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Darker Than Black - Shikkoku no Hana - 6

Dear Friends


-> RTS Page for Darker Than Black - Shikkoku no Hana - 6

I'm on a roll!

Conjoined bubbles separated by line breaks! Each new bubble has its own entry!
May be freely used for scanlating! I hope I don't have to tell you not to steal though!

There are way too many ellipses in this manga!

This starts from page 2; Page 1 was an ad for the second series.



The two hearts at strife.
A time when they are joined, will never again...

Darker than Black - The Jet Black Flower
Chapter 6: Dear Friends


Kyouko: This isn't funny!

Kyouko: Why did you call me out here this early in the morning?
Are you really telling me to betray my best friend?

Kyouko: As if I could ever do that!

Daisuke: I didn't say that

Daisuke: I'm just asking you to please persuade her
You, as her best friend

Daisuke: Okay?

Kyouko: No! Never!


Kyouko: It's all your fault to begin with!
Going from girl to girl, one after the other...

Daisuke: That's why I want to apologize

Daisuke: And it's not all my fault
They seduced me, all clingy and needy.

Kyouko: I'm not kidding!

Daisuke: No, it's true

Daisuke: I regret it. I'm worried about Tsukimori too...

Daisuke: She was hurt because of my weak will...

Daisuke: And I allowed this all to happen, even though I was her coach...

Daisuke: You know she never holds anything back...
Be it about volleyball, or about love...

Kyouko: ...

Daisuke: I don't want her dreams to be ruined
I'm begging you, Kyouko

Daisuke: Do it for my sake too!

Daisuke: You won't even have to mean it!


Daisuke: You don't want to make your parents sad either, do you?

Kyouko: !

Kyouko: ...

Kyouko: You...
You're really never gonna hurt Azusa again, right?

Daisuke: Of course not.
I'll save her the moment those hoodlums try to attack

Daisuke: I'll apologize for everything that happened before!
That's all.

Kyouko: ...... Promise!

Kyouko: This time for sure!

Daisuke: I keep my promises

Daisuke: I promise.


Kyouko: You'd better remember that!

Daisuke: Yeah

Daisuke: *sigh*

Thug#1: Oh dear...

Thug#1: Didcha really wanna say that, sempai?

Thug#2: We're not gonna hold anything back, tho'?
No point in doin' it if we do, y'know?

Daisuke: Hmph


Daisuke: I didn't lie

Daisuke: I'm just gonna be a little too late for the rescue.

Thug#1: Cold, man.

Daisuke?: There's no point to it if I can't blow off some steam, after all

Daisuke: Women, you know. Make yourself look just a little cool and line up some nice words
They'll fall right for it and forgive you for anything

Daisuke: Piece of cake.

Thug: You got it.



Kyouko: ...

Someone: Good morning!

Someone: Morning!

Girl#1: Great weather today.

Girl#2: Finally, huh?

Girl#1: Yeah

Girl: It's been raining for two whole weeks


Text: Hehee! Waaait
Woof Woof

Azusa: ...


Hei's book: The A in the Box

Hei: It's definitely her
Is Harvest nearby?

Yin: He is not near water within a 2 kilometer radius.

Hei: Okay

Hei: Tell me right away if you find something.


Kyouko: ...

Girl#3: Huh?
Morning, Kyouko. Aren't you early today!

Girl#1: Whoa, you don't see this every day.

Kyouka: Ah... yeah...

Kyouka: I had something to do...

Kyouka: Have you seen Azusa?

Girl#1: She's not here yet?
She's the one who's usually early.

Girl#3: This is really something else.
Did anything happen?

Kyouko: No, nothing at all...

Kyouko: I was just wondering if she'd let me copy her notes...

Girl#3: Notes?

Girl#1: Shoot! I forgot we had homework!


Girl#4: Oh!
Good morning, Azusa.

Girl#4: ?

Kyouko: A...

Kyouko: Azu...


Azusa: Goood morniiing~~ [musical note]

Azusa: Everybodyyy~~ [musical note]

Girl#1: Yea...

Girl#3: Morning ......

Kyouko: ......

Girl#1: ... You sure are chipper bright and early, Azusa...
Did you hurt your leg again?

Azusa: Yeah, but it's no biggie


Girl#3: Did you do the homework?

Azusa: Eh?

Azusa: ...ah!

Azusa: ...my bag... I lost it.

Azusa: Ehehe

Girl#1: Lost it...
Whatcha gonna do? Tell the teacher?

Azusa: Guess I should.

Kyouko: ......

Kyouko: He... Hey, Azusa

Azusa: What's up, Kyou-chan?

