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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128


+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:59 | Go to SWOT

-> RTS Page for SWOT 1

SWOT Chapter 01:

Page01: [skipped the magazine cover, obviously, so numbering is off by one]
P1.B1: I have good news for you today.
P1.B2: A new friend will join our ranks.
P1.Box1: Skeleton High School, Classroom of 1-C
P2.B1: It's Manabizaki Kyou-kun.
P2.Side: A transfer-student!!
P3.B1: Oh.
P4.B1: He's a gifted student, who ranked within the top 10 in the nation...
P4.B2: G- Get along well with him...
P5.B1: He's still reading the text book at his introduction, what a swot.
P5.B2: A super nerd, but red hair, don't fuck with us.
P5.Side: A gifted, but quite strange Study-Otaku is
P6.T1: He ranked within the top 10, wow.
P6.T2: But then why did he came to a school like ours?
P7.B1: Ok, // Now a word from you please.
P7.B2: Mh?
P8.B1: ....I'm
P8.B2: the man who will enter Toudai and invent something great...
P8.Side: the strongest...!!?
OrangeTopText: Be surprised!! The deeply hidden charm of the witch!! // The first chapter of the new intelligence fantasy, that cuts the darkness!!
WhiteTopText: Color pages at the front, 54 pages long!!
MiddleText: Science X Intellect X // ...and as expected Violence!!?
RedBubble: Those who dare to interfere with my studies, whoever they be, "I'll slaughter them!!"
RightBottomText: Glasses 01: Red-haired Swot.
MiddleText: Evil X Savagery X Violence
Dictionary: [leave swot bla bla] // Definition: (Often debased) careerist. // Usage: (Normally used in spite) Nerd.
YellowText: New Serialization
BottomBox: Manga continues from Page 17 on!! [?]
P1.B1: !!?
P2.T1: "I'll slaughter them", what kind of introduction is that!?
P3.B1: Is that enough?
P3.B2: ....
P3.B3: I still have to memorize this book by today, so I don't have to time to chat.
P4.B1: Who is killing whom, you damn swot!!
P4.B2: Mh?
P4.B3: Don't get so cocky, you nerd!!
P4.B4: Drop dead, you asshole!!
P5.B1: Pops, they're rather loud.
P5.B2: I can't concentrate like this, hurry and shut this stupid pack up.
P5.B3: Eeh!?
P5.T1: It's your fault, isn't it!?
P5.Side: Just who is he!?
P6.B1: Who are you calling stupid pack, Shitty four-eyes!
P6.B2: Mh?
P6.B3: You really want to die, huh Swotty!
P7.B1: What's wrong with calling a bunch of idiots, a stupid pack?
P7.B2: If you don't like it, then try surpassing me.
P8.B1: Don't fuck with us.
P8.B2: Let's drop him into hell.
P8.B3: I'll totally slaughter you!
P1.B1: Die, you wimpy Four-eyes!
P1.B2: Surpassing you, my ass!
P1.B3: Everyone, get back into your seats!
P1.B4: Don't get so cocky, just because you have red hair.
P1.B5: He brought it onto himself!
P1.T1: He looks totally weak, but is still picking a fight here. He doesn't value his life.
P2.T1: It's my first time seeing such a reckless swot before. Hahaha...
P2.B1: Shut up, you ignorant fools!
P2.B2: Hey, hey. Stop it already!
P3.B1: I need the toilet.
P3.B2: Our school is pretty big, but we have way too few toilets.
P3.Box1: Lunch-Break, North Hallway of the 3rd Building
P4.B1: Stop right there!!
P4.B2: !
P5.B1: This is a Toll-Hallway.
P5.B2: Hand over everything with worth.
P5.T1: Eeh!?
P1.B1: Hurry up or you're dead, dude.
P1.T1: Hiiiii
P2.T1: Why is it always me?
P3.B1: I don't carry anything with worth.
P3.B2: ....
P3.B3: You say?
P4.B1: Hey, hey, someone is getting extorted.
P4.B2: For real? Shit--
P4.B3: Heh.
