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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Hammer Session! 14

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:37 | Go to Hammer Session!

-> RTS Page for Hammer Session! 14

Hammer Session Chapter 14:

P1.T1: Session 14: Unseen Enemies
P1.B1: Been a while, huh Hattori... or should I say, Hattori-sensei?
P1.B2: You really became quite the teacher.
P2.B1: It's been 3 years since we were out drinking like this.
P2.B2: Since our study abroad in Santa Monika I guess.
P3.B1: Beach and girls.
P3:B2: Girls and beach.
P4.B1: Aha, that time was so fun!
P5.B1: ...So, Andou, // you said you here because of work, // but what are you doing?
P5.B2: Me?
P6.B1: Look and be surprised.
P1.Mark: Commissioner // Andou Tadashi
P1.B1: A Commissioner.
P2.B1: Po- Police!?
P2.B2: You...!? [small text]
P3.B1: ....This is just under us, // but we're chasing two criminals who broke out.
P3.B2: A Yakuza and a young swindler...
P4.B1: A Yakuza
P4.B2: and a young swindler....?
P5.B1: What a coincidence! Our school got two new people too.
P5.B2: They totally match that description.
P6.B1: One is a new teacher and is called Hachisuka---
P6.B2: He was set in charge of a class... // totally setting me aside....
P7.B1: C'mon, // don't dwell on that. // Take a drink and forget it...
P1.B1: He gave me the bad kind of feeling, // you have after going onto the roller coaster when you just finished a four-course meal....
P3.B1: Ah... Well...
P3.B2: Sounds like you have it hard.... [small text] Hahaha [/small text]
P4.T1: I- I forgot, he has unbelievable pride----
P4.T2: I feel sorry for that Hachisuka guy... If you make Hattori angry, you won't get off that easily----
P6.B1: Oh...
P1.B1: W- Wow, what a beauty...
P1.B2: A model...!?
P1.B3: Wanna invite her to a drink?
P1.B4: It's impossible for me!!
P2.B1: Hey, hey. Look at this girl!
P2.B2: Reminds me of the beach in Santa Monika! [small text] What should we do!? [/small text]
P3.B1: Ah...
P3.B2: Found you<3
P4.B1: Yo-
P4.B2: Youko!!
P4.T1: HUH!?
P5.B1: ...I told you not to come here, didn't I?
P5.B2: But I was so bored <3
P5.T1: Damn... right my type...
P5.T2: I'm so envious...
P6.B1: Aren't you on class duty tomorrow and have to get up early?
P6.B2: Who cares about that!
P6.T1: Someone else will just do it.
P6.T2: .....Eh!?
P1.T1: Did he just say "class duty"...?
P1.T2: Hey, hey, definitely take me somewhere next time~~
P1.T3: Who the hell is he!?
P2.B1: Hey, you two,
P2.B2: I'm home~~
P3.B1: Ah~~ Akiha is always so cramped.
P3.B2: ....
P3.B3: But look at all this stuff I got...
P4.B1: Like this original DD2 Aki-hime figure, which is a limited serie
P4.B2: and can only obtained at Yonoo Fair... // And also Chun-sama's new book...
P5.B1: Hey, bastard. Why are you leaving the room so carefree?
P5.B2: What are you going to do if our secret gets exposed!?
P6.B1: ....Umm, Imamura-san!
P6.B2: What's with all this sushi...?
P1.B1: You bought this outside, right? // It's you guys, who aren't aware of the situation--- [small text] What if the police sees you? [/small text]
P1.T1: They're so carefree~~~~~
P2.T1: ....But I'm one to talk.
P2.B1: What's with your secret "real identity"?
P2.SmallText: Y- You went out even further than us. // But you're standing our more!
P2.T2: Mizuki-sensei was doubting my identity too....
