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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kashikoi Ken Rilienthal 1

Lilenthal the smart dog

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Dec 24, 2009 09:41 | Go to Kashikoi Ken Rilienthal

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This person is big sis.
She’s a little moody but she’s a good kid at heart.
Though she looks like this,she’s real strong at Kenpou.You can count on her at the crucial moments.
Note: Kenpou = kung-fu
This person is big bro // He may act carefree but he’s kind at heart.
He likes to make things, so I’m sure he’ll make lots of things for you too.
We won’t see you for a while but
As long as you have your big sister and big brother,you’ll be fine. // Alright

Slanted orange text: Over there,over there..it’s..!!
Bottom red text: Chapter 1: Lilenthal the smart dog.


Slanted red text: Lilenthal coming through!!


It’s almost arrival time. // This is going to be fun.
I wonder what kind of kid he is?
Even if we haven’t met him before, we’ll know soon enough.
Hino “Ani”(15) Hino Tetsuko(11)
Aren’t you the one that’s being all restless, Tetsuko? ははは = Hahaha
Na // I am not! I’m not restless at all !
Side text: With anticipation held in their hearts, the one they’re waiting for is...


Are the two of you doing well? Mom and Dad are doing well.
This time, after so many days, we’re coming back to Japan.
Your little brother is with us too.
For the letter,everything is the same as the above plus these extra lines: He’s a very energetic and smart kid.Fun...(paper blocks words)..please.
Mon and Dad have always been so sudden with things...
Thanks to that, I had to skip training today.
When our little brother comes, we’ll learn Kenpou together?
No way!
It’s ten years too early for him!
Firstly, I’ll teach him proper manners so that he’ll become a little brother who I won’t be ashamed of wherever I go...
You’re just brimming with the urge to teach him, eh?
ははは = Hahaha
It’s not like that, geez!


Huh? What about dad?
I apologise. The professors couldn’t make it.
A lot of things happened that’s why.
Umm we heard that our little brother is coming today but..
Eh,really !? Little brother!?
I was to bring this to the two of you, I didn’t hear anything about this though...
If possible,bring it to a spot where no one can see it before you open it, okay?


Sorry, I’m in a little hurry too.
The professor wanted me to tell you that they’ll contact you at home!
Well,see ya!
Thanks for the hard work...
..I guess our little brother will have to wait till next time.
It’s dad we’re talking about here, so I already knew that something like this could happen.
What is this box anyway? // Why don’t we open it?
If that’s what you want...


We still haven’t received confirmation.
Yes // Yes ,there’s no doubt about the thing that arrived.
We’ll continue pursuing the RD-1.
C’mon,lets open it Tetsuko!
Okay,I got it...sigh
My little brother
I wanted to meet him...


Skip to the bottom left panels:
Arfu-! (The dog actually said “nawa” = “bark” with a weird tone)
Tetsuko: Something weird in there...
Onii-san: It has a face like a dog’s but...
Dog: Arfu-! // Arfu-!
Tetsuko: It has a weird voice...


It’s a dog?Right?
ぶさいく =Clumsy
It’s a dog.
For the first impression
A smile is important!!
Paper: Hello, how are you? My name is Lilenthal. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
It spoke!?


...wait a sec...it’s standing on two feet... !?
Oh no,I got it wrong!
That was the back of it!
O-hon! // O-hon!
Hello, how are you! My name is Lilenthal !
It’s a pleasure to meet you!!
Piece of paper: For the first impression, a smile is important!!
Ooh—It’s polite...!?
What the hell is with this dog ...!?
The details are here!
Ah,from dad?
Let see here...


“To both of you”
“There’s been a slight change of plans and so I can’t come home.” // “I’m sorry”
“If you’re reading this memo then I guess perhaps there is a smart dog in front of you.”
“That dog is your little brother,Lilenthal”...?
Little brother!?
Little brother...
Little brother...?
My little brother is...
A dog !!?
Oh,so that’s how it is! // Hey there, I’m Ani .This here is Tetsuko.
I’ll be in your care from now on!


What are you saying...? // Pleased to meet you..? // There’s no way I’m be okay with this...
!? !?
What am I supposed to say...?
I’m pleased to meet you...?
Huhuhu...There’s no way in hell I’m pleased...
“Your little brother is a dog”...!?
Ahhhh--- He’s not taking this seriously!!
Those two weirdoes are aren’t taking this seriously !!
Oh well, I’m alright with my little brother being a dog in any case.
Crap...big brother also turned into one of them...