P4.B4: He's unlucky.
P5.B1: Oops. // I wasted time on some useless crap.
P5.B2: Back to studying.
P6.B1: If you don't have anything, then strip!
P6.B2: N- // No way!!
P7.B1: ......
P7.B2: C'mon strip!
P1.B1: You're so loud that I can't concentrate on my studies!!!
P1.B2: Ga.
P2.T1: It's the swot transfer student.
P3.B1: You shitty Four-eyes...
P4.B1: Shut up!!!
P4.B2: Ugg.
P5.T1: He-
P5.T2: He's strong!!!
P6.B1: Those delinquents were part of the big and famous gang "Bats".
P6.B2: Ye- Yeah.
P7.T1: Because he's so pale, I thought for sure that he was weak.
P7.T2: I had never thought he's that strong.
P8.B1: Damn, that's why I hate delinquents.
P8.B2: Ah.
P1.B1: You saved me, Manabizaki-kun. // Thank you.
P1.B2: Huh?
P2.B1: I didn't do that to save you.
P2.B2: Eh.
P3.B1: I just disposed them because they interfered with my studying.
P3.T1: Scary.
P4.B1: And here I thought I finally found a quiet place. // Damn!!!
P4.B2: Hii
P4.B3: ....
P5.B1: Disposing everyone who interrupts him....
P5.B2: He's clearly wrong in the head.
P6.B1: It's better not to get close to him.
P6.B2: He smells of danger.
P6.B3: ...But,
P1.B1: He was kinda cool!
P1.B2: Eeh!?
P2.Box1: Classroom
P3.B1: I- I'm Iwashida Touji.
P3.B2: Mh?
P3.B3: I sit besides you... so, let's get along.
P4.B1: Don't wanna.
P4.B2: Completely rejected!?
P5.B1: I like being alone.
P5.B2: Beside if I get along with others, I'll have less time to study.
P6.B1: !?
P7.B1: So don't come speaking to me again.
P7.B2: B- But
P7.B3: He's rather cold.
P8.B1: You're... Manabizaki, right?
P8.B2: Mh?
P1.B1: Could I get a bit of your time after school?
P1.T1: Wah, it's Hasuno!!
P3.B1: Uwaaaa.
P3.B2: A really dangerous one appeared.
P4.B1: I'll wait for you in front of the library in the 3rd Building.
P4.B2: !?
P4.B3: I'll wait, so be sure to come.
P5.B1: I'm busy with studying, so there is no way I can...
P5.B2: ...Huh?
P6.B1: Mh....
P6.B2: .....
P7.B1: Puh~~ // Seems she's gone.
P7.B2: Mm.
P1.B1: Suddenly appearing, demanding as she pleases and then disappearing.
P1.B2: What's with that girl.
P2.B1: She was "Hasuno Nene" from Class 1-F.
P2.B2: From all the delinquent gangs in our school, she is one of the most dangerous. // As the number 2 of the Bats, she's a really dangerous girl.
P3.B1: A delinquent...huh. // No wonder she had no manners.
P3.B2: Same goes for you.
P4.B1: Hey, what did you just say?
P4.B2: Eh?
P5.B1: Isn't this school famous, because 80% of it's student advance to Toudai!?
P5.B2: Wah.
P5.B3: Then what's with that "Of all delinquent gangs" crap?
P6.B1: S- Since long half of our students were delinquents. // We're famous for that.
P6.B2: What!?
P7.B1: What the hell is going on!?
P7.B2: H- Huh? // Didn't you know that?
P1.B1: Including our school, this area is famous for it's various delinquent schools.
P1.B2: So the gangs are fighting each other nearly everyday in a death match for the rule of this area.
P1.B3: !!?
P2.B1: Wait a moment! On this advertisement...
P3.B1: ..Hey!!!
P3.T1: [Headline:] Skeleton High School [Bubble:] Toudai entries // Mircale-like 80% (-120%)
P4.B1: That's totally a scam!
P4.B2: Ouch.
P4.B3: A Lawyer! I'll call my lawyer!
