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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)
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Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell 2

Snipe, bomb and toxic.These are the the most useful to settle down.

+ posted by persona_1 as translation on Apr 18, 2012 14:47 | Go to Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell

-> RTS Page for Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell 2

Magical Girl Pretty Bell
Second episode
Snipe, bomb and toxic.These are the the most useful to settle down.

Yes, one-two one-two!!un deux trois!!
Much louder cheerfully!!
I'll give you 11 tempo a little sweat came out good! Sweat is coming out right? that's good. Give little faster now.  Now follow me.
Hi there
We are "Twin radar"
or twin angel, Milk and cocoa. you can call me Milcoco, for short.We are free for last couple of days. Oh, hiding the wing by the way.
Well honestly I knew that bodybuilder will be going to transform to that frilly costume from the 2nd page of last episode, so that's acceptable.
Ne No way, until they settled in and feel of the final boss is called the devil I did not expect. But I never imagine he's gonna settle down and reconciliation with lord or final boss.
It's actually on going series yet.
This is like I hit the slime and last boss appeared next,
and make a deal with him and happy ending
We already over the end roll and story, then what should I do next.

Is Mr. Atsushi Takada here?
Wow....macho fetish girl....
Raw cinnamon cookie
Eat this

So you're saying body guard and...
I will live here anyway, so please use me as housekeeper.
Sorry for my late introduce. From the order of our lord of north, Durr Varion, I'm here to surveillance and guard you, Mr atsushi.
That's honest, but blunt offer huh....
Here it is.
Thank you very much.
I'm one of the secret scouter from Dutch Ice ......
My name is "Mocha" or "Cursed sick of the evil eye."

