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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kuroko no Basket 63

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:26 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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Top: Quarter 63: I'll win, even if it kills me
P1.B1: How far is it to the gym?
P1:B2: With the bus about 20minutes.
P1.B3: Besides, tell us such things earlier, Coach....
P2.B1: If I had told you, you couldn't have concentrated on the training camp!
P2:B2: But It's worth watching, right? // Kaijou against Touou.
P3.B1: Yeah, because it'll a be game between the "Generation of Miracles".
P3.B2: ....
P4.B1: Kagami-kun.
P4:B2: ....// What?
P5.B1: Before we left, Midorima left me a message.
P5:B2: ...Huh?
P5.B3: Thank you.
P1.B1: Don't be stupid. I did nothing that deserves a thanks.
P1.B2: Anyways... jumping is really the only thing he can do.
P2.B1: "He's really cursed with idiocy"
P2.B2: Ho----- [small text] That bastard.... [/small text]
P2.B3: And...
P3:B1: "Don't lose until I defeat you". // is what he said.
P4:B1: Heh.
P5.B1: As if I would lose. That idiot.
P6.B1: He rejected it already two years ago, // but I want to ask again.
P1.B1: Won't you come to us?
P1.B2: ....!
P2.B1: I know I'm being unreasonable... But
P2:B2: you're one of the very few players, who challenged the "Generation of Miracles".
P3:B1: In a way, that makes you even more valuable than them.
P4.B1: ....
P5.B1: That's a great deal, but I'll have to pass. // I already promised them we would strive for the top together.
P5.B2: ....I see.
P4.B1: .... called for a time out.
P5.B1: Wow---!! // So this is where the nationals are held!!
P1.B1: Coach, what about the game you wanted to see?
P1.B2: It comes after this one... Shouldn't take long. // About 15minutes I guess.
P2.B1: Kaijou against Touou.... Basically this game is
P2.T1: Kise Ryouta against Aomine Daiki!!
P3.B1: Kuroko... Who you think will win?
P4.B1: Don't know.... // It's a first that the "Generation of Miracles" play against each other.
P4.B2: ....It's just
P5.B1: that Kise-kun started basketball because he admired Aomine-kun.
P5.B2. !
P5.B3: So they often played against each other.....but
P1.B1: Kise-kun never won against Aomine-kun once.
P2.Sign: Kaijou High School // Changing Room
P5.B1: Aw, shit!
P5.B2: I'm so nervous. // Geh-!!
P1.B1: I'm arr filed up!! Plactice is gonna pay of now!! // I wirr go furr powel, count on me!! [all intended. all "R" are replaced with "L" and reverse]
P1.B2: Huh!? // The fuck!?
P1.Box1: 2nd year Power Foward 185cm // Hayakawa Mitsuhiro
P2.B1: Rike I said, // I wirr go furr powel!!
P2.T1: Too close!!
P2:B2: Like hell can we understand what you're saying, when you speak so fast!!
P3.B1: Solly, but I....
P3:B2: Hey, Moriyama! // Do something about this idiot.
P4.B1: More importantly, Kakimatsu....
P4:B2: West side, 3 row, first seat.... Did you saw? // She came...
P1.B1: A super cute girl.....!!
P1.B2: I'll play for her sake today...!!
P1.B3: Play for us, you freak!!
P1.Box1: 3rd year Shooting Guard 181cm // Moriyama Yoshitaka
P2.B1: Senpai.
P2.B2: Huh?
P3.B1: I got some snacks from a fan girl, you think I could eat some now? [small text] Or could they be poisoned? [/small text]
P3.B2: Eat them and die!!
P4.B1: Every single one..... // A bit more concentration here.
P4.B2: Hey, you guys ready? // It's time soon.
P1.B1: Get into the spirit.
P1.T1: Why are you trying to compete with the handsome coach of Touou, dude!?
P2.T1: Gave up on them.
P2.B1: We're going with the plan we discussed in the meeting earlier. // Just stay focused.
P3.B1: Kise, call me 5 minutes before.
P3:B2: Ah, okay.
P4.B1: Guess he's nervous too...
P5.B1: Well // that's not all... for him.
P5.B2. Eh?
P1.Sign: Touou Academy // Changing Room
P3.B1: How's it, Momoi? Got through?
P3.B2: No, not at all...
P4.B1: Aomine really takes it easy....
P4.B2: Who cares about that dimwit!!
P4.B3: Sorry! Sorry!
P5.B1: He's late to every match! // No matter what we do....
P5.B2: And he'll late today too!!
P6.B1: But it's rather troubling today. // We can't afford to start without him against this opponent.
P7.B1: 'Sup.
P1.B1: You called?
P3.B1: Looks... like you're all warmed up already.
P3.B2: Yeah. // Well... I admit today it would be bad if I were missing.
P4.B1: Geez, making us worry every single time! [she is hot oO]
P4.B2: Kise is our opponent, right? // There's no way I would be late. [small text] Today. [/small text]
P1.B1: I was looking forward to it the whole time. // To beating him.
P2.B1: Because...
P3.B1: He's one of the very few players
P3.B2: I can go all out against.
P2.B1: Senpai, // 5 more minutes.
P2.B2: ....Ok.
P4.B1: You often do this since we played in the Interhigh.
P6.B1: Last year, we thought we had the strongest line-up in history with all members wishing for the championship. // You know what happened?
P6.B2: I recall.... you lost at the preliminaries?
P1.B1: That was because of me.
P1.B2: At the crucial moment with just one point difference, I made a miss pass and allowed them to turn the tables.
P2.B1: The tears of my seniors and the blame of the alumni
P2.B2: made consider stopping to play basketball.
P3.B1: But // the coach made me the captain.
P4.T1: That's why you have to do it.
P5.B1: At that time I decided.
P5.B2: I didn't wanted to redeem // neither wanted I to be saved.
P6.B1: That we would win the next Interhigh.
P6.B2: That would show my resolve // and give me a meaning as the captain.
P7.B1: Hmm
P8.B1: Well, my goal is just to get my first victory against Aominecchi.
P8.B2: I see.
P1.B1: Well... // I'll win, even if it kills me
P2.B1: I see.
P4.B1. Uwa--- There they are!!
P2.B1: I won't lose, Aominecchi.
P2.B2: My? // You sound confident, Kise.
P3.B1: Sorry to disappoint you, but you will. // Besides
P3.B2: did you ever win against me before?
P4.B1: Today I will. // Somehow
P4.B2: my desire to win couldn't be stronger.
P5.B1: Good game.
P5.B2: Good game.
P6.T1: They got the aura....
P6.T2: As excepted of the nationals biggest captains.
P1.B1: The 2nd game of the quartefinals, // Kaijou High School against Touou Academy
P2.B1: will now begin!
P1.B1: Get into the spirit.
P1.T1: Why are you trying to compete with the handsome coach of Touou, dude!?
P2.B1: The plan is...
P2.B2: ...Ug, // Guh!!
P3.B1: C- Can't breath....
P3.B2: The coach fainted!!
P3.B3: Ahaha
P3.B4: That's not a laughing matter!
P3.B5: Sorry....
P3:B6: He's all pale, CPR!!
Side: *After this, he loosened the upper buttons and took of the necktie

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