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What a Wonderful World 12


+ posted by njt as translation on Jun 1, 2009 12:08 | Go to What a Wonderful World

-> RTS Page for What a Wonderful World 12

This translation is reserved for Illuminati-Manga only. I'm posting it so you can enjoy the chapter ahead of time, and so that I can get any errors / proofreading done. Thanks for your co-operation.

With that said, I'd like to thank GGpX for scanning this wonderful series (and the rest of Asano's works) so they can be enjoyed by the public :)


12th program. Sandcastle

Dark: At the end of last month, on the day there was that big rainbow after the rain, // they found the head of a woman in a trash can in the park on my usual way to school. // The woman's suit and bag looked expensive which gave the impression that she was very good at whatever work she did. I'd often see her as I walked to school. // It's not like I had anything to do with her or anything but, // I just can't shake this hazy feeling...


Students: It's so ho---t. // Did you do your homework? // What's making that smell? // Guess I'll ditch the rest of the day-- // So whoever loses has to dash and... // Knock it off already. // Ah, Okazaki's finally here.

Black: That hazy feeling still persists today. // Despite having these realistic thoughts on my mind, I don't express myself physically because I can't express what I think. // Not like I have any real friends anyway. // And I do know everyone in class calls me "Noh mask" behind my back.
[TN: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%83%BD%E9%9D%A2 ]

Students: Morning~ // Okazaki, you're late! It's not morning anymore; it's already lunch time!


Noh mask thought: Okazaki Sato...
Black: That stupid fake smile... // It pisses me off....

12th program: Sandcastle

Noh mask thought: It's hot...

Bottom: What a Wonderful World


Ladies: Something about how the boyfriend went crazy with jealousy or something. // Oh wow, that's scary. // Don't you think more weird people are coming here lately? // I was interviewed by a TV news reporter.

Black: Old ladies like to use this park to gather around and gossip. Today their topic is the recent murder. // Honestly, this world has gone to shit. Is blabbing about someone dying really that much fun?!

noh mask: Okazaki...?


noh: Eh? // Sato! / Stop sitting there like a crybaby! // Come on, I'll play with ya! // Come over here!

Black: Oh yeah... // This park is where Sato and I used to play a lot. // Like it matters, though. This park is going to be destroyed to make way for a new apartment building...


Black: Those were the days... // Nah, the past is the past.

Noh: Hehe... // Huh?


Noh: Everyone's gone... / Is this part of my dream? // I highly doubt that... // It's hot...

Black: Before I realized it I'm in the 7th grade in a hot, small classroom memorizing math and old Japanese every day. // But... why?

Noh: For my future. Of course it is. But everyone's future isn't the same. / Like the lady that got cut to pieces by that stalker.


noh: Hmmmmmmmmm....

Sato: What are you doing?

Noh: Nothing...


Sato: You know there's a sports festival rehearsal for the rest of the day.

Noh: Ah... That's why...

Sato: What do you mean? / You don't even have a friend that'd wake you up? // Anyway, I don't want to get a sunburn so I'm ditching. You're going home too, right? // So- / how about we go home together? Like old times.


Noh: Sato, you've changed...

Sato: Don't call me by that name. It's so lame. // I go by Okazaki now.

Noh: Just a year ago you were just some nerd with glasses.

Sato: Ahaha. / Don't remind me. // Consider the old me, dead.

Black: Dead? Are you serious? // Then what about me and all that effort I put into comforting you when you were acting like a crybaby.


Noh: It's lame. // Even if it was for starting over in Middle school. // Like your fake smile, // It's like sometimes you're trying REALLY too hard, that it's sad.

Sato: You know what, // shut up.


Sato: You're trying to tell me it's lame to actually try hard at something? / That there is even more lame. // What's so bad about trying to get popular? // It's not like we're given a lot of time. / Let's not debate on why, let's just do it. // What's with the face? // You're probably thinking "I'd hope she'd just die". // Alright, let's make a bet. // If the next train is regular or an express one. // If you win, I'll jump in front of the train.


Noh: If you win?

Sato: Buy me some ice cream.

Noh: How retarded.

Sato: With the way I am now, there's no way I'd lose to you.

Noh: A regular train.

Sato: Then I'll take the express.


Sato: Yeah, I'm at that park. / Ah, ok then I'll head that way.

Noh: Your boyfriend?

Sato: Yeah.

Noh: You smile like that even on the phone, eh?

Sato: I practice in front of the mirror everyday that I do it just by habit now.


Sato: Well, I better go.

Noh: Hey, Okazuki... // I you were to have lost that bet, what would you have done?

Sato: I wouldn't have done anything. // You didn't think I was serious? Did you?

Noh: Hey... // That's not fair...

Sato: Haha, / I'm fine settling with "not fair". // Since we're not given a lot of time, you know.


Noh: Seriously though, do something with that smile. It's creepy.

Sato: They say the ones left smiling are the winners, / so when you feel like laughing, just go ahead and do it more.

Black: Sato and I parted at the park where the murder took place. // To me, this park is where we used to play a lot, but // Sato didn't even mention that once. // I bet she's probably forgotten about it.

Noh: Oh... / I guess so... // Yeah...

Black: We would often make castles in the sandpit. // I'd get really happy when we were digging tunnels and our fingers would touch in the middle. // I was kind-of able to remember how she smiled when that happened.

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#1. by Revilenigma ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2009
sweet, thanks njt!
#2. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jun 1, 2009
No problem :)
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
Thanks for the TL~
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