P5.B1: What do you mean?
P5.B2: Geh.
P1.B1: I came here because I thought I could learn here better. // But instead I find delinquents! Don't kid with me!!
P1.B2: He's really gifted but also really clumsy.
P2.B1: Grrrrr.
P3.B1: Later.
P3.B2: Guess I'll have no choice but to stay here.
P4.B1: Ah.
P5.B1: Hey, at this rate you're in big trouble!
P5.B2: Mh?
P6.B1: Those 2 you beat up earlier are members of the gang "Bats". // I'm sure Hasuno called you out to revenge them.
P7.B1: ....Heh.
P8.B1: Like I care.
P8.B2: Eh, But,
P1.B1: I'll now proceed to study.
P1.B2: The mid-term test is close, so I don't have any time to fool around with that trash.
P2.B1: We're talking about a gang that can easily summon up to 30 fighters!
P2.B2: If you just ignore them, god knows what will happen.
P3.B1: I'll deal with it when the time comes.
P3.B2: Eh?
P4.B1: Be it 30 or 100 people. If they interfere with my studies, I'll slaughter them all.
P6.B1: Shit, I just wasted 5 minutes.
P8.B1: Damn, I'll definitely call my lawyer.
P8.T1: That's right.
P1.B1: Since you saved me earlier,
P1.B2: will you let me fight alongside you against the delinquents, Boss!?
P2.B1: ...Boss?
P3.B1: Or rather I don't remember saying I would fight them.
P3.B2: And I said I like being alone.
P4.B1: Till...
P4.B2: !
P4.B3: Till now I was always afraid of the delinquents and lived by running away.
P5.B1: Extortions,
P5.B2: Pranks, // Sandbagging.
P5.B3: I thought since I'm weak I had no other choice but to endure it and continue to run away.
P6.B1: But you're different, Boss.
P7.B1: Not only don't you fear them,
P7.B2: you also stay firm to your beliefs whatever might happen.
P1.B1: I want to became strong and cool like you and be proud of my life!
P1.B2: So please let me fight the delinquents together with you, Boss!
P2.B1: I- I'm...
P2.B2: cool?
P3.B1: I'll stay by your side, became stronger, and will surely be useful to you!
P3.B2: So please!
P4.B1: I- It's not that I want to fight. If you want to fight, that's your thing.
P4.B2: Eh?
P4.B3: Whether you live or die, I don't give a damn.
P5.B1: Th- Then!
P6.B1: But,
P6.B2: !?
P1.B1: If you interrupt my studies, I won't forgive you!
P3.B1: Yes!
P4.B1: C- Cool...
P4.B2: Not such a bad phrase.
P6.B1: Geh.
P7.B1: Boss!!
P8.B1: Kukukuku
P1.B1: So it was you, who beat some of our members, huh.
P1.T1: The leader of the Bats, Koumori Chikage!!
P2.B1: This steel pipe! It's definitely him! We're screwed!
P3.B1: Hey, hey. Were you really beaten up by this pale and wimpy Four-Eyes?
P3.B2: He has red hair, but isn't it the wrong person?
P4.B1: W- Wh- What should I do?
P4.B2: I decided not to run away anymore, but it's Koumori with a lot of pals.
P5.B1: !?
P6.B1: You damn noise-hair asshole,
P6.B2: !
P1.B1: what are you doing to my head, that holds the greatest brain in the universe!?
P2.B1: I can't believe he stood up after receiving a blow from our leader.
P2.B2: C- Can't be!
P3.B1: He's really amazing!!
P4.B1: Oops,
P4.B2: I was a bit too lenient, huh...
P5.B1: but now I'll send you sleeping with both your legs broken.
P5.B2: You must be really stupid to go against me.
P6.B1: "Stupid", you say? Asshole.
P6.B2: That's the problem?
P1.B1: Stop bullying the weak!
P2.B1: Ha- Hasuno!
P2.B2: For real?
P2.B3: Shit, what do we do?
P3.B1: Wh- What? Now it's an internal conflict?
P3.B2: We're in deep shit. I don't get what's going on anymore.
