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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Kuroko no Basket 62.5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 12, 2011 15:57 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 62.5

Kuroko no Basket v08 c62.5

P1.T1: Special: -Tip off-
P1.Box1: Spring in the 2nd year of middle school. // I, Kise Ryouta, unmotivated until then,
P1.Box2: entered the basketball club.
P2.Box1: It was hard, but after 2 weeks I was admitted to the first string. // Well, that's only obviously, since it's me.
P2.Box2: Today is the 2nd day I train with the first string.
P3.Box1: As expected, it's a whole different world here. // Becoming a regular might take a while.
P4.B1: Yo.
P4.Box1: The ace Aomine Daiki, a 2nd year. // He's the one who got me interested in basketball. He's really skilled, but got dark skin.
P1.Box1: The shooter Midorima Shintarou, also a 2nd year.
P1.Box2: He got an really precise shot, but always carries a cactus with him. Weirdo. // He also has a funny accent.
P2.Box1: There seem to be two other amazing player, but I haven't talked with them. // Those four are called the "Generations of Miracles".
P3.Box1: I might be a 2nd year, but because I joined later, I'm grouped with the first years.
P3.Box2: There are various small tasks to do in the first string too.
P4.Box1: And such a me, has a personal instructor.
P4.B1: Kise-kun, you forget the score board.
P5.Box1: Makes you wonder why.
P5.Box2: Because....
P3.B1: I'm here.
P3.Box1: he is // small.
P3.Box2: And
P1.Box1: He's a regular of the first string.
P1.Box2: Impossible.
P2.Box1: Also, it seems he's called the sixth phantom member of the "Generation of Miracles".
P2.Box2: Impossible.
P1.B1: Ooh, nice Kise!
P2.B1: Obvious. // With this I should become a regular soon...
P3.B1: Hey, Kuroko. How could you miss an unguarded lay-up!?
P4.Box1: Impossible
P4.B1: Why is he a regular!?
P1.B1: I can't accept this!
P2.B1: Huh?
P2.B2: Why the hell is he a regular!?
P2.B3: Don't point on him.
P3.B1: If we two were to play against each other, who you think would win?
P3.B2: That would be.... // you?
P3:B3: Then, why....
P4.B1: He's different. // The total opposite of you and me.
P4.B2: But he's really reliable in a game.
P5.B1: You'll come to see. // How amazing he is.
P5.B2: Huuh!?
P6.B1 .Kuroko, Kise. // You got an order from the coach.
P1.B1: You two are helping the second string
P1.B2: in their next training game.
P3.B1: !
P4.B1: Second string? Why?
P4.B2. Insurance. // It's common here that first string players help out the second and third string.
P5.B1: ?
P5.B2. Remember it well.
P6.B1: Teikou's most important doctrine // is
P6.Banner: 100 games, 100 wins
P6.B2: to be victorious.
P1.B1: Losing is unforgivable. // Critic is for when you have won.
P1.B2: Hoo---
P2.B1: Don't look like it doesn't concern you. // In the case you should lose, you'll be put into the second string.
P2.B2: Geh.
P4.T1: I was part of it for a bit...
P4.B1: But seeing it again, reminds me how many players the second string has... // But...
P5.T1: Our elite, a regular of the first string, looks the weakest!?
P1.B1: Kuroko-kun, I have an idea...
P1.B2: What is it?
P1.B3: If it happens that we get on the court in this game,
P2.B1: want to see you can score more points?
P2.B2: And if I win, I get your uniform.
P3.B1: Dun wanna... // But what if we lose the game?
P3:B2: We still could count the poin- // "Dun wanna"!?
P4.B1: It's pointless.
P4.B2: !?
P5.B1: It's not my style, but I'm kinda an instructor, // so let me say something.
P6.B1: Important for the team is // that you think what you should do for the team.
P1.T1: What you should do....?
P2.B1: But I acknowledge your // enthusiasm.
P5.B1: C'mon, go!
P5.B2: Bash them----
P6.B1: Wow-- Though it's normal for a power house...
P1.B1: Oohh, nice! // Guess that's all their second string can do.
P2.T1: Wasn't that a foul...?
P2:B1: What a shady referee.
P4.SignLeft: Teikou
P5.B1: ....Kise.
P6.B1: Player change for Teikou.
P7.B1: They're not changing in the both of us. // Well not that is it really needed.
P1.B1: Eh...
P1.B2: Hey!!
P2:T1: Immediate guarding....
P3.B1: Grrr
P4.B1: I don't care if you're from the first string, // but we just have to overwhelm you.
P6.B1: Offense change!
P6.T1: Bastards.....
P6.T2: They don't let loose, damnit!
P2.T1: Shit, the point gap is getting too big.
P2.T2: I don't want to lose like this....
P2.B1: Damnit.
P3:B1: Player change for Teikou.
P4.B1: .....!?
P4.B2. Eh!?
P4.B3: Change... // Him!?
P5.B1: You brought out quite a tiny one.
P5.B2: Can that brat even play?
P6.B1: Sorry, please help me.
P6.B2: Eh? Shouldn't I be saying that!?
P1.B1: I'm the shadow.
P1:B2: The light taking the points will be you, Kise-kun.
P3:T1: He was sounded all that confident.
P3.T2: But what can a shorty like him do?
P5.B1: And he isn't even getting guarded!!
P2.B1: Wha-
P3.B1: Eh...
P2.B1: Wha- // What----!?
P2.B2: What was that----!?
P3.T1: Don't tell me, he made use his weak appearance, acting as a relay point for the pass....!?
P3.T2: Is that even possible!?
P4.B1: Don't avert your gaze from the ball.
P5.B1: Because of this gap,
P5.B2: I have to be serious.
P2.B1: Akashi.
P2.B2: Midorima, huh. // What's up?
P3.B1: Seems it was your doing that Kise and Kuroko are helping the second string.
P3.B2: Well... // Kise will surely become a regular. / I was just thinking it would be the best to show him Kuroko's true potential.
P4.B1: Surely...huh. You still talk like you know everything.
P4.B2: ....I do.
P5.B1: It's me who found out Kuroko's strength, you know?
P1.B1: I think... I got a bit what you said. // But still not everything.
P2.B1: ?
P3:B1: The part about what one should do is alright, // but sacrificing oneself for it?
P3:B2: I can't agree with that!
P4.Box1: While saying that
P4.B1: I know you're amazing, Kurokocchi... // but is it fun to play like that?
P5.Box1: I was thinking that he doesn't think of it as a sacrifice.
P5.B1: .....
P5.B2: It's not.
P5.Box2: That's why he's so amazing.
P6.Box1: Calling it the truth for our success-------
P6.B1: But losing is even less fun.
P6.Box2: Or something like that. The spring of my 2nd year in middle school.
P7.T1: Besides what's with Kurokocchi? // Stop that.
P7.T2: A nickname I add to people I like.
P2.B1: Akashi.
P2.B2: Midorima, huh. // ...Gimme a sec.
P3.B1: Shit, I'm in a pinch.
P3:B2: How long is it going to take?
P3.B3: About an hour I guess... Just wait.
P3.B4: As if!!

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