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Darker Than Black - Shikkoku no Hana - 9

Parcel and Champ

+ posted by Perileh as translation on Oct 23, 2009 19:15 | Go to Darker Than Black - Shikkoku no Hana -

-> RTS Page for Darker Than Black - Shikkoku no Hana - 9

Been busy. But, I hope that since the anime's second season started, maybe faster more people will discover the manga and will want to work on it.

This one I did kinda quickly, so use discretion if you wanna use it for a scanlation, as it's pretty sure to have at least one stupid error in there somewhere. But otherwise, feel free to use it. Also, if you spot an error please let me know. I'LL FIX IT GOOD.

Each separate bubble gets its own line. Conjoined ones are separated by line breaks. The pages are numbered accoding to the raw by Finestela that was (hopefully still is) available here on mangahelpers.


Text: Azusa has gained astounding leg strength!!

Azusa: Ahaha

Azusa: I can jump up this high!!

Azusa: I'm on my way, coach.


Text: Power and spirit unleashed!
Is that mankind's evolution...!?

Chapter 9 - Parcel and Champ



Parcel: Uwah...

Bubble: *grit*

Parcel: Stop
Put me down

Hei: You're another Contractor.

Hei: A brat in such a ridiculous get-up...
You really thought I wouldn't notice that?

Parcel: ...ridiculous get-up?
You're one to talk,
It's my Obeisance, I can't help it...

Hei: Your Obeisance is to wear those ears on your head?

Parcel: Yeah...
You think I do it for fun?

Hei: ...

Parcel: Isn't it the same with your mask?

Hei: Spit it out!
Who are you working for!?
Are you with Harvest?

Parcel: N... No,
I'm one of PANDORA's Contractors too, but no way am I with that guy...



Hei: ...so this is the "Syndicate's" doing.

Hei: Because I took out the Saturn Ring...
You've come to erase the traitor, is that it?

Parcel: Whoa, wait!
Lemme down, that's not what I meant... Besides,

Parcel: ... That Doll you're always with,
don't you care what happens to her?

Hei: !?

Hei: Yin!?

Hei: What did you do to her!?

Parcel: You're pretty dim, aren't you? Leaving that Doll alone...
You're always staying at the same place, you really thought nobody would notice?


Hei: Tch...

Hei: Yin!

Hei: Yin! Are you alright?

Yin: ...Hei.

Hei: Yin!

Yin: ... Someone is here.

Top-Rope: Is this BK-201's Doll, Dash?

Dash: Seems like it, Top-Rope.


Yin: ...

Hei: Run, Yin!

Hei: Escape through the route I showed you!

Parcel: Of course she won't,
she's a Doll.

Parcel: Dolls can't do anything on their own.

Yin: ...

Top-Rope: Looks like there's an escape route.

Dash: She won't make it.

Dash: Right.


Dash: If we just block the programmed route, it's over.

Yin: ...

Dash: She's a Doll, after all.

Hei: Yin!

Top-Rope: Piece of cake.

Top-Rope: The rest, with my rope...

Top-Rope: We tie her up, and that's that.

Dash: Don't squeeze 'em to death like last time.

Top-Rope: Sure.

Yin: ...

Hei: ...why is Yin a target?
She shouldn't have anything to do with this.

Parcel: Because having a hostage makes it easier to deal with you, of course!
You really are stupid!

Hei: Tell your people to stop, right now!
If you don't...


Parcel: Stop?
My people?

Parcel: You don't really want me to do that.

Yin: Hei.

Hei: !

Hei: What?

Yin: I'll be fine.

Bubble: !!!

Bubble: !!?


Champ: Target Protection Program, Target Protection 1.

Champ: Target Elimination 2.

Dash: The heck is that giant...

Dash: A Contractor?

Top-Rope: Whatever man,
The strength of my rope is over two tons!

Top-Rope: I'll send him flying into the wall!

Champ: Executing.

Top-Rope: Whoa

Top-Rope: What!?


Dash: Top-Rope!

Dash: Tch


Dash: Nobody told me there'd be a monster like that.