P4.B1: Ug.
P5.B1: Are you okay, Boss?
P5.B2: I don't know why, but my body suddenly got hot.
P6.B1: Kukukuku
P7.B1: After all that bullying you did yourself,
P7.B2: and after leaving us, the Bats, you're now an ally of justice? Don't make me laugh.
P1.B1: Le- // left!?
P2.B1: ...Well, // your reasons aside.
P3.B1: I'm on the peak of happiness that you left us.
P4.B1: Kukuku
P4.B2: ....
P5.B1: Let's go.
P5.B2: !?
P5.B3: O- // Ok!
P6.B1: Today I'll let go, as our former comrade.
P8.B1: Puh.
P8.B2: .....
P1.B1: I don't know what business you had with him.
P1.B2: Mh?
P1.B3: but if you value your life, don't get involved with him ever again!
P2.B1: Because his strength and brutality aren't from this planet.
P2.B2: Scary!!
P3.B1: ....
P3.B2: ...But,
P4.B1: I thought for sure she was a dangerous woman only lusting for blood and fights.
P4.B2: Ah, // right.
P4.B3: But she saved us. I guess not all delinquents are that bad.
P5.B1: About our appointment after school.
P5.B2: !
P6.B1: Do- Don't tell me she plans to confess?
P6.B2: What!?
P7.B1: Th- That...
P8.B1: .....
P1.B1: Co- // Could you teach me how to study?
P1.B2: !?
P2.B1: This super delinquent wants to study??
P3.B1: I have no one else I could ask.
P3.B2: And from rumors I heard that we got a really clever transfer-student... Th- Therefore...
P4.B1: Is it not possible?
P4.B2: !!?
P5.B1: Well she's a delinquent, but she doesn't seem all that bad, so isn't it fine, Boss?
P5.B2: Yo- // You idiot!
P6.B1: Obviously it's impossible for me to spend time to help others.
P6.B2: ?
P6.B3: And especially for a delinquent like her.
P6.B4: B- But,
P1.B1: It's fine. Leave it to me!
P1.B2: Huh? Boss?
P2.B1: Wh- // What am I saying?
P2.B2: You were all about "impossible" just a second before.
P3.B1: I thought you would decline for sure, so I'm relieved now.
P3.B2: Eh!?
P4.B1: Thank you.
P4.B2: That'll be really helpful.
P5.B1: Nunununu
P5.B2: .....Mh?
P6.T1: Could it be, Boss is...
P7.Sign: Library
P1.B1: The mid-term test is already close.
P1.B2: I'm really glad I found a tutor.
P1.B3: Who would have thought that such a study-group would come together...
P1.Box1: After school, 5th Building Library
P2.B1: B- But why? // It's not like you need good grade to graduate at our school.
P2.B2: Why is a delinquent studying?
P3.B1: Till now my grad were really bad, because all I did was fighting. // But if I graduate like this, I won't get into university.
P4.B1: My dream is to become a kindergarten teacher.
P4.B2: So I thought I need to get a grip and get to study, and quit the Bats.
P6.B1: What's with those surprised faces?
P6.B2: Since long I liked kids, I'm free to do want I want.
P1.B1: I shouldn't have said anything.
P1.B2: She's a delinquent but she properly thinks about her future.
P1.B3: Mh!
P2.B1: No- Not that I have an interest.
P2.B2: .....
P3.B1: Besides what about you, Manabizaki.
P3.B2: I heard you're really clever, but do you have a dream?
P4.B1: Kukukuku
P4.B2: !?
P5.B1: My dream is it to construct a perfect UFO, like you see in films.
P5.T1: U- UFO!?
P6.B1: What is he blabbering?
P6.B2: That's obviously impossible.
P7.B1: But doing the impossible is what makes one a genius.
P1.B1: If I can build an UFO, unknown matter or the truth about the universe can be discovered. // And should the world face it's end, my UFO can serve as escape plan. It would be the greatest benefit to mankind.
P1.B2: That's why I'm studying more than anyone else. // So I can solve the biggest problem, called UFO.
