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Kamen no Maid Guy 2

Service Two

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Jul 4, 2009 06:26 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

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Kamen no Maid Guy Chapter 2:

Title: Service Two
SFX: Ring
SFX: Rin // Ring // Ring
SFX: Ahhh
SFX: Nnnnn // Hahhh

Title: Service Two

Kogarashi: Even with all this there is no sign of her waking up. // What an admirable master she is.
Kogarashi: Fine then!

SFX: Nn // Squish
SFX: Glug
SFX: Glug, glug
SFX: Glug
Kogarashi: Witness the true power of a Maid Guy!
SFX: Open! // Plip, plip, plip // Glug // Glug // Splish

Naeka: …….Yiahhhhhhhhhh
Kosuke: Ah?!
Kosuke: It’s already morning. // Such beautiful weather.
Background: Uwahahahaha // Have you realized it yet master…
Kosuke: Oh, good morning sis.

Naeka: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Honestly! // What does that Sexually Harassing Maid think he is doing first thing in the morning!?
Kogarashi: Hmm!?

Kogarashi: You called master?
Naeka: Ho…Hold on! What are you doing over there? // Don’t come in here while I’m using the shower!!?
Kogarashi: What I am doing is bringing you your uniform and underwear to change into. // The reason being that all that you have is the wet pajamas you hastily discarded.
Naeka: D…Don’t put your face against the glass!!!
Kogarashi: Don’t tell me you were planning to walk around the house looking for clothes in the nude? // Kuhahahaha! I never imagined you to be such a shameless master!
Background: Whatever, just get out!!!!

Naeka: Honestly, what was grandfather thinking? // Sending such a dangerous person to a house where a shy, still blossoming high school girl lives…
Naeka: Though we certainly have been having trouble with the basic necessities, and I am grateful in that regard…
Background: But still…

Kogarashi: This morning’s menu is omelets, bacon, and orange juice! // Breakfast is the foundation of good health! It would be best if you chow down before the food gets cold!
Background: Thanks for the fo…
Naeka: See you later.
Naeka: ………Oh, from now on I won’t be needing breakfast anymore. // See ya.

Fubuki: I believe it would be best if you ate breakfast Ms. Naeka.
Kogarashi: That’s right master.
Kogarashi: Don’t let the fact that your weight has gone up by 1.8 kilograms in the past three days bother you!!
Naeka: ……How did you know that……? // Where did you get such a specific number as 1.8 kilo……??
Kogarashi: Hm Hmm!
Kogarashi: I can see everything about you master!! // With my Maid Guy’s insight, even though you are wearing your uniform, it is the same as if you were naked to me! Uhahahahaha!!!
Naeka: In…Insight!?

Naeka: Nude, you say….. // Wha? // St… // Hol… // It..It can’t be?
SFX: Bewwwwwww // Beebeebeebeebeebeebeebeebee
Kogarashi: Kukuku……I can see it master! Hahan……Hoho!! // I can confirm the increase in the percentage of volume in your breasts and butt, your rapid growth into adult hood is truly splendid.
SFX: Beeeeeeeeee
Naeka: Ahhhhhhhhh, Nooooooooooo!!!
Kogarashi: But do not worry. I have already prepared underwear in the appropriate size… // Hey master!?
Kosuke: Ah! Wait sis!

Kogarashi: Oh boy. // Right from the start of the morning she is a noisy master.
Fubuki: Kogarashi…
Fubuki: we need to talk!
Kosuke: …hey, sis, are you okay?
Naeka: Ahaha…… // If I look okay to you Kosuke // then you should go see an eye doctor.
Naeka: It’s true that my clothes always look good, and the beds are so comfortable that I accidently oversleep, and the food is so good that I gained 1.8 kilograms…

Naeka: But! That and this are different!! // Are you saying that it is really alright to exchange a girl’s……a 17 year old’s innocence for the basic necessities!?
Kosuke: Sis?
Naeka: Are you saying it is really alright!?
Naeka: Or are you saying that I have to be trampled on and dirtied in order to stand up strong and become like a dandelion in full bloom? // Is that it god?
Kosuke: Sis!? Pull yourself together sis!!
Naeka: It is all that sexually harassing maid’s fault. Recently my maiden’s pride is been shattered!
Kosuke: ……Hey sis…
Background: Wahhhhh, I can never become a bride…
Grandpa: In that case grandfather will have some direct talks with that punk…
Grandpa: Is there anything I can do, my lovely grandchild.

