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Choku! 1

This is me, and she's my friend.

+ posted by njt as translation on Jun 4, 2009 09:27 | Go to Choku!

-> RTS Page for Choku! 1

This has been proofread by c_k and Archtos and is ready for a scanlation. Much LOVE guys(and girls) <33333 If you can add them in the credits, that'd be awesome too :3


Choku! (ちょく!)

Demographics: Shounen
Status: 5 Chapters + 2 Specials (Ongoing)
Manga Details Page: Here
Raws: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5


A popular "bloody" love comedy from Fresh Gangan is now serialized!

box: For people who think lunch breaks can be quite a hassle

serika: Umm, I made some lunch. Would you...?

guy: Yes! I'm close to a new event scene.

box: this room is the perfect spot.

guy: Ack! Lunch break is already over?! // I better hurry up and eat.


box: Although, recently, through a brief encounter...

guy: Huh?

box: I ended up meeting a weird girl here.


Yellow and red: (Bloody) Encounters happen without notice!


box: Her name is Serika. I don't know anything about her.

Bottom: Choku!

Chapter 1: This is me, and she's my friend.


Guy: Uh... Eeh... E-Excuse me b-but... ummm... // Wh-What are you d-doing?

serika: I was taking a shit // when you came in.
[TN: she calls him Nao]

Nao: Er... ummm ... you were doing number 2... / But why in the boys bathroom?

serika: I Find it relaxing. // We're lovers so it's normal for us to take shits together and cover each other with blood from bloody noses.

Nao: Who does that?! / Regardless of who, count me out!!


Nao: Also ... umm ... correct me if I'm wrong, but we're not even dating in the first place.

serika: We aren't?

nao: I'm a shorty and I'm really not comfortable around taller people... / I think I rejected you because of that.


nao: B-But how about being my friend?! I don't have any so...!!

serika: Do friends cover each other with blood from bloody noses?

nao: No, no kind of relationship does that.
small: Do you want to?!

serika: Then do they get engaged?

nao: Nope. You think bloody noses are more important than getting engaged?

box: After school


guy: What's that? // It says class 1-2. Hey, that's our class! But who's Nao?

street marks: To Nao from Class 1-2. Your friend is waiting for you. Let's go home together.


Serika: We're friends so let's go home together.

Nao: ugh... she spotted me.

Serika: Hop in.

Nao: Eh ummm... // It's a bit embarrassing to be seen getting on this thing...
small: This

Serika: Don't worry. You're cute so it's OK.

Nao: I don't see your logic there but...


Nao: So... where are we headed?

Serika: To get our picture taken.

Nao: Our picture taken?

Serika: What do friends do?

Girl: Eh? // Um... well...
small: This is the first time she's spoken to me...

Girl: Hang out... Listen to each other...

Serika: Hang out?

Girl: Like with me, the other day I think I went shopping, went to a cafe and then took sticky pics...
[TN: Sticky pics are little picture booths that print out your picture on stickers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photo_booth#Purikura ]

Serika: Sticky pics?


girl: These things.

Serika: Do want!

Girl: Eh? OK, which would you like?

Serika: None of yours.

Girl: Oh... OK...

Sign: Studio

Clerk: Welcome!

Nao think: Why are we at a photo studio?

Serika: I want to take that kind of picture with you.

Nao: EHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh

pic: Congratulations Mr. Kazuki and Mai on your wedding!


Nao think: Why that one?!

Clerk: Dressed as you are?

Serika: What do you have?

Clerk: We have suits and dresses.

Serika: You'll wear this.

Nao: Isn't that a bridesmaid dress?!

Clerk: I'm sorry, but dresses are for women only.

Serika: No problem. // He's cute.

Clerk: OK. Let's go into the studio.

Nao: OLD MAN!!


Nao: I can't believe I actually put it on...

Serika: You look great like I thought you would.

Nao: You're not going to dress up?

Serika: I don't look as nice.



Serika: A bloody nose mask. // This way my clothes don't get messy.

Nao: You made it?!

Clerk: OK, say cheese!

Nao: Oh my god...

Serika: Can I get it enlarged?

Clerk: It'll cost you extra.


Serika: That went well.

Nao: Did it now... / Well, let's go home.

Serika: There's still a place I want to go to.

window: Shaizeria
[tn: play on Saizeriya]

Nao think: Why a coffee shop?

Serika: Friends hang out at places like this and talk over drinks.

Nao: ughhhhh

Nao think: Talk? About what...?


Serika: What are your hobbies?

Nao: EHH?! // My h-hobbies? / I guess I like reading and playing video games.

