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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gintama 191

Gintama Lesson 191

+ posted by ninefly as translation on Dec 2, 2007 19:45 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 191

finished full script for 191 as requested by Bomber D Rufi ^^
this was hilarious to translate and explains a bit of what happens in 192 as well (like Masukaaku XDDDD; )
I had the raws with me this time, so I'm pretty confident with this translation~


white text: with one strike!
Kondou: You're...You're kidding...
 Taking down that strongest class of monkeys, the legendary Paoshanron, all by himself.
Kondou: And with just one strike too...
Kondou: There's no mistaking it
Kondou: To be able to do something like this, there's only one person in the world...

Kondou: He who knows everything of this world
Kondou: The man who hunts down every prey on this planet
Kondou: That is the legendary Hunter
Kondou: "M"!!
lesson 191 - parameters in real life and in net games are directly inversed
black text: that legendary man has appeared before them...!!

Shinpachi: Cool...So cool...
Shinpachi: I thought he was going to be a buff ossan (middle-aged man), but this guys way cool!!
Shinpachi: Didn't you appear in FF (Final Fantasy)? You appeared in THE FF didn't you?
Kondou: I...I wonder if I should get a signature
Katsura: What are you getting so excited over? That isn't why we're here. (blank line) Excuse me M-dono (T/N: dono = polite form of san) would you mind taking a picture with my children?
Shinpachi: No really, why are you here then? Who are your "children"!?
Shinpachi: Excuse me erm...we
M: You don't need to say anything.
Shinpachi: !!
M: Who do you think I am? I'm the one who knows everything, M aren't I?
M: Why you guys are playing this game, why you have been looking for me. I know everything.
M: I've been waiting. (top-right)
M: Not afraid to face any challenges. Hunting for the tomorrow of hope. (bottom-center)
M: For the arrival of the true Hunters. (top-left)

M: Lately, in this world of MonHun (T/N: short for Monkey Hunter), many strange Hunters have been appearing.
M: They aren't here to enjoy the hunt, but to focus entirely on searching for people.
M: And what you can count on every one of them to say is...
M: "Do you know about the alien gamers?"
group: !!
Shinpachi: Don't...don't tell me
M: That's right...you guys weren't the only ones who had been put through Cattle Mutilation
M: People like you who are searching to retrieve their own bodies
M: are coming one by one into this world
Sacchan: You guys didn't know?
 This case has even moved the government into action. Actually, I've also been sent to join in this game by a certain member of the government
Sacchan: in order to tie up the alien gamers.
Shinpachi: Yeah but, you tied up yourself instead didn't you. You didn't do anything other than your M play. (T/N: Masochist play/technique)

M: ...but, most of those players gave up hope and threw away their controllers.
M: In this net world, searching for a specific person without knowing their name is nearly impossible.
M: To be able to reach me
M: you guys are the first ones.
group: !!
M: You should be able to find what you're searching for here.
M: In side this holy shrine lives the monkey that stands at the top of the food chain, the legendary beast Seitentaisei (T/N: reference to the Monkey King/Goku from Saiyuki, which is a very famous Chinese fantasy novel, not just a manga by Minekura-sama XD; )
M: If those guys want to hunt him, they'll have to come here.
M: You guys are the ones I've accepted as true Hunters.
M: Won't you battle by my side?

M: They keep treading mud into our Hunter's Paradise
M: I cannot allow them to continue.
M: Let's go together
M: to take back our Paradise.
Shinpachi: M~~~~!!
next door: Hey, shut up already.
Shinpachi: Ah! I'm sorry!! M is too cool!! In the end we finally found someone serious to join our party!! (T/N: party = group)
Gintoki: Is it really okay? To get you caught up in such a troublesome conflict.
M: Hmph, in games, it's the troublesome things that are most enjoyable.
M: No need to worry, a normal person or someone just curious won't do something like this.
M: I too must recover my own body.
Gintoki: Could it be...you've also been turned into a screwdr...
M: Well, it's to a different degree than you guys.
M: There had been a sudden flash of light from above
M: by the time I realized, it was too late