Grandpa: Good morning. // It is certainly a refreshing morning, my lovely grandchildren.
Naeka & Kosuke: Gr…Grandfather!?
Kosuke: Grandfather what are you doing here…?
Gradnfather: What? // I happened to be nearby so I came to see you two.
Grandfather: By the way, why is Naeka making such a fuss in a place like this?
Kosuke: Well // to sum up I would say.
Kosuke: Sis had the most important thing to a girl taken by Kogarashi, which has caused her to become dirtied…….
Grandpa: What!?
Naeka: Hol…Wai…Wh…Why are you saying it in a way that will cause misunderstandings you idiot!
Naeka:………No, grandfather? // That just now wasn’t quite correct……

Fubuki: Oh sir.
Grandpa: Kogarashi!! // Is Kogarashi here!?
T/L Note: The kanji in giant grandpa’s eye means “kill”
Grandpa: Wh…….What are you doing in a blood-stained heap over there!?
Naeka: …..Just what is going on…?
Fubuki: He did not understand even after I spoke to him, so I beat him until he understood.
T/L Note: The kanji in giant granpa’s mouth says “dead body”

Kosuke: Well then. // Let the first “What to do with Kogarashi” emergency family meeting begin.
Kogarashi: Heh // I was nearly beaten to death just now.
Kogarashi: …so? What is this gathering all about? // I think it is a little early to be having lunch.
Naeka: We have gathered here in order to convict you! // The defendant shall remove his foot from the table!
Kogarashi: Kukuku……I am going to be convicted?

Kogarashi: What is this about? Explain it to me, master’s little brother.
Kosuke: I…It seems that there is a problem with the fact that you don’t treat my sister like a woman.
Kogarashi: Hohou // So I don’t treat the master like a woman……….huh?
Kogarashi: What is this? I perfectly prepared her uniform and underwear and anything else a female student would need…… // ……hold on? I get it now! That’s what you meant, master!
Kogarashi: In other words you are requesting sexier underwear……! That is what you meant, master!!
Kogarashi: Why master! A student wanting to wear such string like panties… // Is out of the question! As long as this Maid Guy is alive, such disruption of public morals can not be allo…Gahhhh!
Naeka: Nobody here wants things like that you moron!

Naeka: It's when you say things like that that there's a problem you troublesome demon! // I'm only tolerating you because you're a maid that Grandfather is forcing on me!! If you weren't I would kick you out!
Naeka: Got it……?
Kosuke: Sis, sis.
Naeka: What!?
Grandpa: …forcing on you……? // So then, to my grand-children, is my kindness nothing more then a bother…?
Background: My thoughtless assigning of a maid to my adorable grandchildren was a bother…! // The maid that I so painstakingly sought out for my lovely grandchildren isn't necessary...!? // It'd be better to let this place return to that kind of dump than to be under my care......!!!
Naeka: Ah! I caused damage in the wrong place!?

Kosuke: Look what you did sis, you made grandpa cry.
Naeka: I’m the one who wants to cry you idiot!
Kogarashi: Oh boy, she is such a troublesome master.
Naeka: Ah, how? How did I all of a sudden become the bad guy??
Naeka: Alright, I was mistaken.
Naeka: How matter what problems they may pose // this is just a result of Grandfather thinking about what’s best for us.
Naeka: I forgot that and just thought about my own convenience…
Kosuke: Are you okay sis?
Naeka: I’m fine Kosuke.
Naeka: According to history the civil war commander Shikanosuke Yamanaka made a request of the crescent moon. // Bestow me with hardship!
Kosuke: Huh?

Naeka: To put it modernly, “Experience hardships during your youth no matter what!”// I though, as a high school girl who lives by the way of the sword shall imitate Shikanosuke and shall live a life of hardship! // Whether it's that weird maid or anything else, I shall undergo the trial!
Kosuke: ….wasn’t that Yamanaka you are talking about the military commander who’s fate led him to an untimely death.
T/L Note: The kanji in the background says “Kendo Girl”, kendo being Japanese fencing
Naeka: You shouldn’t make fun of people’s determination Kosuke!
Kosuke: …well, if you don’t mind sis then I guess it is okay.
Fubuki: ……It would appear that somehow Kogarashi has been accepted.
T/L Note: The kanji in the background says “Anxiety…”
Fubuki: Though it may cause some problems // In order to ensure the safety of Ms. Naeka, Kogarashi’s power is absolutely essential.