My special is assassination with "Gundr."
Do not introduce such scary yourself with face of the fallen love! !
What is that "Gundr"?
Yeah. That's a type of curse by pointing a person by my hand to make him disease without any cause.
What about evil eye?
This left eye. When I gaze the opponent with this, he'll paralyze. They are both indiscriminate, so usually it's sealed by mistress.
They are both useless to Mr. Atsushi though.
Uh-yeah, I think I felt something.
Sense me of bind, bit kind of resistance. That's it?
Um... I'm really sorry to interrupt your conversation.but, that's not really funny story, okay? It means spy and assassin with such scary ability coming to our house now, okay?
Don't worry about that.Surveillance is merely order on paper "etiquette for enenmy."
Actually I'm a body guard for Mr. Atsushi, proof of friendship from our lord. He is just a human when Mr. Atsushi is not transformed...
I apologyze my rude, but you, twin radar are not enough for your escort.
If I'm going to kill you ... you know. ...
I would ... already enough.
Insult?  Are you saying "able to detect any small devils with or without existence of hostility and magic in 20 kilo meters radius" is not enough?
We can detect anything from sniping to attack from subspace and help fitter's transform and interception evem from the time of original first pretty bell. That's what I did and you said that's enough?
I will explain this to avoid your misunderstanding...
I maybe weaker than Dutch in "battle," but to "play a dirty trick" her is possible.
Surveillance or guard from devils are only annoying.
Would you leave us alone?
...I guess i have to guard you.
Because you dIdn't recognize it.
Let me reach this close, you are off guard witout transformaton.
That's why I said such moron radar is out of date...
yeayea That's it for quarrel.
Yes mam.
You bitch...!!
Perhaps he think that is merely a "quarrel" for him huh...
So Mocha-chan, you said you will do the housekeeping job in exchange of force to stay here.
What can you do?
Yes, I can do all the housework.
For example I have licence of nutritionist and cooking.
Please to stay here.
I'll do my best.
Atsushi! ?
Well,Meals for body builder is tend to become really awful, because of restrictive diet though
Jeez... we do have tentative reconciled but enemy is enemy, yet that's the reason!?You really are inviting the enemy inside, this could be fatal later on....
She'll be fine, she looks like a very nice girl.
It's not a matter of her personal character, the problem is our relationship!
Oh jeez, that's why Japanese are lack of crisis awareness!!
Anyway here is the list of nutrition in a day.It doesn't have to be that strict, but absolutely no oil than this.
Hey you ignoring me?
I can't claim on others, but he don't listen to other's. ... Ah, but ...
Because that's Atsushi, he maybe have ideas. He7s not the guy think in lightly unlike his outlook.
Wow...yeah ....that's possible....
....maybe we should give her a time....
Seems like another Magical Girl Pretty Bell appeared.
ーーー What?
You mean we should avoid party for while?
Ah?It's merely stupid kid, when she's not transformed?Beat her in that time .....
Many have tried and no one survived.
Since angels of "twin radar" are on their side.They can recognize, when one get close to 300m.
Ah-ha....then it's not big deal for us.
"Mad of decoy "...
And "Ricardo the sniper"
What's your plan?
You asking me? That's nonsense to ask Fever. We never change our method.
Mad will decoy to invite them.
And I snipe them. Oops, in this case we have to check their face carefully and then sniping.
Maximum effective range of my gun is 4 km,
Even their effective searching area is 10 times larger than that rumor, 3km is not a big deal for me.
We the Asmodian Freedom Alliance
We will take the first attack and the title of "Pretty Bell killer" as well.
I thought twin radar can search for 20 kilometer radius range for precision radar....
and they even don't know the maximum range because it's too wide. Well this is also just a rumor though.
Anyway even how strong that pretty something is, I can't fight with girl....
Doesn't matter to me.
Is there 4 lord of devils?
Yeah, north, south, east and west so there are four for each direction.
Milcoco never mention about this?
Honestly,They are kind of half out of mind until Mocha-chan coming today...They are too shocked that I become magical girl....
I hear a bit of pieces once in a while.
My my...would you mind if I explain some of current situations.
Oh please.
Alright... let me start from current organization and their relationships.
They are pretty complicated though....
The biggest classification starts from us devils and angels which hunts us.
Pretty Bell doesn't belong to either side.
Conflict was made from angel legion born in heaven, and devils legion born in hell.
Angel are used to be monolithic company except strange fallen angel like one of Milcoco, on the other hand, devils are spread into big 4 company with 4 lord of devils and other small tribe and team kept self defensing.
Pretty Bell is positioned at "human side force" and one man army magical girl, who can summon the mythical monsters and magic items. But she is rather close to heaven side.
But this is because we the devils used to attack the human from our origin
Your origin?
.....What do you think what is it like heaven or hell?
Vast spece. It's a huge pod of IDEA. Mixture of all the negative idea and soul fallen, flooded and swirled in thereHeaven will be vice versa of that.
Inside of these sea, one who crawled up to the real world with a grain of hope in a heart.which called devils.
Formed in heaven to justify the devils,it's a pure malicious in its heart and fallen to this world.Which called angels.
It is easy for angel to stay in this world, because they only need to fall.
But devils are always drawn by hell, so we need a scapegoat to against its gravity, otherwise we fall into hell too.
Scapegoat ......
Devils are used to attack the human.
We shoot down the negative idea and souls for the scapegoat of ourselves to maintain our existence by its rebound.
Use to ....?You use past tense for that?
Yes, it happened before i was born, but east lord has created one magic that help devils not to assault the human in 30 years ago.
so...which means....
Yet, Mr.Atsushi your imaginary enemy is still devils.
Most angels never assault the human if it's not necessary, but compare to that, devils more tend to be more human than human characters.
I see... so what kind of characters those other lord of different directions like?
I didn't know that much of other lords..but..
According to the mistress, lord of east and south are tend to be very peaceful in some way. Especially lord in south "Shalel" she is the only female lord and she is really friendly that's what I heard.
Mistress said "she is like mother for me."
But about the lord in west, her expression is "fuck" and that's all.
What kind of person that lord in west like....
He bastard!!!
That west one just stupid bastard of wasted!!
Oh my, so you came to watch me like her, Dutch?
Nope. just came to eat, mocha's dinner.
Well, since it's such a nice timiing, why don't you invite Eri-chan as well.
I agree--
Oh my goodness, I wonder if I have enough ingredient.
Mr. Atsushi.
We've detect two demon approaching from 20 kilo meters north-northwest to our point with rapid speeds and it has genuine defiance.
Magic strength is above the middle level.Amount of magic is middle in middle, which is slightly stronger than sinners.
It's been flying.They will arrive in this area for about 5 minutes.
At this moment, they might be a conflict between the devils.
What should we do?

