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Blue (SAKISAKA Io) 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 12, 2010 13:12 | Go to Blue (SAKISAKA Io)

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For use of Twee Quidam Scans only

Blue Chapter 03:

P1.T1: How will Anna react to the unexpected action of her best friend?
P1.T1: ...Mh?
P1.T2: Just now I was kissed...
P2.T1: on my cheek?
P2.B1: ~~~~
P3.B1: Ah
P1.B1: Rumi-chan,
P1.B2: wait!
P2.B1: That door is closed!
P3.B1: U~~~~
P3.B2: U~~~~
P4.B1: Rumi-chan...
P6.B1: ....
P1.B1: It was disguising, right? // You hated it, right?
P2.B1: To get kissed by one you thought of as a friend.
P2.B2: ....
P3.B1: !
P4.T1: No way
P6.B1: But don't worry. // I won't get close to you anymore. // I won't talk to you anymore.
P7.B1: I won't
P1.B1: let our eyes meet anymore.
P2.B1: Sorry for doing this.
P2.B2: Sorry for falling in love with you...
P3.B1: I wonder why I'm a girl.
P3.B2: Why
P4.B1: aren't our genders different?
P2.B1: I'm sorry, Rumi-chan.
P3.B1: I have already someone I love. // So I can't respond to your feelings.
P4.B1: Don't say something sad as
P5.B1: our eyes won't meet anymore.
P1.B1: Mh
P1.B2: See. // That's it.
P2.B1: I'm glad I fell in love with you.
P3.B1: Thanks for letting me confess.
P3.B2: Rumi-chan...
P4.B1: Also
P5.B1: I'm fast at recovering. // I'm not the type to get depressed after getting rejected.
P6.B1: Can we be still
P6.B2: friends after this?
P1.B1: Yeah, of coures.
P2.B1: He~
P3.B1. I see, your former boyfriend was...
P3.B2: Yeah, just a camoflage
P4.B1: I knew from the beginning // that to him I was just an affair.
P1.B1: That was pretty usefull for me, // as long as it went on.
P1.B2: What an adult-like conversation.
P2.B1: But that bastard
P2.B2: did a unnessesary thing.
P3.T1: That bastard?
P3.T2: Ah, Reiji...
P4.T1: I see, because of this Rumi-chan was so angry...
P4.B1: It's easy to understand,
P4.B2: but it's not reality.
P5.B1: But he sure said cruel things.
P1.B1: And during that time, // I fell in love with you.
P1.B2: What? really?
P2.B1: And about that time he called me out.
P3.B1: I don't plan
P3.B2: to make your tendency public.
P4.B1: But don't invole my cousin into it.
P5.T1: Ah...
P5.T2: Then, that...
P5.T3: wasn't a confession.
P5.B1: But I wonder why he noticed it.
P1.B1: ?
P1.B2: ?
P2.T1: That was probably
P3.T1: because Reiji always
P4.T1: followed Rumi-chan with his eyes.
P4.T2: Though it wasn't a confession, that doesn't mean he doesn't like her.
P5.B1: Somehow he is treasuring you.
P6.B1: Yeah, // because I'm his cousin.
P1.B1: Why don't you confess to Yabane-kun?
P2.B1: What are you doing?
P3.B1: Because I love you, I understand at least that.
P4.B1: Otherwise I wouldn't have teased you.
P5.B1: Do you love Yabane-kun?
P6.B1: Couldn't be, because you are cousins.
P7.B1: That was teasing?
P7.B2: But like you said, we are cousins. // Confessing is...
P1.B1: Just because you are cousins, doesn't mean it's abad thing. // It's not ike you are siblings.
P2.B1: But society isn't thinking like that.
P3.B1: And I'm sure Reiji has a already a person he loves.
P3.T1: And that's probably Rumi-chan.
P4.B1: So what?
P5.B1: It doesn't matter.
P5.T1: ouch
P5.B2: Even if he loves someone else, you have to tell him your feelings.
P1.B1: It aren't even a feeling you aren't suppossed to have. It would be a waste.
P2.B1: Speaking from my perspective, I'm jealous.
P2.B2: Though I went and told you...
