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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Kuroko no Basket 60

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:27 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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Kuroko no Basket Chapter 60:

P1.T1: Quarter 60: Don't make me laugh
[no text]
P1.B1: .....
P3.B1: My whole body hurts....
P3.B2: What a terrible sunburn.
P4.B1: Aren't I the only tanned indoor sportsman?
P6.B1: You're doing that on purpose!
P6.B2: Good morning.
P6.B3: And look at your hair!!
P1.B1: Hey, bring the stuff here.
P1.B2: Yes.
P2:B1: Eh,
P2:B2: Huh?
P5.B1: Hello.
P1.B1: Why are you here!?
P1.B2: That's what I should ask!
P1.B3: It's always been a tradition of us to come here for a training camp. [small text] Long time no see~ [/small text]
P1.B4: Long time no see.
P1.B5: Seems you're enjoying your vacation here!! [small text] What's with that sunburn!? [/small text]
P1.B6: It's not a vacation!!
P2.B1: Hey! Everyone is already in the dinning hall.
P2:B2: What you're doing here?
P5.B1: What the hell is your school Kuroko!!
P5.B2: It's Seirin High School.
P5.B3: Not that!
P5.B4: My!? Shuutoku-san!? [small text] Oh, this is ketchup. [/small text]
P1.B1: Here.
P2.B1: Umm.... // Senpai, this.... [small text] So much... [/small text]
P2:B2: Eating is part of the training. // You gotta eat at least 3 bowls.
P2:B3: THREE!!!?
P3.B1: I can't, so early in the morning.... // I'll vomi.... [cut off]
P3:B2: Actually, can't we just cheat? // I mean the Senpai are gone....
P4:B1: Eh? What?
P4.T1: Sorry!!
P5.B1: Second.
P6.B1: Sorry, toilet....
P6.B2: Kuroko, if you throw up, it's 1 more bowl.
P1.B1: But to think we would meet Shuutoku here.
P1.B2: What's more, we're using the same gym.
P1:B3: For real!?
P2.B1: Thanks for the food.
P2.B2: Today again, at 9 at the beach.
P3.B1: You going somewhere?
P4.B1: Mm----
P4:B2: A bit.
P5.B1: .....! // I had a bad idea again.
P5.B2. Mh?
P6.B1: To just skip it.
P6.B2: ....You serious!?
P1.B1: Eh!? // Seirin is staying at the same place?
P1.B2: Yep---- // So funny-----
P2.B1: Funny? What was?
P2:B2: I mean, they will be pissed the whole time.
P2:B3: Sorry, I don't get you.
P2:B4: You're wrong, Takao.
P3.B1: We're cursed.
P3:B2: Gyahaha, that's why I said we would be together.
P5:B1: Coach.... A gust.
P5.B2: ? // Mhm?
P6.B1: Seirin's Coach has to discuss something....
P3.B1: It's though as always....but
P3.B2: I'm getting kinda used to it.
P4:B1: I thought she had something new in mind, // but what is she thinking?
P4.B2: Well....
P5.B1: That will probably come after this.....
P1.B1: Starting today our gym training schedule will change.
P2.B1: We're having combined training with Shuutoku High School!
P2.B1: I'm surprised they agreed,
P2.B2: Well...
P3.B1: We're grateful.
P3.B2: We can help each other improve, // but we'll still have more merit.
P4.B1: Our information can't be compared.
P4.B2: Our school, also being called Champion, has been gathering information for ages. // ...But they, a new established club, has no information whatsoever.
P5.B1: I don't know what kind of hidden agenda they have, // but the opponent, we have to take revenge on, offers this chance by himself.
P5.B2: I'm going to make full use of this.
P1.B1: It's risky bet.
P1.B2: Eh?
P2.T1: Because...
P2:T2: there is no direct merit for us....!
P3:T1: But for our players to settle into their positions...
P3:T2: this combined training might be a good opportunity.
P4:T1: But if they make use of it
P4:T2: depends on themselves...!
P5.B1: I'll leave the rest to you guys....
P6.B1: Okay, let's get started.
P7.B1: Ah, Kagami-kun, hold it.
P8.B1: Please go buy drinks for e-very-one!
P8.B2: Huh?
P1.B1: At the convenience store, 500 meter from here, through the beach!