Let's start from
police questioning, okay?
Got that?Mad, once you reach the town, you rage at most prominent point in front of station.While call out for Pretty Bell!
Once she comes out, you run away into sewer. You sure you memorize the map of sewerage system, right?
OK, then let's spread now ...
Hello, may I ask you something?
What are your
purpose of visiting my town?
Oh my god----------
Aah.....I happened to shoot him!!
What if he is a guy from west devil army we might be in the real trouble my bro!!
Oh jeez....what should I do.That, I used iron shell exploding bullet.It can pierce the defense barrier of even senior monster and explode inside of its bodyWas he survive...?
Of course not alive! ! !
His attitude seems really important person isn't he!!
He possibly a important guy from west army!?
Bu...but you see.... the guy such as him, facing me like that.
Yeah I was really scared too, but he did only ask us a question! ?
...What should I do?
You idiot brother---
Side chest full power
You know, it's not good to shoot
the person without caution....
Side Triceps
Oh ggggggoooooodddddd
Not working.My whole body is not listening my mind.
What the hell....is ...is that
Who the hell are you----
Oops, sorry for my late introduce.
Magical Girl Pretty Bell
Is here I am!!!!
Fuck you-----
You are man!!You have no way related with magical girl partYou are man of the man.
Let me accept that as a praise ~ha ha ha...
Hey, there is nothing to praise you.
Brother, what will we do now?
Escape from here, I've already memorize their face.As planned, we hit him later when he turn off his transformation.
Waste of time huh.
You are sniper right?
We can recognize you before,If you shoot him from range of 20 kilometerIf you shoot him out range of 20 kilometer, we can avoid it before the impact.
20 km ... ...! ?
If you want to beat the Pretty Bell, you have no choice but to win him from the front.
There is no option of using cheap trick, as long as we are here.
....that's what she said though
Damn mother fucker
You idiot....you told...
Double Biceps! ! !
Oh Oh Oh Abu buaahh--! ! !
Thi...this is noth.....
Spread rat front! ! !
Ow Ow Guboーーー
Admirable & psi
Oh gggoooodddd--- ...