Serika: I see. // What's your favorite subject?

Nao: Japanese... I think...

Serika: I see. // This is so fun.

Nao: Ehhhh. You're having fun?!


Serika: Your turn to talk.

Nao: Ehh... ummm... OK...

Nao thought: What about...

Nao: So uh uhh what are your hobbies?

Serika: Collecting and looking at cute things.

Nao: Huh?
small: Where'd she go?


Serika: I'm really having a blast.

Nao: How can you say that?!

Serika: Let's go.

Nao: Did you really have a good time?

Serika: Thank you very much. // I feel like we're closer now.

Nao: A-Are we now...?


kid: Crap!! // Ahh!! // Let's get out of here!

Serika: They put graffiti on it.

Nao: Yeah...


Nao: She's cr- crying!! // Depending on the angle it kinda looks like a cute panda. // Yea-h, didn't expect that to work.

Serika: You're right.

Nao: Huh!? // Wait, she stopped crying. Great.

Serika: But I want to get rid of the letters on its stomach.


Serika: My pet is a goner.

Nao thought: She's really down. // Wait, I remember oily things...

Nao: I'll be right back.

sign: Dollar store.

door: Kyanso-
[Tn: Play on Dyso-]

clerk: That'll be $1.05.


Nao: I'm back. // Umm Serika? // I got the stain out.


Nao: Someone once wrote on my desk and I used this to get it off.

Serika: Thanks.

Nao: Eh?

Serika: Thank you.


Nao: Oh uhh... // It's 'cause you're my f-friend. // And you want to help your friend when they're in need... // So I... uhh...


Nao: Man, what am I saying?! I'm so embarrassed!

Serika: Then I want to do something for you too.

Nao: EH??? // Ohh umm well...


Nao: Please be my friend forever. // EH?!? Why that expression?!

Serika: Are you trying to say you don't plan on being anything more than friends?

Nao: That's not what I meant. // I just want us to get along.

Serika: Then marry me.

Nao: I'm not going to do that.

Box: The next day.


Serika: You can have this.

Girl: Really? // Th-thank you... // What in the hell!? // Here, let me give you my sticky pic...

Serika: No thanks.

Girl: Oh OK... // Is this short girl your friend? / She's cute.

Serika: That's my best friend.

Girl: What are you wearing?

Serika: A nosebleed mask.

Girl: A nosebleed mask!?

Girls: Let's go to the restroom. // OK.


Serika: Why are they going to the restroom together?

Girl: Huh? Ah, hmm... I wonder. But yeah, girls often go to the restroom together. // Huh?


Serika: Nao, let's go and take a shit.

Nao: Oh My God...

bottom: Will Nao continue to suffer?!

Next issue: December 11th.

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
p.1: serika: Umm I made some lunch, would you like to join me...?
>> Umm, I made some lunch. Would you...

guy: Yes! Just a bit more until a new event scene.
>> I kind of don't like how this is phrased, maybe:
>> Yes! I'm close to a new event scene.

I better hurry and eat.
>> hurry up

p.4: Nao: Er... ummm ... you doing number 2... /
>> you were doing...

p.5: nao: I'm a small-fry and I'm really not comfortable around taller people...
>> I think it should be "I'm short" or "I'm a shortie/shorty"

p.9: Serika: What's Sticky pics?
>> What are sticky pics?

p.11: Clerk: OK. Let's move into the studio.
>> I like "Let's go into the studio" >.>

p.15: Serika: What are your hobies?
>> hobbies

Nao: Ehhhh you're having fun?!
>> period after ehhh; cap you're

p.17: Nao: Did you really have a good time?
>> You should emphasize 'really'

-Nao thought: She's really down. // Wait, as I recall oily things...
>> recall is too educated- "Wait, I remember oily things..." or my previous suggestion of "Wait, if I recall correctly, oily things... (although it sounds more educated)

-Door not TLed

p.23: And when your friend needs help, then you want to help them...
>> drop the 'then' and possibly comma or change to:
>> And you want to help your friend (out) when they need help...

p.24: Nao: Man what am I saying?! I'm so embarrassed!
>> Man,

p.25: Why that face?!
>> expression might be better

p.26: What in the hell!?// Here let me give you my sticky pic...
>> What the hell? // Here,

p.27: Girl: Huh? Ah, hmm... I wonder. But yeah, girls oftne go to the restroom together.
>> oftne -> often

p.28: Serika: Nao let's go and take a shit.
>> Nao,

bottom: Will Nao's suffering continue?!
>> Will Nao continue to suffer?
#2. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
Thanks c_k <3
Level [S] Translator

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