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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Pandora Hearts 60

Egg Shell

+ posted by Olivine as translation on Apr 18, 2011 02:13 | Go to Pandora Hearts

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He disappears towards the light
With a smile from ear to ear ––––...
Pandora Hearts
Retrace: LX Egg Shell
- Loss -
Jun Mochizuki
Please forgive me becoming
someone else’s property. My master.
(*TN; Top left, bottom first, to bottom left*)
Gil is going to get married!?
Sharon finally opens the forbidden door...!?
Barma dies!! What is Mister Reim going to do!?
Alice comes down with a fever!!!!?
(*TN; skip some stuff*)
Novel Pandora Hearts
~Caucus Race~
Author: Shinobu Wakamiya Original/Illustration: Jun Mochizuki
The long-awaited first novelization Now on Sale!!
Died ––––––>
{chirp chirp...}
––––... // {sigh...}
{knock // knock} // –– Sir
A package // for you...
[The third morning after] // [The incident at Yura’s mansion.]
{stomp stomp} {stomp}
{clack clack}
Mister Gilbert. // Were you checking on Break and Reim? // Yes. // Although I only had enough time for a short glance...
They’re still unconscious? // Yes.
Before now, Break has always succumbed to the strain of his contract. // To see him bedridden because of an injury was something new.
He is not in serious condition owing to the first aid you performed. // {Thank you.} // It was nothing...
However, I was surprised // That none of Mister Reim’s many injuries were fatal, either.
Whether he was lucky
Or whether // The enemy did not intend to kill...
...Mister Gilbert. // If it is fine with you, will you have tea with me after this?
............Huh? // I wish to discuss what to do from now on...I will have them begin preparing right away. // No...I... // –––– Or perhaps
You wish to say that you cannot drink my tea...? // {whoosh...} // ...I’ll have tea with you.
Sharon... excuse me, but I have to go back to Oz –––– // And how is Mister Oz? // !
{chuckle...} // ............ // You cannot
Return to Mister Oz with your complexion and have him not worry.
............ // You have hardly slept last night, no? // {clatter...}
It has not been long since you came back to Reveille from Yura’s mansion.
Mister Elliot, Mister Vincent, Duke Nightray. // You must be suffering, like the rest of us.
If you do not mourn when you should, you will break later on... // I do not know...if this is what I should be saying to a gentleman, but...
Crying when you should // Is important too, no...?
That is ridiculous, Sharon.
Oz... // My master // Hasn’t shed a tear.
I can’t cry yet.
<–––– Back when>
<Humpty Dumpty tore into innumerable shreds // And turned into dust>
<We couldn’t understand what had happened.>
<Some of the little contractors died, but most didn’t // Depending on how far their incuses were.>
totter... // Oz!
Are you all right!? // ––––––...
{crack crack} // ! // It’s dangerous to stay underground any longer ––––
Break! // You can’t go upstairs because of the fire. // Everyone, please escape using Eques!
But...what about you, Sharon? // There should be some route that leads directly outside from underground. // I will stay with her.
{ah...} // Elli... // Ot...
{AaaAAaah} {Aaaa}
<Leo’s... // Voice ––––> // {AAAaa}
{Aa // aa} {Aa} {Aaaa // aaa}
{Aaa // aa} {A...a} {AaAA // AAAH}
{Aaa} // [Facing // The splattered blood] // {Aaaaaaa} // [And Leo, sinking down where he lay]
[Did not cry out] // [Did not break down]
[He just] // [Stared at the “death” that breathed over the scene.]
[The return of the Tragedy that] // [Isla Yura planned was prevented.]
[But as a result, the sealing stone was destroyed] // [And many were killed.]
[Leo is currently being held and questioned by Pandora.]
[Little by little,] // [He is starting to talk about what he knows of the incident.]
[The Nightray family] // [Fianna’s House] // [Humpty Dumpty] // [The headhunter] // [Isla Yura] // [The sealing stone]
<While Pandora is confused over how to handle this incident in which so many pieces combined, // Some have gone missing.>
<One of them is // Duke Nightray.>
<He vanished right after Pandora learned of the incident at Yura’s mansion and hasn’t been found since.>
<And // Also ––––>
<Vincent Nightray has some connection with the Baskervilles ––––> // {crumple...} // .........
That idiot... // What is he up to...
...I finally figured it out.
On the day of the tea party, I felt // The smell of a Chain seeping out of him. // {sniff sniff}
...I wish I’d noticed earlier... // ............
Then....what about
<The fleeting strangeness I felt towards shaggy glasses back in Sablier>
Is there a meaning...behind that, too ––...?
Oz. // Hm...? // What...are you thinking right now? // ............
............ // I’m thinking...the sky...is beautiful.
Things happened // But no matter that, the sky is bright.