P1.T1: Then to and back it's just 1km...
P2:B1: WHY!? [small text] And through the beach!? [/small text]
P3.B1: But it'll be heavy, so you may just carry one bottle <3
P3.B2: How many times you want me to run!? [small text] You messing with me? [/small text]
P3:B3: They started to play already, hurry!
P3:B4: Don't make me your errand-boy!! [small text] Please. [/small text]
P6.B1: Seeing it again, puts me really in awe.... // their man-to-man defense is completely different.
P2:B1: !?
P3.B1: Huh!?
P3.B2: He could go 1on1!?
P5.B1: As if... // Except his passes, he's a flop....
P2.B1: Wow....
P3.T1: If it wasn't our opponent, I would be totally excited....
P3.T2: He scored a three-pointer so easily, a genius....!
P4.B1: What's the deal, Kuorko...?
P4:B2: You're play got quite sloppy.
P5.B1: It's not sloppy. // Just...
P5.B2: I want to get stronger.
P1.B1: Don't make me laugh.
P3.B1: I don't know what you felt by losing to Aomine,
P3.B2: but it clearly showed you the limit of your strength.
P4.B1: Normally one reflects then and changes his way.... // but did you think everything would turn all right if you just continue to give your best?
P5.B1: As if a lone fighter, // could get stronger alone.
P5:B2. Don't get ahead of yourself.
P1.B1: Seirin is moving a lot better now.
P1.B2: Yeah. // But for some reason, only Kagami is doing running outside. // They might be hiding something....
P3.B1: ....No.
P3:B2: But I'm impressed. // You wouldn't think she's 17 years.
P4.B1: ?
P4:B2: Kagami' weapons is his jumping strength, that increases his height with every jump.
P4.B3: Yeah... Even during a game. [small text] I can't believe it. [/small text]
P5.B1: You can't explain that with guts or fighting spirit, // it's a gift.
P5.B2: And he noticed that and is trying it.
P6.T1: .....
P6.T2: Also, this boy....
P7.T1: Kiyoshi Teppei.....
P7.T2: A scary one has returned....
P1.B1: Fuah----
P1.B2: I'm back to life---
P2.B1: How long do you want to sulk?
P2.B2: It's getting annoying.
P3.B1: But Kuroko's normal play is halfassed.
P3:B2: Though he has his misdirection move....
P4.B1: !
P5.B1: Couldn't he just use that when breaking away?
P5.B2: An invisible dribbling would be invincible!!
P6.B1: That's impossible.
P6.B2: Do you know why Kuroko only does the tap pass?
P6.B3: ?
P1.B1: Because he needs to concentrate on the ball.
P2.B1: !
P3:B1: The very thing you can't lose out of sight during a game is the ball.
P3.B2: Basically it's the most important existence on the court.
P4.B1: That why he never hold the ball.
P4.B2: Were he to hold it, he couldn't do the misdirection // and would get the balls taken by the defender.
P5.B1: ....
P5:B2: ....But other way around
P1.B1: if should ever overcome that weakness,
P1.B2: it might turn into truly scary technique.
P2.B1: That's all nice, but you realize that you're talking to a loin.
P2.T1: Actually, why is that thing in a two-person bathtub....
P2:B2: Muh?
P3.T1: Wah- that felt good---
P3:B1: !?
P4.B1: Dah---- // It's over...!
P5.B1: Don't "Kyaa" me. I finished the shopping.
P5.B2: Only now!?
P5.B3: It wasn't for the drinks anyway... so yes.
P6.T1. This... Don't tell me... he bought drinks for the Shuutoku guys too...!?
P6.B1: I just wanted him to buy some for our club...
P1.T1: 20... 30... more...
P1.T2: God,
P1:T3: Just how many km did he run!?
P2.T1: He clearly did more than I told him to....!!
P3.T1: It's still a bit afar only result begin to show... But at this rate
P3.T2: he'll turn into one incredible player...!!
P1.B1: Hey! Everyone is already in the dinning hall.
P1.B2: What....
P2.B1: Ah.
P4.B1: Don't walk around with that----!!
P4.T1: Scary----!!
P4.B2: You even killed one!!
P4.T2: You a skilled assassin!?

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