Madao (er...Hasegawa): I had been modified into, an unemployed man...
Shinpachi: That has nothing to do with modification!!
Shinpachi: What, are you blaming the fact that you have no job on the aliens!? You were like that from the start already!!
Madao: For Hasegawa, he has lost his ambitions and everything else. They have all been modified into a pair of filthy sunglasses.
Shinpachi: That's you isn't it!!? Don't just deny who you are right now and make up a new version of yourself!!
Shinpachi: What's with this...the legendary Hunter is...someone like Hasegawa-san
Shinpachi: "M", that's the first letter of MADAO isn't it
Gintoki: I see. Using all that spare time you have to escape into this game, that's how you became the strongest Hunter.
Gintoki: Parameters in real life and in net games are directly inversed
Gintoki: The strongest players in games, in reality are those useless people with the most times on their hands, that's very common. When a legendary Hunter appears, that's also when the legendary useless bum appears.
Shinpachi: Speaking of which, our party is the strongest isn't it? So we're surrounded by useless bums...are we gonna be alright?

sfx: footsteps
group: !!
Shinpachi: Ah...
Shinpachi: someone's...
Shinpachi: They're...
Shinpachi: They're here!!
Shinpachi: It's them!! There's no mistaking it!!
Shinpachi: They look the exact same as they did in real life!!
Gintoki: Meeting those two fools here, this is their doom.
Katsura: Wait!!
Katsura: We're inside the game right now, even if we catch those two here, we can't get our real bodies back [anxious] (T/N: Katsura's 'emoti-words' will be in [square brackets])
Kondou: Punch Samurai G is right, there's no point if we can't bait out the real bodies playing the game.
Shinpachi: Then...just what should we do?
Madao: An Off Meet

Shinpachi: Off Meet?
Madao: That's right, an Off Meet is when net players who become friends on forums or chat boards meet offline face to face in real life to strengthen their friendship.
Madao: Help those guys in their hunt and become net friends.
Madao: Then, invite them to an Off Meet to bait them out of the computer world.
Gintoki: We don't have time for dull stuff like that!! It's already been 3 weeks, we've been doing this lame stuff for 3 weeks!
Katsura: It's because it's been 3 weeks that we need to be calm about this. It's because this is only the 9th page that we need to think this over calmly.
Madao: Alright, then in order to ensure our plan works, let's schedule an Off Meet
Shinpachi: You're way too composed aren't you!! You're as composed as if you were in your own home aren't you!!
sfx: Groooooooowl
aliens: !!
sfx: boom

Shinpachi: It...
Shinpachi: It's here!!
alien#2 (thick-lipped one): Senpai (T/N: older acquaintance), it's here, the last boss.
alien#1 (mustache one): It's huge.
Madao: Alright, either way, let's sell them a favor first. (T/N: to make the aliens indebted to them)
Madao: That's the strongest enemy in MonHun
Madao: don't get killed!
Madao: Let's go!

Shinpachi: ...it looks like
Shinpachi: it's already been defeated
Shinpachi: HOLD ON A SEC!!
Shinpachi: W-wh-what should we do!!? We didn't even do anything yet!!
alien#2: Ah, the last enemy has fallen too huh?
alien#2: So MonHun's over with this right?
Shinpachi: This is bad!! This is bad!! Those guys look like they're ready to quit the game!!
Shinpachi: If they quit MonHun, then it's over for us too!!

Madao: Enemies!! We need a new enemy for them!
Shinpachi: An enemy you say, but where the hell do we get one!?
Madao: Anyhow, I'll take care of that!
Madao: You guys find a way to keep them in the game!
Sacchan: It seems it can't be helped but to use feminine powers now hm?
Gintoki: 'Tch, can't be helped.
alien#1: In the end it seems we haven't been able to find "that" huh...
alien#2: Un, by "that" you mean treasures and items?
alien#1: No! "That" is...
aliens: !
Gintoki: Hey, you go say hello first!
Sacchan: No way~ Ginko (T/N: Gin from Gintoki, -ko is a common ending for female Japanese names) was the one who said that guy's antenna looked yabai (T/N: the word "yabai" can mean gross/bad, but in modern slang, it means cool/awesome/good; kinda like the equivalent of the English "sick"). You should go first Ginko!
Ginko (er...Gintoki): Ah, oh no, they're looking this way
Ginko: U...u~~~mm we're actually hunting together, the two of us
Ginko: would you like to come hunt with us? --- is what she said
Sacchan: Eh, that's not it, it's her. She said it!
Shinpachi: They're good at this!!
Shinpachi: They've perfectly replicated the high school girl mood
 no man can withstand this!
Sacchan: I didn't say anything like that, Ginko said it!
Ginko: Hey, stop it~~~ Because Saruko (T/N: Saru from Sacchan's name, -ko as common female name ending) said that the full-body tights look was really yabai
Saruko: No, that was Ginko!
Ginko: No no, it was Saruko!

