima's mother.



Let me say this. So that her crimes don't pile up, I'd like you to say anything.
That's why someone like you need to open up.

I can't! That's a crime.

You can even erase my memories when this is over!
I refuse!

it'll be our shame
if we help that flat-chested girl!



Wa wa wa wa wah...

I can't have dad ask help from someone like you!
What?! You wanna go at it?! You flat-chested brat!



You should cooperate with those public security folks.


It- it's small, but
I'm definitely not flat-chested!

But Ai-san's information is at stake.
I don't need help from someone like her.

Our problem is that Narusawa guy!
You're being targeted. We can't just hang around like this.


I don't know why I'm being targeted, but...

in the hospital where mom is being confined...
we met by chance.

He said that there was only one way to save mom.
And invited me to use the Time Jumper.

So you agreed with a person you didn't even know?
But he said he could save mom...

There are still three people aside from me.
I wonder what happened to them...


Don't tell me they were..
attacked by Professor Narusawa too...


You're right.

The girl from that time...
Himura Saeko. 14 years old.

What's this?
So Fuwa's security surveillance monitor is here? [it's more like an insult, she's saying

Kozakura is a robot who always follows Fuwa's orders]
And here I thought all the nuisance is gone.
There's one more left.

You brat!
You are under arrest for violation of the space-time treaty!

What an idiot.


The Public Security's time jumper and Professor Narusawa's time jumper
are completely different in terms of ability.

It's better if you don't move.
If you do, I'll chop your head off.

Wait, what are you doing Himura-san...
You're really slow.



came for you!
Time Jumper No. 1!

R- run! Ichinose Chimari!
This one's serious!

Stop it!
We can talk about this calmly...

Prepare yourself...


but we're not playing.
My order is to not give it away until I can help my mom.


Remember this, TJ-1!!

Don't worry about it, Ichinose Chimari.
She's probably going to have to rebuild her disk.

Can't be helped.
I'll help you out!

Chapter 9 - END

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