P3.B1: But I'll have to leave the school,
P3.B2: if my real identity is found out-------
P3.T1: ....I should have been able to make a better excuse at that time...
P4.T1: So... Why did I say that to her...?
P5.B1: ----We- Well, // no use complaining what's already done...
P6.B1: We just have to be more careful from now on.
P6.B2: The kid here has the important mission to save all the students with his hammer session after all.
P7.B1: Ah!
P7.B2: Good you say that! Actually...
P1.B1: there is a student I'm worried about...
P2.B1: He might be
P2.B2: the next one to receive the hammer session!
P3.T1: I noticed it when I checked the classroom on my monitors last time.
P3.T2: It was...
P4.B1: like I watched my old self~~~~~
P5.T1: .....Huh?
P5.T2: The old Roku!?
P5.Box1: Note: Just an imagination
P5.B1: ...like this?
P6.Box1: Next day----
P6.T1: That's the boy.... Roku mentioned.
P6.B1: ....
P1.T1: The problem student----
P2.T1: ....Mh?
P3.B1: ?
P3.T1: Wh- What's that? They're all giving him papers....
P4.T1: He- He disappeared!?
P5.B1: He was still there a moment ago...!
P5.B2: ....Just like I predicted.
P6.B1: *tap* *tap* *tap*
P6.B2: That student just left through the back door.
P7.T1: Left...? Where to...?
P7.B1: Stand---
P7.B2: Bow---
P7.B3: It's lunch break, so it's obvious where he's going...
P8.B1: If he doesn't hurry, it'll sell out...
P8.B2: I totally understand. He really is like me old self...
P2.B1: So- Sorry to make you wait----
P3.B1: Ooh--- Great, Nojima.
P3.B2: A new record! Exactly three minutes!
P3.SmallBubbles1-3: Haa
P3.B3: Th- Thank you...
P4.T1: Seat number 19: Nojima Kenta-----
P4.B1: For Yamamoto-san a banana milk and a hamburger....
P4.B2: Here is the Yakisoba bread! It was the last one.
P4.B3: Okay, melon bread, salad sandwich and your change 25 yen-----
P4.B4: For Izumi-kun a orange juice and two rice balls, right...?
P4.B5: The curry bread in little spicy, right?
P5.T1: Wh- What amazing handling....
P5.T2: Like a kiosk worker....
P6.B1: Listen, being an errand boy means, // to act on everyone's requests. // It's a dangerous job, to protect your position in the class.
P7.B1: Therefore, // one has to be very careful.
P1.T1: Once he loses the favor of everyone----
P1.B1: Today we'll discuss the study presentation meeting.
P2.T1: The "errands" will immediately
P2.T2: change into bullying----
P3.B1: Geh, study presentation meeting....Time for that again, huh.
P3.B2: ... We have to choose one subject, do some extra research on it and then present it-----
P4.B1: ....Let's choose an representative for now. [small text] Anyone want to do it? [/small text]
P4.T1: Eh----!? // Too much trouble.
P5.B1: Aww~~~~
P5.B2: Is nobody gonna volunteer....
P6.Sfx: *stare*
P6.B1: !
P1.B1: ....
P1.B2: U- Umm....
P2.B1: If you don't mind...
P2.B2: I'll do it...
P3.B1: Yay!
P3.B2: Great, Nojima---
P3.T1: Good understanding.
P4.T1: Give your best, Nojima.
P4.T2: Huu--- Huu---
P4.T3: You're so small---
P4.B1: ...
P4.T4: Go for it---
P4.T5: Then I leave the rest to you, Nojima.
P5.B1: U- Umm, then...
P5.B2: I would like to start with...
P6.B1: choosing the subject...
P6.B2: we're going to research...
P7.B1: Ah--- // Good it's over already.
P7.B2: Eh!?
P7.B3: Let's go home! // Rest is up to you, Nojima.
P8.B1: H- Hey, guys...
P8.B2: Th- The subject...
P2.T1: ....
P3.B1: ....Ca-
P3.B2: Can't be helped...