I won’t stand for this! // I’m a normal person!!
A normal dog can’t talk
A normal person wouldn’t call a dog his little brother!!
I don’t want to get caught up in this weirdo stuff !!
C’mon now // Even if you say things like that to Lilenthal,there’s nothing we can do.
If mom and dad didn’t say so
For now,lets go home. // Here, continue reading it
“Later on,there will be people who’ll be aiming for Lilenthal.Be careful”...?
“If it’s you guys I’m sure you’ll all be alright”...?
What is this...It reeks of the smell of trouble...
Yea.It’s best if we hurry.


Isn’t it alright if we just stuff him back in the box and leave him here?
I’m sure some kind person will pick it up for us.
No way.That won’t do...
But bringing Lilenthal walking around with us stands out too much...
I feel sorry for him if we put him back in that box again...
I got it! // You’re going to pretend to be a stuffed toy,Lilenthal.
Stuffed toy?
Shut up and don’t move a muscle,just pretend you’re a doll
If you get found out,I’ll just abandon you.
What do we do about that box?
If its trash then I’ll collect it for you---
Good timing // I’ll leave it to you.
The bus is already here.
Eh // I’m the one who’s holding him!?
Isn’t it more natural for girls to hold it?


Made it!
My name is Lilenthal!
When you punch this stuffed toy it talks!
Cool,isn’t it !?
Forgive me // Forgive me


Oh my! // It’s quite good indeed
Lilenthal !
Thank you for choosing to board the airport commuter bus today.
This bus makes round trips from the airport to Hasunobe station and is an exclusive bus.// We are estimating to arrive at Hasunobe station in about 1 hour.
Sign on bus: To Hasunobe station
Please sit back and relax.
As it is dangerous,please refrain from standing or walking about when the bus is moving.
Well then,off we go.


Eeh---We found the container // But it was just a container,it was empty inside.
RD-1’s appearance is still unknown.
Yes. We will continue to pursue RD-1.
N- // Nothing.I know nothing! // I don’t know anything!!
Hey there,calm down old man.
We’re chasing after what’s inside that box you see.
We’ll appreciate it if you can recall the person who left it here.


Like which parking lot they went to // Or the bus stop that they went to
A man, a woman? // Was it an adult or a child?
I’m tellin ya,I don’t know anything....
That’s why I asked you to remember.
Otherwise we’re going to
Have to attack every single car and bus that left the airport.
It’s not good to get innocent people caught up in this.
It’s also increases our workload and nobody gains anything.
Isn’t that right...?
We know RD-1’s whereabouts.
It’s on the commuter bus to Hasunobe.


Lilenthal, I’ll read this picture book to you !
It seems you’ve become quite fond of it.
If you like,how about we give it to you?
Hey Tesuko....




What the !?


You’d better not look over here.
Just keep steadily moving forward like this.
A gun!
He’s got a gun!
Ahh—Don’t make a ruckus.
Shut up // Sit down // And hang tight.
We only have business with one person in here.


You’d better make sure that kid over there behaves.
I hate hearing brats cry.
It’s alright.It’s alright..
Just quietly read your picture book...
The one who has the RD-1
Be obedient and show yourself.
We know that the one who left this thing here is riding on this bus
That box..!
If you’re gonna to play dumb, then the innocent people here are going to witness some painful things.


By RD-1,does he mean this thing...?
If its trash then I’ll collect it for you---
That old man...!
Oh man...They look like people who are want Lilenthal.
Big brother...
If this keeps on, it’ll cause trouble for the other people too. // Tetsuko, can’t you do anything?
Even with all the ordinary people out of the way,it’ll probably be the same...
Right now,it’s impossible // We need some kind of huge opening.
Since no one is talking// Thinking about it again
The ones the old man was trying to cover for....


Is the women and children?
Is it you !?
It’s you, isn’t it !?
Hurry up and cough up the RD-1.


Eh,I don’t know.I really don’t know anything!
Get a hold of yourself... // If I shoot you, you’ll regret it.
No way,hang on there!
Hey,stop it!
The girl said that she’s not the one!
Just when I feel like shooting some innocent people, a shield shows up.
In other words,you’re the carrier?
Y-You got the wrong guy...
He’s not serious about that.
He did it because he’s waiting for us to show ourselves!
I know that!
What a pain


Until we find the carrier
How about I shoot all of you one by one!!
We have no choice but to show ourselves now...!!




What the...!?
What the hell is this !!?
...Kujira-gou is in an ocean with a beautiful coral reef.
TN:Kujira-gou = Whale(-gou)(name of the book).
There is a lot of pretty fish swimming about.
The fishes are a great help in escorting him until they reach an island where they will part ways.


