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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

One Outs 25

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 18, 2010 19:06 | Go to One Outs

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Reserved for Solowing!

One Outs Chapter 25:

P3.T1: The rate is
P3.T2: twenty fold.
P3.B1: .....
P4.T1: Twenty fold, then one out is 1 million and one scored point is 10 million.
P4.T2: Even if Tokuchi throws 2 consecutive shot-outs his face color shouldn't change.... That was his object from the beginning.
P5.T1: His aim was to collect his temporary yearly pay at a high rate,
P5.T2: when he was tired after throwing in 3 consecutive games.
P6.T1: Oomiya Stadium Lycaons vs. Mariners Third Round Shortly before-----
P6.T2: Chapter 25: Complot
P7.B1: Lycaons' pitcher....
P8.B1: Takuchi----
P8.T1: Takuchi
P8.B2: Back number 77.
P1.T1: Chapter 25: Complot
P2.B1: After all Takuchi Toua is the forerunner!
P2.B2: An amazing 3 consecutive forerunning!!
P1.B1: That's crazy!
P1.B2: Do you want to break Takuchi??
P2.B1: Takuchi should definitely rest today!
P2.B2: Even if you are so impulsive....
P2.B3: Beside the owner extensive announced this 3 consecutive forerunning....
P3.B1: And more than anything else, we're sold out because the audience is looking forward it.
P4.B1: Kukukukuku! Take a look! Look at his completely exhausted expression.
P4.B2: Leaving throwing aside, I can't even stand on the mound till the end of the game.
P5.B1: Why...
P6.B1: Why do you...
P6.B2: have such a hate for Takuchi?
P1.B1: I understand that he became a bit arrogant after having raised his yearly pay to 7 million,
P1.B2: but all the games clearly showed us his talent, right?
P1.B3: So if
P1.B4: you're on such bad terms with him, we have to rethink our contract with him.
P2.B1: 8 million... No, 10 Million should be ok to give him. // We have turn his contract into a normal one, like the other players, and show of his strength sufficiently.
P2.B2: If we do so, we'll be able to play at the top again. // Then taking the championship in 2 or 3 years, won't be a dream anymore.
P3.B1: Ku
P3.B2: Kuku
P3.B3: Wha- // What is so funny?
P4.B1: Ah, no. It's just you were talking about something in the future,
P4.B2: it's no wonder, because you don't know of that case.
P5.B1: "That" case...
P5.B2: you say?
P6.B1: You know, Lycaons...
P1.B1: At the end of the season I will sell.
P1.B2: Meaning,
P2.B1: the end of this season is also the end of the Lycaons.
P1.B1: The Mariners changed their batting order.
P1.B2: The hitless Brooklyn moved to fifth, Thomas who got 4 clear hits of Takuchi moved to fourth and Takami, who also got 3 clear hits, moved to third.
P2.B1: Commentator Mori-san, what do you think about this order?
P2.B2: In the first and second game the flow was stopped by Brooklyn, so I think it's a obvious decision.
P3.B1: Including the opening game, Takuchi hasn't allowed any points in 64 innings. // The question is if Lycaons will get their third consecutive win today.
P3.B2: The Lycaons.... // will end?
P4.B1: See? Your agitation shows immediately on your face.
P4.B2: I kept it a secret, because with that face of yours it would be immediately leaked.
P5.B1: ...
P5.B2: Manager...
P5.B3: Do you know of Tronpos Cooperation?
P1.T1: A finance firm that recently is on a quick growth.
P1.T2: It was in discussion before, but starting next season Tronpos will buy the Lycaons.
P2.B1: Are you serious?
P3.B1: The recession is lasting and our group still is in the reds. // But if we do a clumsy restore, the public will criticize us.
P3.B2: We're really lucky that there is someone willing to buy our run-down team for a high price, in these times.
P4.B1: High price...?
P5.B1: Tenfold of the profit of our team this year.
P6.B1: Our calculated profit for this year is 50 million, so we would get // 500 million.
P6.B2: Considering the strength of our team, that's an abnormal sum.
P7.B1: But that's only,