P3.B1: But you will be fine, even if you tell him!
P4.T1: I'm sure...
P1.T1: Till now Rumi-chan
P1.T2: had a lot more harder time // than me. // Despite that I...
P2.T1: kept on searching for trivial reason // as an excuse. I haven't done anything.
P3.T1: That's just running away....
P4.B1: Thanks, Rumi-chan.
P5.B2: Sorry that I only though of myself.
P1.B1: Well we are friends!
P2.T1: Rumi-chan...
P3.B1: Thank you
P3.T1: Those words
P4.T1: save me...
P2.B1: Ah
P3.B1: It's Reiji
P4.T1: I wonder...
P5.T1: if Reiji still loves Rumi-chan
P5.T2: though he hasn't realized his feelings himself...
P6.B1: That's in itself is painful.
P7.B1: Ouch
P1.B1: Reiji? // Why did he stopped?
P1.B2: ....
P3.B1: That's why I warned...
P4.B1: What?
P5.B1: Ah
P6.B1: The person in question is here!
P6.B2: !?
P2.T1: Eh? What?
P2.T2: "Person in question"? Me?
P4.B1: !?
P5.T1: Waaa Why is such a thing hung up there?
P6.B1: Gyaaa // Gyaaa
P7.B1: It's really laughable
P1.B1: The question is what are you,
P1.B2: when we already are disgusting.
P1.T1: These guys...
P2.B1: Well if she hasn't a interest in guys,
P3.B1: then it's no wonder we were an annoyance. (I understand)
P3.T1: Notice : His laughing voice Pisupisu That's right, absolutly right.
P3.T2: That's a issue before this...
P4.B1: So, // I wonder who confessed. (Pisupisu)
P4.B2: Total annoying...
P4.B3: Are they already going out?
P5.B1: Shut up, you lot!
P1.B1: So what that I don't have an interest in guys?
P2.T1: The other one came.
P4.B1: It's something I did selfishly. // What's mire I got rejected.
P5.B1: So it doesn't have anything to do with Anna-chan.
P1.T1: Rumi-chan
P1.T2: is most likely
P2.B1: So it was really true...
P2.B2: Wow, it was true~
P2.B3: Surprising~
P3.T1: covering for me...
P4.B1: Leaving gender aside,
P4.B2: I was happy for her feelings!
P1.B1: I was happy to get to know, // that someone was watching me!
P2.B1: It's a feeling,
P2.B2: people like you, who hadn't a single person fall for them, can't understand.
P3.T1: Anna is here
P3.B1: Haaa? // That's completly unrelated!
P4.B1: Exposing this in front of everyone, // you don't know any sensibility.
P1.T1: Reiji is still
P2.T1: loving Rumi-chan...
P3.T1: But
P3.T2: Reiji, protecting the girl he loves like this
P4.T1: is really cool.
P5.T1: Ding dong dang
P5.B1: There the bell. // Go back to your class.
P6.B1: Hey!
P6.B2: Let's start homeroom.
P6.B3: Take your seats.
P3.T1: Ding dong dang
P3.B1: Let's eat, // let's eat.
P3.T2: Itadakismasu
P3.B2: ....
P3.B3: I'm so hungry.
P3.B4: Hey...
P5.T1: The atmosphere is bad...
P6.B1: ...
P2.B1: The waether is good,
P2.B2: so shall we go to the courtyard?
P3.B1: Sure.
P4.B1: ...
P5.B1: Anna
P1.B1: Reiji! // What's the matter?
P2.B1: If you go by yourself,
P2.B2: weird rumors will pop up again.
P3.B1: Therefore I will come along.
P3.T1: Reiji...
P4.B1: Even after you warned me...
P4.B2: I got Anna-chan involved...Sorry.
P4.B3: Yeah
P4.B4: ...
P4.T1: Sorry
P5.B1: But
P5.B2: You also // have a lot going on, right?
P2.B1: Good.
P2.B2: Let's go // Let's go
P2.T1: Don't push
P3.B1: Wait
P4.B1: If Reiji goes with you,
P4.B2: you will just attract more attention.
P5.B1: Therefore, we will go with you!
P5.T1: Yabane-kun, you go back.