P4.B1: Seems like they're all...
P4.B2: pretty busy...
P5.B1: ....Hey,
P5.B2: do you realize that they're just shoving it onto you?
P6.B1: ....
P7.B1: Well...
P7.B2: Guess I have no choice.
P1.B1: I'll give you a hand.
P1.B2: Let's work hard together.
P2.B1: Ha-
P2.B2: Hachisuka-sensei.
P3.B1: Th- Thank you so much! I- I'll be sure to chose a great subject----
P3.B2: Y- Yeah, good...
P3.T1: Then, I leave that to you.
P4.B1: Roku was pretty serious about this....
P4.B2: So I better watch over him...
P4.B3: ...
P5.T1: If you get a good subject, everyone might get interested too.
P5.T2: Yes! I'll surprise them all tomorrow with a great one!
P5.B1: "Let's work hard together" huh... That works in my favor! Speaking of, that teacher----
P5.B2: is a "wasp" too, huh... Though we just need one in the class...
P1.Box1: Next day----
P1.Paper: This world that is uninterested, I shall make interesting. // -----Takasugi Shinsaku // A leader is a person who impersonates hope. // ----Napoleon // An angel isn't someone scattering beautiful flowers, but... // ----Nightingale
P2.B1: Wh- What's that?
P2.B2: What's he planning?
P2.B3: There're so many letters...
P3.B1: Th- This are all famous proverbs and dictums.
P3.B2: ?
P4.B1: For example we have this "This world that is uninterested, I shall make interesting."....
P4.B2: This was Tagasugi Shinsaku's death poem, but actually he died halfway and the nun watching over him completed it.... // What do you say? Sounds interesting, right?
P5.B1: That brought me to this....
P5.B2: I want to research the era backgrounds of these proverbs and dictums and make an exhibition... // naming it "Record of the world's proverbs"------
P6.T1: Hoh--- He came up with all that in just one night...
P6.T2: Not bad, Nojima!
P6.Book: Plan
P1.B1: S- So... Umm~~~
P1.B2: I want to divide the positions...
P1.Paper: *Representative Nojima // *Vice-Representative // *Scenery // *Elec- [cut off from Electronics]
P1.B3: F-First, // anyone willing for the Vice-Representative position...?
P3.B1: Impossible for me.
P3.B2: The Koushien is near---
P3.B3: I'm busy...
P3.B4: I'll have to water my rabbit.
P3.B5: And I have violin practice...
P3.B6: Today, I need to buy a magazine.
P4.B1: Is- Is that so...
P4.B2: Yo- You're all // busy, I see..
P5.T1: Nojima...
P6.B1: Here!
P7.B1: ....
P7.B2: Eh?
P2.B1: I'll be the vice-representative <3
P2.B2: ....Eh!?
P1.B1: Yo-
P2.B1: Youko!?
P2.B1: Wh- Why is Youko...?
P2.B2: She smells so nice~~
P2.B3: What's gotten in her?
P2.B4: Doesn't she hate things like that...?
P3.T1: Vice-Representative Yuuko <3
P4.B1: Then, Nojima-kun, // let's get along <3
P4.T1: A handshake <3
P4.B2 : Y- Yes.
P5.B1: Then I'll do the scenery!
P5.B2: I'll do electronics.
P5.B3: If Youko's in it, I'll join too!
P5.B4: Okay, let's all work together!
P5.T1: Wh- What's going on here...?
P6.B1: ...Hey, Sano. // Who is Saotome Youko...?
P6.B2: Ah, she's normally called:
P1.B1: "Wasp queen Youko".
P2.B1: !?
P3.B1: It's because all the boys are like working bee, due to her beautiful face and pheromones.
P3.B2: Well, there are rumors too, she often goes out at night to play.
P4.T1: Nice, I wanna do something too!
P4.B1: Did she just wink at me?
P4.T2: But that she has no interest in school events...
P5.T1: means
P5.T2: she has some kind of back thought...?

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