What’s going on !?
It’s fish!
It’s the middle of ocean outside!!
Don’t get all rowdy!!
Hey // Sit down!!
What is this...
A dream? An illusion?
When it was time to say goodbye ,the fishes said
“Be careful” // “Because a scary monster lives in that sea over there”


Kujira-gou continues his journey through the sea.
What kind of trick is this? // Don’t tell me this is the power of RD-1 !?
RD-1...? Lilenthal ...!?
As he enters the great ocean, he meets a large school of tuna.
It’s tuna...!


It became like the story in the picture book...!?
That brat...!!
Hand it over!!
Please stop it!!
Help me
Help me--!!
What’s up with this thing!?
Let go! Let go!


Even the stuffed toy moved on it’s own--!
Wow,how mysterious!
It’s for real!
The stuffed toy bit him!!
You’re a nuisance!!
This thing is the RD-1?




We’re falling!!
The picture book!!
Lilenthal !!
We returned to the sea...!?
Why is it so dark...!?
He’s shining...!?
As I suspected,it’s all his doing...!?


I-...It’s huge..!
Get a grip!!
This is all an illusion!! // If we were really in the middle of the ocean, then the water would have come in already...


It’s here!!!
Uu // Uwoooh
I’m scared...
I’m scared...
I’m scared....
I’m scared...


The book’s page has changed!!!
I see, if you change the scene in the picture book then...!
This is not good!!
Everything is happening just like in this scene!!
What the!! What the hell is going on!!
I don’t know !!
I’m scared...
I’m scared...


Save me....
Someone save me...
Could it be that...
It’s caused by this girl being scared...?
It can’t be
No,but she certainly...
Hey, what’s the meaning of this !?
Back off, you guys!!
Hey,get a hold of yourself.It’s going to be alright.
Save me... // Save me...
I’ll definitely save you alright! // C’mon!
I’m scared // I’m scared


Look here, Lilenthal also says that too.
C’mon...Say something decent...!!
It’s not scary
Because big brother and big sister are here.
Big brother?
Big sister?


Grandma is here too.
Mr. Driver is here too!
Yes yes! Everybody is here so it’s going to be okay!
Well get home safely for sure!
The fish disappeared...!


The bus is...!!
It’s gotten bright !
I get it now
So that brat is the RD-1, huh?
In other words, if I were to make her faint, these illusions will disappear


No No
The “RD-1” is over here.


That brat...!!
I’m sorry


I’ll fix it up later
It’s okay even if you don’t
Alright,tie them up first!
Rope // Rope




He fell!!




He’s going to fall!
Help us!!
Help us pull!
Please don’t let go!!
What were you doing! That was dangerous!!
You can’t be so reckless Lilenthal
He’s the one who hijacked the bus in the first place!
You should’ve left him to fall on his own!
That’s right
Let him fall! Let him fall!


Quit it,you’re scaring her
Ah, we’re lying see.No way we’d do that!
We all get along well !
What they said is true
Just letting me fall like that would have been better...
Why did you save me...?
? // ?
Falling into a dark place
Is scary,no?


I guess it’s your loss.
There’s a new scene...!
Well then, read it out until it ends
With that, everything will turn out good.
Thank goodness she’s laughing.
If we had let that black suit guy just continue to fall like that just now, we wouldn’t be laughing right now from the looks of it...


Thinking about it like that, it’s all thanks to him...?
Well... it was probably all his fault in the first place that we got into this mess...
Falling into a dark place
Is scary, no?
...That idiot
He’s dragging his words....
What a strange guy....!
It’s the last page
We’re coming out of the ocean...!


We’re back...!
Ooh, the scenery is normal !
...This place is...
Waa // The bus sunk into the ground.
Is this okay? This is the site of someone’s house...
This is somewhere in Niwasaki town.


You’re not a stuffed toy, are you?
I’m not a stuffed toy.
Ohh!? What the hell,you can really talk !?
Amazing--! // How interesting--!
I guess this was what the black suits were after.
Sorry for keeping quiet about it...
It was our fault everyone got into this dangerous mess...
Don’t sweat it,the black suits were the bad ones.
It scared the hell out of me but it was interesting!
In the end, everyone was safe...
See you later
Until another day!


Alright,I guess we should head home too?
You too Lilenthal!
It’s okay with you right,Tetsuko?
Yeah yeah,I get it! //
...But how are we going to go back?
Are we walking?
Are be taking the bus again?
What’re talking about.
Home is here.


Welcome to the Hino household, Lilenthal !
You’ll cause trouble anywhere else, which is a no-no, so we’re putting you here at our home.
And just like that,Lilenthal came into the Hino household.
That was the start of many strange days...
But you’re only here as a pet, ’kay?
As a little brother !
Side text: The road to becoming a “little brother” is just starting !!

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#1. by WorldCon ()
Posted on Dec 25, 2009
Thanks for the tl ^_^

But I probably won't be able to get to it until January >_<

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