P5.B2: You two...
P5.T2: I'm touched.
P2.T1: Reiji
P2.T2: is smiling...
P3.T1: Seeing the smile of the person you love is great...
P3.T2: I really love Reiji...
P4.T1: Even if he
P4.T2: already has someone he loves,
P5.T1: I love him.
P1.B1: Ah
P2.B1: Reiji!
P3.B1: So we take the same train.
P3.B2: Let's go together.
P3.B3: No way.
P4.B1: I thought so...
P5.B1: ...
P5.B2: How was it after that?
P6.B1: ?
P6.B2: Ah, yeah // Those two came with us.
P6.T1: Mh? Is he...
P1.T1: worried?
P1.B1: We were fine.
P2.T1: Ah...
P2.T2: Rumi-chans former boyfriend...
P2.T3: He already has another girl...
P3.B1: He is
P3.B2: really sick.
P4.B1: Hey. // its good that he didn't make Rumi-chan cry.
P4.B2: Right?
P1.B1: Ah?
P1.B2: That doesn't have anything to do with Tezuka.
P2.B1: I just really hate // that kind of guy.
P3.B1: He was always like this.
P3.B2: Mh?
P4.B1: You know him?
P4.B2: Same middle school.
P4.T1: Though I didn't spoke to him often. I hate him after all.
P5.T1: Eh..Then..
P5.T2: letting those two meet...
P5.T3: was really...
P1.T1: just his sense of justice?
P1.T2: I misunderstood!
P1.B1: Why are you in an uproar?
P2.B1: But, but
P2.B2: You
P2.B3: love Rumi-chan // !
P3.B1: Or?
P4.B1: What's with that joke?
P4.B2: Scary
P4.B3: I'm not laughing at all.
P1.B1: Then why did you realize that // Rumi-chan loves me?
P1.T1: Because he love her after all, right?
P2.B1: Being fine with a cheating guy, // I don't think Tezua is this kind of enka person. [An enka is an japanese classi musican. Themes are mostly sadness and loneless. Enka->lonely->just need a man!]
P3.T1: ...enka person?
P3.T2: I'm fine with being the second or third...
P3.T3: like this?
P4.B1: And
P5.B1: from time to time...
P5.T1: Rumi-chan
P1.B1: I'm going to the toilet, // so could you hold my bad so long?
P1.B2: Sure.
P4.B1: ...
P1.B1: Is
P1.B2: Is that so...
P1.T1: So Reiji is really
P1.T2: not loving Rumi-chan...
P2.B1: I'm glad. I thought I would be your rival.
P2.B2: And wouldn't know what to do...
P2.B3: Mmpf
P3.B1: What's that?
P4.T1: He is
P4.T2: laughing again...
P1.T1: Recently Reiji
P1.T2: seems to get more kindly...
P2.B1: How nostalgic
P3.B1: This park
P3.B2: Ah, yeah // So nostalgic, we played here a lot.
P4.B1: Wanna ride the swings?
P4.T1: Just kidding
P1.B1: I'm sure if you ride it, we will be dizzy fast.
P3.T1: You remembered.
P3.T2: That thing of the past.
P5.T1: Somehow...
P1.T1: if it's now, I could confess...
P2.T1: I don't care if he rejects me.
P3.B1: Reiji
P3.B2: What? You want to ride?
P3.T1: I just want to tell him.
P4.B1: Somehow lately
P4.T1: I want to tell him.
P4.B2: you have became more kindly.
P1.B1: When you laugh, I get really happy. // And I think I want to see that more often.
P2.B1: Because...
P3.B1: Because I lo-
P3.B2: Stop it, Anna!
P4.B1: Don't say anything more.
P2.B1: That he seem more kindly,
P2.B2: means I let down my guard.
P3.B1: If it turns out like this,
P3.B2: it's better I don't get involved with you.
P1.B1: I don't care about the result.
P1.B2: I understand it. // I just want to tell you. // Therefore,...
P2.B1: I don't
P2.B2: want to hear it, Anna.
P3.T1: "I don't wan to hear it"
P3.B1: ...
P3.B2: Why...?
P2.B1: Because
P3.B2: you are my cousin.

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