Kyouko: ...you were so down yesterday ...are you really okay now?

Azusa: Yup

Azusa: I'm good

Azusa: Because it's all come out.


Text next to Azusa: Tehe

Kyouko: Is...

Kyouko: Is that so...

Kyouko: ...

Kyouko: You're amazing... Azusa...

Azuma: Mm?

Kyouko: Today, after school ...
Could we talk a little...?

Azusa: After school?

Azusa: ...sure.

Azusa: There's something I wanted to talk to you about, too


Azusa: There's a lot of stuff I gotta get done, so how about we meet over there at five?

Kyouko: At five...

Text: That thing with Daisuke was at seven...

Kyouko: Where do you mean?

Azusa: Come on!
We used to stargaze there all the time...

Sign: No Trespassing

Azusa: The water tower behind the school.


Azusa: We'll meet up there.

Kyouko: ...okay

Kyouko: Gotcha ...

Saitou: AAAGH

Saitou: They're late

Saitou: When are the Chief and Ootsuka coming back?

Saitou: It's almost noon...


Kouno: It's definitely taken a little too long
It's been 12 hours since they left

Kouno: Whether or not things went well, they could have at least contacted us...

Kouno: ...something must have happened...

Saitou: What "something"?

Saitou: Are you saying something happened to the chief?
The chief is--

Kouno: Hey!

Matsumoto: Calm down, Saitou!

Matsumoto: We're dealing with PANDORA here

Matsumoto: You must have realized things weren't going to be easy.

Saitou: Then we should just charge in there!

Saitou: There's no other way!

Kouno: ...well? What should we do, Matsumoto-san?

Matsumoto: A poor move on our part, and we'll have given them the excuse they need to shut us down

Matsumoto: All we can do is wait.


Matsumoto: We know that the Section Chief was meeting with Dr. Schrader some time ago
We've also confirmed that she has not left PANDORA

Matsumoto: All we can do now, is to believe in her and wait.

Saitou: Khh...
I should have gone with her...

Text: *riiiing*

Kouno: !

Saitou: The phone!
... Is it the chief!?

Kouno: Yes,
This is the Public Safety Division, Section 4...

Kouno: Ehh?

Kouno: Ah... yes.

Kouno: Okay...

Saitou: Was it the chief?
Tell me, Kouno!

Kouno: ... It was about that bag.

Saitou: Bag?


Kouno: It was a report from the Mizugaoka Girl's Senior High School, about a student who had lost her bag...

Saitou: Ohh!

Saitou: That.
The one the chief picked up...

Kouno: What should we do? It looked like the chief wanted to take it back herself...

Matsumoto: But on the other hand, we can't just ignore the report...
Saitou. Go return the bag.

Saitou: Huh?

Matsumoto: It was lost near the crime scene, so if you would take her testimony...

Yanagi: Wait.

Someone: Department Manager Yanagi!

Yanagi: What does this have to do with Section 4's work?

Yanagi: Section 4's job is to protect the nation from the crimes of Contractors

Yanagi: It is not returning lost property.


Kouno: But, Department Manager... There are eyewitness reports of a schoolgirl at the crime scene, and the chief--

Yanagi: Picked that up somewhere else.
A crime just happened to take place in the general direction its owner ran off to
There's no reason whatsoever to suspect the two are related

Yanagi: Take it to the police officers in charge of that district

Yanagi: They'll take the testimony as well

Yanagi: If a connection to the case appears then, you'll reopen that line of inquiry.
Got it?

Kouno: But...

Yanagi: I'm telling you to protect your territory

Yanagi: And to keep away from others!

Yanagi: Understood?

Saitou & co.: ...


Yanagi: Good.

Yanagi: Ahh...
By the way, looks like it's almost five o'clock

Yanagi: I'm going to go look around the other sections and then go home.

Yanagi: Protect your territory!

Saitou: Sir!

Saitou: Have a nice day!

Kouno: ...... What the hell, territory?
The guy comes in at ten and is outta here the moment the clock strikes five.

Kouno: Frickin' snake.

Saitou: Dammit!


Letter: Club Resignation Notice

Box: You want to become a Contractor?

Bandaid: *rip*


Box: When that mark sprouts and the flower blooms,

Box: That is when you'll truly awaken as a Contractor.

Box: What you need to do to make that happen...


Kyouko: Azusa...

Box: Is to completely sever your ties,

Box: To the person most important to you.

Azusa: Heya, Kyou-chan.

Text: The farewell to her friend... Is the farewell to her humanity!! The final moment draws near---!

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