damn you.
Don't fuck with me.
Robust physiques and versatile ability!!Also I have dozen of impact-resistant protective clothing!!
Tough!Tougher! !Toughest! ! !
Tough is the word for my brother! ! ! "Decoy" the Mad
50 caliber heavy machine gun with fully magiv power loaded!! Smash and destroy the enemy from invisible distance and neutralize and erode any barrier!
Best sniper my bro "sniping" the Ricardo.
Our brother
We ever never know the lose!!
Double Biceps Back! ! !
Oh Oh Oh Abu buaahh--! ! !
Spread rat back! ! !
Admirable & psi!!!
Oh gggoooodddd--- ...
Mental Image of Mad and Ricardo
How is this...?Muscle is great, isn't it?
Stop it.It's not....it's nothing...I won't accept this...
Look this...Watch this cut(incision of muscle condition) and bulk(mass of muscle)
No...No....I..I won't give up on that...I won't....
Your instinct is much honest than your speaking...look... you know something feel...?
No---stop this-----stop please----
I'm terribly sorry.
Really, I'm so sorry.
I was kinda too arrogant because they call me best sniper in all the devils..... though I thought I could become famous by beating you up.....that's what i thought....
Aha so that's why you attacking me.
I am terribly sorry.
I sincerely feel bad.I'm regretting it greatly.
I will never cause any trouble and going to live as quiet as possible.
They don't have a ounce of hostility....
could you please forgive us now?
You don't have to that subservient to us....
You should pay for any failure and hard time in your youth time.
But....not to do anything irreparable mistake, okay?
Yes sir!!!
Thank you so much.Big brother! ! ! Thank you so much.
Ha ha ha, everything is over by now.Come and join us when there is another chance.
What a pure guys...
Aah.....by the way.Milk ...
That beam (?)what kind of effect does it have?
don't know.....maybe overwhelm them..?You know ... like from their soul..
To celebrate the new roommate Mocha-chan's visit,
We still have disagreement on roommate....but
Wow....I guess I ate too much....
....Mr. Atsushi.
You still doubting about me?
MilCoco gave me a brief description on that
MilCoco can see the what magic power are
enchanted by just gazing with their eyes. Like whether "Durr Varion will manipulate you to kill you in one day at all the sudden"
They checked you and verify 100 % safe, that's why they let you stand in front of me.
Subordinate of Dutch
No hostility
Strength of magic middle in middle
Amount of magic above the middle
Left eye unidentified evil eye (confirmed) Risk level A
Fingers of both hands Gund (confirmed) Risk Level A
Transformation of fingers in high hardness and shape change (confirmed) Risk level C
Enhanced the physical ability by the magic (estimated) Risk level B
Comprehensive evaluation
Medium-range to close combat type with special ability, battle type intermediate
Evaluation B at middle class into 5 grades.
Enchant Magic
Seal of the left eye and Gund
Forced compliance with the orders formula
Forced communication formula
Enforcement of acceptance of summoning formula
All enchanted by Durr Varion.
No unknown magic
No disagreement of analysis between Milk and Cocoa.
Current safety 100%
And They also don't forget "the chance of changing your mind from your position."They are the best supporter.
They deserve to have such high pride on their abilities.
such dumb radars
More important point is that you are really good girl though
Well then, I'm going to take a shower now.
Ah, yes.
Oh man...
Such a good girl....
Sent into enemy
I can't read his mind
What is he thinking about?
Durr Varion....
You send Mocha-chan to him, did you?
Yeah like "The East" recommend, I try it as a test
That's sweet-- Durr-chan. you are cupid of love, did you?
"Sincerity is the strategy.Honest is the best tactics.Not to let them make the situation of unexpected answer is the true tactician"....that perfectly make sense.
That woman is just simply liking Atsushi Takada, and there is no other intention.I haven't make trick on her.She's just sent to him for a messenger of "conflict in harmony," and a guard but....
That woman turn to be a messenger of friendship if we keep our friendly relationship with Atsushi Takada.If not, she could turn to be a wedge of intercede the relationship or hostage to bind his move as well.Or watchdog as I declare him.
What a dirty cupid of love....
well....put that a side, You sure coming to next big conference, okay?
I won't secure it.
Come on...you should.Peri-chan will get angry on you like before.
There are tons of problems anytime.
I'm also curious about heaven's next move since they are so quiet.The meaning of new Pretty bell appears
You know that right?
That rumors
When Pretty Bell appears, there is a chance of world global crisis happens.
It's just a unsubstantiated rumor.
Well, why why? "The Nyarlathotep incident," "Sea Devil Rising" and "Locust invasion," they are all global crisis isn't it?
Nothing happened at third one.What you just said is only a rule of thumb.
mhm---anyway. Say hello to Dutch.
"South one" Don't you visit the Atsushi Takada?
Eh?Yeah. I'm going to go greet them, too.  Well then, I have a little something to do in public and enjoyment,See you then
Surveillance and guard is merely the ostensible reason ... ...
That's right ....Reason for the back ... is just "a convenient stepping stone"
... To hide the "back of the back" ...
... "the reason for the the back"is ...
Nyaro.Take this.(From here they are playing video game of samurai spirit in back of the story)
Ah Ha ha ha ha  Your guard is useless.
Annu mutsube
Annu mutsube!Ta~a!
Jesus you are forbidden to use Ainu one!!
As a devil you should use dictator one though.
You keep using lower attack instead....
You too Milk you are angel and using red demon too.
It's alright for red devil!!He seems really strong by cutting defense yet he really fragile, because of game balance!!
Milk Cocoa
What is it?
I'll withdraw my word stupid radar.
Well it's okay if you know that.
I won't let you call disturbance.
Since we are not gonna become a rival right?
Let's do our best okay?
Yeah,we never competitive on him.
Jeez, Eri killed me in 10 seconds.
Eri-chan really use hard hit with drank samurai... How excessive on attack power you are....This kind of character selection shows true personality aren't they?
Who's your choice Mocha-chan?
Let me ....this guy.
I knew it this Russian with Mohican guy huh...
Like I said!!I repeat again!!
Don't cause a trouble with Pretty Bell!!!
Ricardo, you know....don't forget what kind of people you are talking to?
We are not gonna bound by any rule or your opinions.
We gather here, just to cooperate each other but no enforcement.
Bro... Sorry my brother's missing the words.
Listen to me think of those who reported fighting with Bell actually pretty Listen to us as a report from who actually fighting with Pretty bell.
Mad you are still cool as usual.
Ho--, I'm listening.
Atsushi, bro is real good man with really kind and be impenetrable person.
But that is until...point of no return.
I can't explain this perfectly.He is the guy who "become buddha from demon"
Once you make him mad, it's all over.Surely be killed.You could say that.
You shouldn't over that point and be polite to him, in that way we can cooperate with him
Don't worry, he won't stick to where we concession on. He is a true gentleman.
Then one thing, I want to ask you a favor.  Don't tell this to Sakura...
What is this, big speech or something?
Sakura! !
Yeah..that Ricardo and Mad has come back in lose though.
They kept saying not to peeking on Pretty bell.
Hmm.Well, it's good you are back in alive.
Shit ... bad timing.
For him, the best way is not to talk to him...
Seems not interested?
Uh ... even how strong he is, I can't fight with woman..
I won't play with her that Magical girl stuff...
Well I hear it's a man actually....
I ! !Idiot ...! !
Meyer! !That stupid, he speak out! ! !
What did you say?
I said new Pretty girl is a man.Not only that he is really macho guy.
This is bad
His name is Atsushi Takada
This is bad
Height like 2 meter body builder, that's what I heard.
Dangerous! ! ! !
The big brother Atsushi
is in danger! ! !

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