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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 271

Bleach Chapter 271

+ posted by pocketmofo as translation on Apr 13, 2007 16:30 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 271

Page 1:

Sidetext: The aftermath of the impact…

Page 2:

Sidetext: …and Ichigo is left standing.

Bleach 217: If You Rise from the Ashes

Page 3:

Nell: ~~~Ichigo~~~~

Ichigo: …Nell…

Page 4:

Ichigo: OOOOOF!!


Nell: I thought you might die, Ichigo!

Ichigo: Yeah…just now…

Nell: You…can’t keep using that kind of crazy power when your body’s all beat up like this! I was so worried! You can’t do that anymore!!!

Page 5:

Nell: Waaaaaaaa!!

Ichigo: Sorry…Nell…

Ichigo: Alright…time to go!

Nell: Are…are you really alright, Ichigo!?

Ichigo: I’m fine. Besides, we can’t just sit around here forever…

Ulquiorra: Well well…

Page 6: (No text, just Ulquiorra)

Ichigo: Wh...what the...
Ulquiorra: I was a bit surprised…that I wasn’t able to stop it even using both hands.

Ulquiorra: Was that…your full power just now?

Ulquiorra: It would seem so…

Page 8:

Ulquiorra: What a shame.

Ichigo (mental): Cero!!!

Page 9&10: (No text, just Cero)

Page 11:

Ichigo: Nell, are you alright!! Nell!!!

Ichigo: !

Page 12:

Ichigo: Cough…cough…

Page 13:

Ulquiorra: You pulled out that mask from before…at the very moment that you guarded against my Cero. Quite the reaction speed.

Ulquiorra: But this time it shattered in an instant. You won’t be able to use it again.

Ulquiorra: Give up.

Page 14:

Ichigo: Just who…the hell…is giving up…

Page 15:

Ichigo: You’re the top of the Espada right…so if I beat you then…it’s the same as winning this whole battle… (*referring to the battle in Hueco Mundo)

Ulquiorra: I see…that’s a shame…

Page 16: (No text, just the #4)

Page 17:

Ichigo: y…you’re…4…

Ulquiorra: Yes--Cuatro Espada, Ulquiorra Schiffer.

Ulquoirra: My power is 4th within the Espada.

Page 18:

Ulquiorra: Kurosaki Ichigo…you will not defeat me…

Page 19:

Ulquiorra: Even if you were to defeat me…there would still be three Espada above me.

Ulquiorra: Even if you get up again and again a thousand times…

Ulquiorra: There is no victory…in front of you…

Sidetext: In the face of such power...hope fades...

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#1. by Goji ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
Thanks pocketmofo! Great translation! :amuse
#2. by bax ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
Thanx a lot :amuse
#3. by qwan3356 ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
Thanks for the Trans!!!
#4. by yira_heerai ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
Just as a note, 4 is Quattro in Spanish. :D
#5. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
Thanks a lot
#6. by yanniv ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
Actually it's Cuarto.
#7. by Aladar ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
Thank you.. nice chapter, wasnt it?:)
#8. by jacoobus ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
Actually Pocketmofo is right and it's "cuatro" with a c. You hardly ever see a Q in Spanish and "cuarto" means room or quarters as in "living quarters"
#9. by yanniv ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
Cuarto means 4th in Spanish smart one.
#10. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2007
thank you!! :)
#11. by Silhouette ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2007
Thanks a lot PM
#12. by Karnak ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2007
Thanks a bunch for the translation PocketMofo. Yanniv is correct about the word cuarto. It is pretty funny how just rearranging the letters changes it but thats how it is. :)

cuATro = four
cuARto = fourth

For your future reference. You would use the feminine one in conjunction with the word "Espada" I would guess but Spanish grammar really isn't my forte and it is like only a third language for me. To change it to the feminine form just swap the last letter "o" with an "a"

first = Primero (M), Primera (F)
second = Segundo (M) Segunda (F)
third = Tercero (M) Tercera (F)
fourth = Cuarto (M) Cuarta (F)
fifth = Quinto (M) Quinta (F)
sixth = Sexto (M) Sexta (F)
seventh = Septimo (M) Septima (F)
eighth = Octavo (M) Octava (F)
ninth = Noveno (M) Novena (F)
tenth = Decimo (M) Decima (F)
#13. by Alkador ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2007
Hmmm, we're lucky with Latin...for One, Two and Tree, there are fifteen cases...above that there is only one
#14. by juUnior ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2007
thx Pocketmofo for the trans :D
#15. by Naruto96 ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2007
thanks my brother‘s
it‘s Great translation!
but i want know this chapter how many Ep leaty ?
i mean in the Ep it is 121
then this chapter maybe Ep 200 or what
please tell me ....
#16. by pocketmofo ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2007
Thanks for the info about cuatro versus cuarto, everybody. Unfortunately Kubo wrote "cuatro" so that's how I translated it. It will probably be fixed when the volume release comes out.
#17. by coby0 ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2007
thanx for the translation.
#18. by destinator ()
Posted on Apr 19, 2007
Thank youuuu pocketmofo <3

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