Background: Naeka Fujiwara, age 17…Grandchild and only remaining direct descendent of Zenjuro Ofujiwara, leader of the Ofujiwara Financial Group… // Although she is unaware of it, when she turns 18 in half a year’s time she will simultaneously acquire the inheritance rights to the entire financial group. // For this reason, this girl is now being targeted by those who wish to usurp such a fortune!! // Kogarashi & Fubuki are in fact Agent Maids sent by Zenjuro in order to protect his grandchildren from this mysterious enemy!
Fubuki: However, it is not good for the stability of Ms. Naeka’s heart. // If I were to graph that girl’s strees, it would be something like this.
Grandpa: ………I understand!
Grandpa: But even if it is just fighting poison with poison, the one best suited to protecting Naeka is Kogarashi! // Because we are faced with an enemy that we have no idea when or where they will strike, we have no other choice but to rely on his superhuman strength………!
Grandpa: I am entrusting command of this operation to you Fubuki! // As a Maid Guy Tamer, use your power to keep Kogarashi’s rampaging in check! // You can choose how!!

Fubuki: I shall follow your orders discreetly.
Kogarashi: Tonight’s side dish will be // Flaming Chinese Qingjiao Rousi.
Background: Chinese?
T/L Note: Qingjiao Rousi is a Chinese stir-fry containing green peppers and meat.
Kogarashi: Where are you going master?
Naeka: ……Fa…Fatty foods are…… // I am okay for today so……
SFX: Bewwwwwww
SFX: Beebeebeebeebee

SFX: Bewwwwwww
Kogarashi: Judging from your measurements, body fat percentage, and physique, I would have to say that you have splendid figure, furthermore, you are still in a growing period.
Kogarashi: Limiting your food will do no good. No matter what you do, your weight will increase.
Kogarashi: Kukukukuku, It is a meaningless effort master.
Background: The reason being that you eat.
T/L Note: The kanji in the background says “kill”
Fubuki: Ms. Naeka.

Naeka: Don’t stop me Fubuki! // I absolutely won’t forgive him anymore!!
Fubuki: I was not planning on stopping you Ms. Naeka.
Fubuki: ……however // I did wish to inform you that hitting him with such a thing would have no effect.
Fubuki: The damage would be like if you hit a giant panda or a lion with a pebble. (?) // Before his toughness a metal bat would be nothing more then an annoyance. (?) // Please think of Kogarashi as a wild beast like that.
Naeka: What? Wi…Wild beast!?
Naeka: Come on…… // So, if I don’t carry a gun then there is no way I could stand against him……?
Fubuki: That’s not true Ms. Naeka.
Fubuki: When training a wild beast what is most important is not a gun…

Fubuki: The sound of this flute, the Kinko, has a special effect on Kogarashi. // Think of the Kinkoji, the ring wrapped around the head of Son Goku in Journey to the West. // Please think of it as having an effect similar to that.
T/L Note: Son Goku is the Japanese name of Sun Wukong.
Naeka: Is……Is this thing for real?
Fubuki: I guarantee its effectiveness.
Fubuki: Please blow into it. // Now, with feeling!
Naeka: Ha…
Background: Feeling…

SFX: Wheeeeeeee
Naeka: A…Amzing! I can’t believe it, it actually works!?
Fubuki: It is extremely effective. // Because it is at point-blank range, if the sound of the whistle continues for ten seconds, even Kogarashi will die.
Background: I did it!
Naeka: Die!?
Naeka: Yo…You wait until now to tell me that! // What should I do!? I have been blowing into it for a while already!
Fubuki: Oh my.

Fubuki: It seems that when he fell, the oil Kogarashi was pouring set him on fire. // Such elaborate preparation, just what you would expect from Ms. Naeka, a splendid punishment.
Naeka: Ahhhhhhhhhh!?
Naeka: K…Kosuke, water!!! // Fire extinguisher!!!
Kosuke: Sis, just what are yo… // Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Background: Gahhhh…Now you’ve done it master…
Fubuki: Do not worry, a maid’s training naturally comes from the master. // Now even Kogarashi should understand a little of depths of the master’s anger.

Kosuke: But sis, don’t you think you went a little too far!?
Naeka: W…Wrong! // Your wrong! It wasn’t on purpose! I didn’t do it on purpose!!!
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old…. // the day that she acquires the rights to her inheritance is still 173 days away…
Kosuke: This is bad! The expiration date on this fire extinguisher was 3 years ago! // What should we do!? At this rate you will be a murderer sis!!
Naeka: Wahhhhhh, This is too many hardships!!!
Background: I can’t permit playing with fire master… // Nooooooooo…

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