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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Kamen no Maid Guy Omake 2

The Other Service

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Aug 7, 2011 03:53 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

Title: Mr. Plump’s Afterword Extra Comic
Background: Mr. Plump // Mr. Maid Guy
Kosuke: On a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon… // I felt something jagged and out of place in my mouth, and when I saw my reflection in the window I was shocked!!
Kosuke: There I saw… // Myself turned into a Maid Guy!!!
Title: The Other Service
Kosuke: Wa…Wahhhh…!!!
Narration: That explains the jagged feeling!!
Background: Kamen no Plump Guy

Narration: C…C…C…Calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down man!! How in the world did this happen!? // I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for me suddenly turning into some mysterious masked man! // Calm down! There has to be something, just calm down and think about it!
Narration: The possibility I came up with… // Is pretty impossible to believe.
Kosuke: Although, my body is right over there. // Could that really be it!?

Naeka: I’m home. // Kogarashi, is the bath ready?
Kosuke: God Damn!! // How could this happen!? Because I banged my head, somehow I and Kogarashi switch souls!
Background: I’m him and he is me?!
Kosuke: Wait…? Can I do “that”...?
Kosuke: Maid Guy Eye’s X…X...X // X-ray vision…!!!
SFX: Bewww…
Kosuke: Wooooow! I can do it! This is great! This is great Kogarashi! // Sis is great too, woah, Maid Guy Bravo!!!

Kosuke: I was beginning to wonder whether this was real or not, but now a wonderful world of mystery has begun to appear before my eyes!! // I have in my hands a miraculous ability that half the people in the world can only dream of!!!
Background: When I say mystery I mean like my sister’s mystery.
Fubuki: Oh, Welcome home Ms. Naeka.
Kosuke: The mystery seeker Kosuke Fujiwara @ Kogarashi’s Maid Guy Ear has just made contact with the foot steps of even more mysteries… // The soft rustling of a long skirt! A voice as clear as a wind blowing through a plateau!! // If sis is a mystery level one, then that is a super mystery that easily exceeds a hundred million!!
Kosuke: However, such a mystery should also present a difficult challenge! // This calls for the determination of one who has not been spoiled by this world of mystery. // In the past, many wondrous mysteries have been lost to the darkness of history at the hands of ignorant explorers. // I must not follow in their foot steps!!

Kosuke: I can’t just simply X-ray her!! A maid not wearing her maid outfit is just a person!!! // I mustn’t remove the head dress or the garter belt! I must leave in the sacred areas and only X-ray the other parts!! // You can do it!! Kosuke Fujiwara! If your love of maids is genuine!! // Now go! Target Scope Lock-On!!
Kosuke: Maid Guy Eye’s X…
SFX: Bew…
Kosuke: As…As expected, a mystery with an eight digit level was not something that someone like me could handle… // Ah, my consciousness is beginning to fade. // At least I may be able to print out that mystery that I glimpsed for only an instant…

Maid God: …Good grief, how pathetic it is to die like that.
Kosuke: …huh… // Wha?
Kosuke: Where am I? // Is this heaven…??
Background: Welcome back // Welcome back
Master Maid Guy: Awaken young Maid Guy. // Your soul once again has the divine protection of the Maid God. // Your service is not yet finished. You must return and complete your mission.
Master Maid Guy: Go!! // As always the Maid God’s service shall be with you!
Kosuke: Wa…Wah…I’m flying…!!?
Kosuke: Wah… // Wa…Wait Maids…!!!
Background: Goodbye

Kosuke: Wahhh!?
Kosuke: …Ah! I’m alive again…? // What’s this?
Fubuki: Ahhhhhhhhhh…
Background: What do you think you are doing you imbecile… // I’m sorry // It was an accident…
Narration: The remaining sensation in my left hand is too weak to accurately measure the level of that mystery. // By the way, what in the world was that thing I saw just a few moments ago…?

Narration: Fubuki’s bat knocked me out, and we once more banged our heads together. // And so, my day as a Maid Guy, full of wonder and mystery, came to a close.
Kosuke: Ow…
Kogarashi: H…Huh? // What happened?
Kosuke: …Kogarashi! // Being a Maid Guy is a wonderful job!
Kogarashi: Hmm…I don’t know why you suddenly understand this… // However, although all work is wonderful, being a Maid Guy is definitely the best!
Narration: It was a day in which I felt I got just a little closer to the secret of the Maid Guy. // It was an ordinary Sunday as usual. // But that day, I had a somewhat strange experience…
Kogarashi: By the way, what is this strange flabby feeling I have in my left hand?
Background: Huh?
Maid: Master! // Master Maid Guy! Kogarashi’s soul is back!
Background: This time he was beaten to death!
Master Maid Guy: Oh…Again…! // Just how many times must that young Maid Guy die in one day before he is satisfied…!!
Title: Continued in Volume 3

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