It pretends nothing happened // And “today” comes again. // So many things // Like that
I don’t know...they all make me mad.
{chomp} {chomp} // ...Alice // You can’t...do stuff like that to people...
Shut up. // {thud} // !?
......... // Ali... // {chomp} {chomp}
{crunch...} // !
Alice... // Ouch...
...It hurts...
< –––– There are a lot of things // I have to do ––––...>
<But // I’m too desperate // Trying to stop things from leaking out of the hole that opened in my heart>
<And I can’t // Stand up ––––>
Russ, what is this...? // It was delivered to me this morning.
(*TN; Or Ru-kun. Or Roo.*)
The addresser’s name is // Isla Yura.
It seems he had it prepared in advance in case the ritual failed.
It contains writings he possessed on the Abyss and a letter to me. // {flip...}
< “If this letter has reached you,” // “My dream of the return of the Tragedy of Sablier has been dashed.” >
< “In which case, it is unlikely that I am still in good condition.” // “So I will bequeath my “fortune” to you, as my relative.” >
< “I acquired what was in that mansion by chance.” >
< “I took delight in rumors saying that it was possessed by a devil, or that it brought misfortune to its inhabitants.” // “I decided to buy that mansion out of pure curiosity.” >
That is how he // Found the underground temple and the sealing stone hidden there.
He says it was like some research laboratory.
The descendant of the sorcerer who was supposed to protect the sealing stone // Seemed to have forgotten the cause and was trying to use the power of the Abyss for himself.
Whether he was killed by disease or by man, the sorcerer perished before he reached his goal. // Yura used the fruits of his research to bring back the Tragedy of Sablier ––––
How...how wonderful...! // They’ve always taught me that the Tragedy of Sablier was a part of the catastrophe that affected the whole world. // But it says here...that Sablier was sent to the Abyss...!
<Baskerville....Chain...the Intention of the Abyss...> // So all this...actually exists?
<A dream world where the memory of the universe is inscribed. // It links to any and all time // Fast forwards little children // And rewinds aged bodies. // It can even give life to objects that have no intention ––––!>
{huff} {huff} // <I want to find out // Is this just someone’s fantasy, or ––––!?>
So Yura tried to approach the Four Great Dukedoms using Lady Nightray as a foothold. // Yes // {clack... clack...} // Her son and her younger brother had been killed by the headhunter...it was a good time.
<He set up a cult that fit his needs // And with the funds from the cult and the writings from the sorcerer, he offered Duke Nightray assistance in researching Chains.>
––The Four Great Dukedoms...
[They are the heroes from the Tragedy // Who defeated the rebels who, taking advantage of the turmoil, sought to overthrow the government.]
But one of them, // Nightray...received the infamous label “the traitor duke.”
< “Nightray was secretly guiding the rebels.” // “It was all a conspiracy for the ruined earldom to attain its current rank.” >
On top of that, // The Nightrays didn’t have a contractor for the guardian of the door, “Raven,” until recently.
[Even if they possessed a door] // [The Nightrays couldn’t acquire any Chains from the Abyss unless they had a contractor for the Raven.]
...I can understand.
<The idea that they’re trying to get even with the other three dukedoms // By investing in more research of the Chains on their own>
........................is not so far-fetched.
<Things had>
<Proceeded very smoothly.>
But // Even so,
<To me, // Duke Nighray looked quite hurried ––––>
{Aa // aaaaa // aaa}
{Aaaaa} // {AAAA // AAAA}
{AaaaA} // {sigh..} ...Again? // Is he mad...? // {Aaah}
...Shut up // Shut up! // {swing}
Go disappear... // I // Don’t need anything from you guys anymore!
Elliot is dead!! // Dead because of me!!
Disappear!! // Disappear!! // Disappear!!
Hey...calm down, now ––––
{drip} {drip}
...Hello // {thud...}
Isn’t this the first time... // I talked to you like this...?
{slam} // Duchess Rainsworth!!
!? // Excuse me! I have urgent news ––––...!
It’s fine, tell me now. // Yes...!
{huff...} {huff...} // A short while ago...we found Duke Nightray.
In a secret room in his townhouse in Reveille // As Duke Barma said...
............ // Duke Nightray...
Was // Already dead ––––!?
I came here // To bring you // Elliot’s last words ––––
<The man who has left the limelight, working behind the scenes ––...>

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#1. by Rizeto ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2011
Really really thanks a lot!
#2. by cuchuna92 ()
Posted on Apr 21, 2011
You're awesome! I really appreciate your collaboration and I wanted to thank you a long time ago... So THANK YOU VERY MUCH! =D You had one more fan kisses from Venezuela =)

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