Bubble: ...

Yin: There.

Dash: Guarg!


Bubble: ...

Champ: Elimination Complete.

Hei: ...!

Parcel: Well done,

Parcel: Escort her to the hideout from there.

Hei: ...

Parcel: Wah


Hei: What is this?

Hei: Just who are you!?

Parcel: Damn--At least hold back a little...

Parcel: I told you, I'm a Contractor with PANDORA.
Champ is a Doll that was physically modified and programmed for battle by PANDORA's researchers.

Hei: A Doll?

Parcel: Yeah

Champ: Relocating.

Yin: ...

Parcel: Dolls can withstand the kind of training and surgical enhancements that normal people can't, and they can take it without any problems or complaints.
Perfect soldiers.

Parcel: But, because the costs were too high, and because not too many Dolls built like Champ were found, the whole idea was shelved.
...Don't worry. Our hideout is safer than your place.

Hei: Why did you help Yin?

Hei: What's your goal?


Parcel: We don't have much time, so I'll make this brief.
There's a group within the Syndicate that's trying to gain the power of the black flower.

Parcel: They're letting Harvest run free in order get data on the evolution of the flower.

Hei: ...

Parcel: Their goal is to create perfect soldiers, but at a much lower cost.
They probably want you out of the way because you're trying to kill Harvest.

Hei: ...they want to make substitutes for Contractors!?

Parcel: Beats me.

Parcel: Anyway, our goal is to put a stop to their plan.
We helped you and your Doll because...... Well,
They say the enemy of an enemy is a friend, right?

Hei: ...
Aren't you part of the same Syndicate?

Parcel: Well, different factions, something like that?


Parcel: Because you broke the Saturn Ring, the Syndicate isn't quite the monolith it used to be anymore.

Parcel: Well, it's nothing I really care about either way.

Hei: ...

Parcel: What will you do?
I'll be going after that woman that just jumped away.

Parcel: I could take you along with this power of mine

Parcel: If you want me to lend a hand, just say the word.
Even you couldn't keep up with that just now, could you?

Hei: ...You've got Yin. That's a big mouth on someone with the upper hand...

Bubble: *pat*

Parcel: Nihihi

Parcel: I like an adult who's quick on the uptake.


Tire: *skreek*

MysteryDude: ...

MysteryDude: That's enough. Go.

Driver: Yes, sir.

MysteryDude: So, we've failed to secure BK-201's Doll.

Driver?: Yes...

MysteryDude: Forget him for now. We must capture the awakened one somehow.

Driver?: Yes, sir!

Thug1: I heard this huge boom from over there.

Thug2: Yeah?


Thug3: Some kinda accident?

Thug3: That ain't good.

Thug4: Got nothing to do with us, right?
Prob'ly some fucking klutz who brought it on themselves, anyway.

Thug: Gotta be.

Thug3: But, man are they late,
The camera and the mats are all ready,

Thug3: Shouldn't they already be bringing 'em in with the minivan about now?


Thug3: Don't tell me that Kyouko girl got cold feet and screwed us over?

Thug4: ...fuck.

Thug4: Completely useless,

Thug4: That fucking bitch.

Azusa: Who did you call a bitch?


Thugs: !!?

Thug2: ...ah, she's,

Thug2: This is the girl Kyouko was supposed to bring.

Azusa: I won't forgive you for insulting my friend.


Thug: What's up with her?
Why's she here on her own?

Thug: And what the hell is that outfit?

Thug: What, you actually wanna get raped?

Thug: Huh!?

Thug: Answer me, you fucking bitch.

Azusa: Don't touch me, pervert.

Thug: !


Thugs: ?


Thugs: Huh?


Thug: Why is his arm gone!?
What's happe...

Azusa: Shut up.

Azusa: Ahahahaha!

Thug: Ee...

Azusa: I never realized just how brittle humans are...


Thug: Mo...

Thug: Monster...!!!

Azusa: I...

Azusa: would like to see the coach...

Azusa: But I only need one of you alive for that, don't I.

Text: The jet black angel makes her move.
and without mercy.

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