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Bleach 244

Bleach Ch. 244 - Born from Fear

+ posted by pocketmofo as translation on Sep 20, 2006 18:51 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 244

Here's a translation of the script. Thanks to Hiken at BF for providing the Japanese script and an early spoiler picture. Enjoy (there might be text added after the raw comes out)!

Demoura: Cough…..

Chad: …It’s over.

*Demoura collapses

IceRinger: ….da….dammit, a damn…human…

*He tries to fire out his claws, but they’re all destroyed by Ishida’s arrows.

Ishida: …I’m pretty sure I said that I’m a “Quincy”, Arrancar. Go tell Aizen. That’s why I didn’t finish you off. Go tell him that “a Quincy has come” and that he should truly be afraid of the Quincy, not the Shinigami!

*The building starts to collapse

Ishida: What the!?

Chad: It’s gonna collapse!

Ichigo: It’s because you guys went all crazy!! Who the hell was the one who said that we were underground so we can’t fight like that!

IceRinger: You’re wrong…This room was designed that way. We’re the guards of this place. We stop all those who pass through here hoping to break into Los Noches and if we fall here the room falls with us. Remember, humans…the opponents you’ve challenged are like that…! There is no end for this battle, there is no victory ahead for you…

Ichigo: For now let’s get to the stairs! Hurry!!

*Ishida looks back at IceRinger.

IceRinger: …one to be feared huh…Quite the mouth you’ve got, but there’s one thing you’re mistaken about, Quincy. There is nothing that Aizen is afraid of. Therefore we all gather and serve under that man. For us, who were born from fear, the path of that man who holds no fear is as bright as the moonlight. That man--.

*The building collapses. Ichigo and the others manage to escape.

Ichigo: Well…we made it out somehow…Those guys from before though…

Ishida: This is those guys’ base...of course there’s a way out.

*Ichigo looks around.

Ichigo: This is…Hueco Mundo. It’s…a pretty lonely place…there’s nothing here…it’s just all white…

Chad: There is plant-life here…it’s just all wilted.

Ishida: No…it seems like it’s made out of quartz or something.

Ishida: …A white…palace is…? Is this that Las Noches place that they were talking about…

Ichigo: …It’s huge…

Chad: Look…That quartz tower looks almost like a needle…The central building and the rest all are incredibly huge...it’s like my sense of distance is going to go out on me (just by looking at it).

Ishida: At least we were able to view it from a distance so we could get a feel for the whole thing.

Ichigo: Does something change by us seeing the whole thing?

Chad: Just putting our minds at ease…more so than not being able to see the whole thing.

Ichigo: ….For the time being though, we can assume that Inoue’s in that building then…

Ishida: In all likelihood. It doesn’t seem like there’s any other place they could hide her.

Ichigo: Then we gotta run. If we hang around here too long we might get caught up in another fight.

Chad: ……un.

*Scene change

?: They appear to be intruders.

?: Intruders!?

?: …The 22nd underground passageway seems to have collapsed.

?: The 22nd!? Well they’ve entered at a pretty far away spot then!!

?: I swear. It would have been more more entertaining if they had just all broken into the throne room at once.

?: Hyaaaa haaa!! That would’ve been good!!

?: ….Shut up… I’m tired over here. Stop talking so damn loud…

*The Espada are all gathered at the table. Aizen and the others then arrive.

Aizen: Good morning, Espada. The enemy has attacked. Perhaps I should make some tea or something first though.

*End of this week’s chapter

Media: Zaraki and Ikkaku will be in Blade Battlers

*Hisagi will be in volume 24’s sidestory

Comment: The anime intermission was fun! Animated Bleach is entering it’s 3rd year. Please continue to support us!

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#1. by ibra87 ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2006
Thanks a lot. <3
#2. by destinator ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2006
Thanks so much for the translation <3
#3. by Dragonzair ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2006
You own! <3

Ah. Best chapter in a while, imo. XD I love it.
#4. by Silhouette ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2006
Thanks a lot
#5. by Binky ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2006
Many thanks, o' ye mofo of pockets. :smile-big
#6. by tars ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
thanks a lot for the translation
#7. by neomaster121 ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
great translation thanks
#8. by bax ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
Thanx pocketmofo for the translation
#9. by Remus ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
Thx a lot although this chapter is as much as Narutos new chapter a disappointment.
#10. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
Thanks for the great trans <3
#11. by mangadictus ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
Nice job pocket! Thanks again for the speedy translation :)
#12. by goofy_man ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
Nice translation!
#13. by Kuraii ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
nother week and nother great translation, thx =D
#14. by exkon ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
Thanks again Pocket, still love the Japanese text too.
#15. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
Now, that I've had a chance to read through your trans... it's great! When I glanced through your trans earlier to see if there was anything you missed, I only looked at the Japanese text, I didn't really read your trans. I don't like to be influenced since I want my trans to be my own, but there's parts of your trans that I like much better than mine...

Anyways, great trans. Glad I can join in on the fun. :fan
#16. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Sep 23, 2006
what can i say- you did a wonderful job- pocket san :fan
#17. by Twoshirou ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2006
Quote by venicia777 :

what can i say- you did a wonderful job- pocket san :fan

I guess this ":fan" is everybody's new favorite smiley. :XD :fan


Thanks for your translation, pocketmofo. Great job as always! :fan
#18. by Brede ()
Posted on Sep 25, 2006
thanks again pocketmofo! :smile-big

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