Kagura: No, it was me aru!
Shinpachi: Why is a middle-aged man mixed in there!!?
Shinpachi: Right now, you're not a girl you know!!?
Kagura: It's really yabai isn't it? White tights, isn't it just yabai? Won't it be not not not yabai? (T/N: Kagura's just going overboard here, ignore her)
Shinpachi: What's yabai is that gross middle-aged man alright!!? (T/N: here, Shinpachi uses the "gross" meaning of yabai)
alien#2: Ah, sorry, since we already took down the last boss, we're-
Ginko: Wahh!! That's awesome!!
Ginko: You're really strong aren't you~~ I admire you guys~~
alien#2: Well, it was a one-hit KO
Ginko: Ah, but did you know there was a hidden boss before the holy shrine?
Ginko: Estark (T/N: monster from Dragon Quest game) or Masukaaku (T/N: name of a character that has appeared in Gundam SEED...OTZ), I'm not sure, but it's a super strong hidden boss you know?
Shinpachi: Maskaaku!? Where the hell are you heading with this!!
alien#2: Senpai, what should we do? They said they want to go with us.
alien#1: Wh...whatever
alien#1: It's fine if they want to though

Shinpachi: WAIT A SECOND!!
Shinpachi: Maskaaku doesn't exist anywhere in this world though!!
Shinpachi: What should we do!!? They just talked about whatever and now they're going to whereever!!
Katsura: ...this is bad.
Katsura: That man called 'senpai' or something
Katsura: He's definitely got the Junior High 2nd Grade Syndrome
Katsura: Overly sensitive to the opposite sex, afraid to look directly at them, pretending he has no interest
Katsura: See? It's great that they've joined the party, but that sense of distance
Katsura: Using the Venus fly trap (T/N: the girls?) has given us the opposite effect
Katsura: This way we can't effectively invite him to an Off Meet
Kondou: Let's use the effects of the Junior High 2nd Grade Syndrome instead then
Katsura: !
Kondou: Those with Junior High 2nd Grade Syndrome have a thick AT Field (T/N: ...from Evangelion -____-; ) against the opposite sex. But they're defenseless against the same sex.
Shinpachi: And you're talking about AT Fields, you're the one who has Junior High 2nd Year Syndrome
Kondou: I'm going to open that guy's AT Field, you guys use that chance to join them

Shinpachi: Open it? How are you gonna do that?
Shinpachi: That guy doesn't seem to open up to anyone but his kouhai (T/N: younger acquaintance/alien#2)
Kondou: If he thinks we're comrades, he should open the doors to his heart.
Kondou: Don't we have anything that would make me look like those guys?
Kondou: !
Kondou: That's it!
alien#2: What's wrong senpai? You've been quiet for a while now.
alien#1: No...nothing's wrong
Ginko: This is bad...he still hasn't opened the doors to his heart yet
Saruko: He's right at the age where it's hard to do so.
Ginko: That kind of habitual sneaking of glances in our direction is getting on my nerves
Saruko: We can't rush! We have to negotiate slowly
Kondou: Ohhh~~~?
alien#1: !
Kondou: Don't tell me, is that you Senpai?