P7.B2: if our profit raises like predicted.
P8.B1: To be truth, the was an incident in the off-season that shook up the prediction.
P1.B1: The horrible incident where Kojima got injured.
P2.B1: Lycaons is an minor team in the B-class forever now. last season we had 2160000 visitors.
P2.B2: Of the 12 teams, we're third.
P3.T1: These numbers are clearly because of our Hero Kojima Hiromichi.
P3.T2: It's not an exaggeration to say that the audience comes to see him bat, instead of seeing our team winning.
P4.B1: And that's brings us to Takuchi! // At such a crucial time that idiot had to hit him with a ball...
P4.B2: Thanks to that our plans our ruined.
P5.T1: I see... So that's why....
P5.T2: he hates Takuchi, since the first time he met him...
P6.T1: In the end, he only
P6.T2: thinks about money!!
P2.B1: Could he be tired from being in 3 consecutive games?
P2.B2: We're now looking forward to his first pitch!
P3.B1: And he threw!
P1.B1: Ball!
P4.B1: His first pitch is a straight one slightly out of the strike-zone.
P4.B2: .... Takuchi is...
P5.B1: Isn't he trying his best to compensate that loss?
P6.B1: Well it's true that there was a slight increase in visitors, and also exceeded last seasons numbers.
P6.B2: That is just speaking of numbers.
P7.B1: Also that all was because of my directions.
P1.T1: It's our greatest sale since the founding of the team.
P1.T2: The three consecutive game of Takuchi "The wild".
P1.T3: It's all according to my scenario. Especially written for me.
P2.B1: The audience wouldn't be this excited if Takuchi would throw normal.
P3.B1: Ball!!
P4.B1: The count is 0-2!
P4.B2: That is rare---- That he would throw 2 consecutive balls
P5.T1: That's bad...His pitches aren't going where they are supposed to...
P6.T1: Normally he has excellent control....
P7.B1: Besides
P7.B2: the money Takuchi bet, wasn't included in the plan.
P1.B1: At the moment it's 7 million.
P2.B1: He hit it---
P2.B2: A great hit---
P3.B1: Awww, but he's unlucky.
P3.B2: Right in front of the Second-Baseman. // With that it's one out!!
P4.B1: Paying him, means lowering our yearly profit.
P4.B2: Our 50 million gets 43.
P5.B1: That's not all.
P5.B2: He taking 7 millions,
P6.B1: means in reality, that he is taking 70 million from us.
P1.B1: He hit!!
P2.B1: But again the defense is on watch!
P2.B2: Two outs now!!
P3.B1: !!
P5.T1: Like I thought...
P5.T2: He is different...
P6.T1: He is not his usual self---
P1.B1: Look at today's Takuchi.
P1.B2: Normally he' trying so hard to not get hit, but today he let's them hit so easily. // Kukuku
P2.B1: He is confused, in a good way for me. Today is a great day.
P2.B2: With this game I can kick Takuchi out and revive my 500 million sell plan.
P3.B1: Today's game will be very interesting.
P4.B1: ...This doesn't match up.
P5.B1: As a batter I want to face off with a serious Takuchi, // but like this, it's impossible.
P6.T1: I'll kill him.
P1.B1: Takami is up!
P1.B2: Today batting third, the genius Takami Itsuki. [didn't read the previous chapters, if he is named differently, change it]
P2.B1: Yesterday he had 3 clear hits---
P3.B1: How will Takuchi face him?
P4.B1: Takami, huh...
P4.B2: The perfect person to crush Takuchi.
P5.T1: I beg you...
P5.T2: Takuchi.
P6.T1: Please win.
P1.T1: Takami vs. Takuchi showdowns till now // Up to bat 9 // Strike outs 3 // Infield hits 2 // Outfield fly 1 // Hits 3 // Avarage 0,333
P3.B1: He lifted his feet.
P4.B1: The first pitch---
P1.B1: is thrown!!!


P2.B1: And it's out!!
P2.B2: A home~~~~~run!!
P3.B1: Takami Itsuki !! After all he was the only one who could accomplish that!
P1.B1: Finally- Finally, Takuchi Toua
P1.B2: gave up a point! The first since he turned pro!!
P2.T1: Today
P2.T2: All hi pitches till now
P2.T3: 3 Batters, one Infield fly, one Outfield fly and one homerun.
P2.T4: Points allowed... 1.
P2.T5: According to the twenty fold one outs contract, yearly pay amounts to....
P3.T1: -65.000.000 Yen
P4.T1: He is now in the red.

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