Kondou: It's me, me!
Kondou: I was 2 years below you in High school
Kondou: You don't remember? This antenna... (T/N: yes, he's referring to THAT antenna OTZ)
Ginko: W...wow! It's a new breed of monkey~~~ It's a rare monkey isn't it~~ Hurry, let's collect the items!
alien#1: ...just now, didn't it speak? Was it someone you know...
Saruko: We wouldn't know this monkey! It's a monkey! It's nothing but a monkey!
Kagura: Ah, cool, I got a rare item aru
box: "Dirty Antenna" has been added to your inventory
Kagura: You guys can have this as a proof of friendship

alien#1: Eh? Really?
alien#2: Isn't it great senpai? You can make even more powerful equipment with this
alien#1: Well, no, I don't think I can really use this for anything
Katsura: Fruit Punch Chinpo (T/N: chinpo = penis OTZ) G!!! [LOL]
Shinpachi: Why are you laughing?
Shinpachi: The plan failed drastically, but their distance has awkwardly decreased.
Katsura: Snuffle! Fruit Punch Chinpo Samurai G! Your death wasn't in vain! [ROFL]
Shinpachi: Why are you laughing so hard?
Katsura: Fruit Chinpo Samurai G has taught us
Katsura: if you want someone to open their heart to you, you have to reveal your own heart to them first [naked]
Shinpachi: Well no, that guy was just walking around naked.
Katsura: No matter how much we whisper to each other here, we won't be able to open that guy's heart
Katsura: I've decided, I'm going to reveal myself those guys straight on [decided]
Katsura: If I reveal everything that's on my mind, even if we're from different planets, they should understand!!
Shinpachi: Hold on Katsura-san!!

Katsura: Hey you bastards!!
group: !!
Katsura: The truth is, when I'm taking showers, I sometimes take a piss too, but
Katsura: everyone's done that before right!?
Shinpachi: That has nothing to do with anything!! You just shouted out whatever came to mind didn't you!!?
Ginko: W...wow! There are rare monkeys everywhere here isn't there?
alien#1: Um...you know that guy don't you? You knew that guy from before too didn't you?
Saruko: We don't know this monkey! It's a monkey! Nothing but a monkey!
Kagura: Ah, cool, I got a rare item aru! You guys can have this as a proof of...
box: "Holy Water" has been added to your inventory

alien#1: Oi, I've kept quiet for a while now, but enough's enough you people!
alien#1: Quietly following people around
alien#1: What's your goal?
alien#1: Are you people on their side too?
Ginko: Hah? What are you talking about?
alien#1: I wanna know who you guys are
Ginko: Before asking someone else, you should tell us who you are
alien#2: Ah? Us?
alien#2: We're being screwdrivers.
black text: Next week...seems to be with more of the mood of a feast!!
box: Kouhai
 weapon: whip
box: Senpai
 weapon: gun

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#1. by thatbabo ()
Posted on Dec 2, 2007
More Gintama love, huzzah!!! If you don't mind, I'm going to use your trans along with BDR's for our Gintama releases...
#2. by ninefly ()
Posted on Dec 2, 2007
Yup, go ahead ^^
I think BDR's translations are detailed summaries rather than full scripts, which is why I'm translating the chapters he already did ^^;
and thanks for scanlating the manga! I can't wait to see the finished products X3
I'll try with weekly updates, and I'm working on translating the Ginpachi serialization too, if you're interested in scanlating that? it'll be much slower (one month should be enough though XD; )
#3. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
Quote by ninefly;633282:
Yup, go ahead ^^
I think BDR's translations are detailed summaries rather than full scripts, which is why I'm translating the chapters he already did ^^;
and thanks for scanlating the manga! I can't wait to see the finished products X3
I'll try with weekly updates, and I'm working on translating the Ginpachi serialization too, if you're interested in scanlating that? it'll be much slower (one month should be enough though XD; )

XD The SCRIPTS are detailed summaries. I figured that out recently. When i get my hands on the full chapter i usually do that. Its just that in the game arc Sorachi doesn't use furigana and without it I'm at a loss, so thats why I've been using the scripts. It seems like a new story will begin next week so i should be fine again, but your help is more than welcomed. ^^
#4. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
thanks ninefly!!!!
#5. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
Hurray, thanks for the second version! :P

It seems like a new story will begin next week so i should be fine again, but your help is more than welcomed. ^^ Yayy, I'm happy it worked out for BDR. :)

and thanks for scanlating the manga! I can't wait to see the finished products X3
I'll try with weekly updates, and I'm working on translating the Ginpachi serialization too, if you're interested in scanlating that? it'll be much slower (one month should be enough though XD; )
Thanks for taking up the challenge!

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