P2.B1: I just thought he was clever, but he's really serious.
P2.B2: His thoughts are on a complete different dimension form us commoners.
P3.B1: Dreams have to be big....huh.
P4.B1: I have a dream too, so I'll cheer you on. // I'm an idiot, so I don't understand any details, but building an UFO sounds fun.
P5.B1: Mh.
P6.B1: Normally one would make fun of such a dream. As I thought Hasuno is a nice person.
P7.B1: Mh?
P7.B2: Grr....
P8.T1: ...As I thought.
P1.B1: Boss, have you fallen for Hasuno?
P1.B2: !!?
P2.B1: I- I have fallen for her?
P2.B2: I mean since early your actions regarding her were really strange. It's totally obvious.
P3.B1: You're joking, right?
P3.B2: Eh?
P4.B1: I have never fallen in love, and I don't really understand it well, // but the reason I'm acting this strange is love?
P4.B2: He didn't noticed it!?
P5.B1: You idiot!
P5.B2: There's no way I'm in love! // And specially with a delinquent, whose kind I hate.
P5.B3: He's so easy to understand.
P6.B1: What's wrong?
P6.B2: Eh!?
P1.T1: I thought he was a strong, clever and hard to get along person,
P1.B1: I- It's nothing.
P1.B2: Re- Really?
P1.T2: but now I feel I'm closer.
P3.Box1: 5 Days later. // Library.
P4.B1: Hey, Boss. You're quite strong, did you do some special training?
P4.B2: Mh?
P5.B1: Of course I did.
P5.B2: Eh?
P6.B1: Since I'll someday complete the UFO and go out into space, // I might have to fight with some aliens.
P6.B2: Besides studying, I also steeled my body adequate.
P6.T1: This time Aliens!?
P1.T1: Kukuku
P1.B1: I already thought he was strange because of the UFO, but now also Aliens...
P2.B1: Do they really exist?
P2.B2: Like I know.
P2.B3: But the universe is broad, it would be more unnatural if they weren't any.
P3.T1: But to train oneself because they might exists evil aliens...
P3.B1: Ah.
P3.T2: The line between a genius and an idiot is small. // But he's more on the idiot side... Hahaha.
P4.B1: Also, I have some special [cut off by sfx]
P5.B1: Ah, sorry. It's because I'm hungry.
P5.B2: Mh. // It's already 6.
P6.B1: By the way, Hasuno didn't come, huh?
P6.B2: Uh.
P6.B3: Though she said she would.
P7.B1: Damn, what is that woman planning.
P8.B1: .....
P1.B1: Who had thought I would enjoy coming to school this much.
P1.B2: Mh?
P2.B1: It's all thanks to you, Boss.
P3.B1: Wh- What are you saying so suddenly?
P4.B1: You gave me the courage to stand up against the delinquents.
P4.B2: Over these 5 days, we three // really got along well.
P5.B1: Till now I never had friends, because I was always running away from the delinquents. // I really enjoy our conversations.
P6.B1: ....
P7.B1: What about you, Boss?
P7.B2: Y- Yo- You idiot!
P1.B1: Eh.
P1.B2: Don't sprout such nonsense, // it's already late, so let's go home.
P1.Box1: ...But
P2.B1: Y- Yes.
P2.Box1: Hasuno never came to our study session again.
P3.T1: 3 Days later...
P4.B1: Grrrrrr
P5.B1: ...Just what is Hasuno doing. // She disappeared without telling us anything.
P5.Box1: Hallway
P6.B1: And here I thought we became friends.
P6.B2: Mg.
P7.B1: Right, Boss?
P7.B2: I- I'm not really like that.
P8.B1: Ah!!
P8.B2: Eh!?
P3.B1: Ha- Hasuno!
P3.B2: !!
P4.B1: H- Hey, you ignoring us?
P5.B1: I thought we became friends?
P5.B2: .....
P6.B1: You suddenly stopped coming to our sessions, // You told us you stopped fighting, but here you are beating up people.
P6.B2: Just what are you thinking?
P7.B1: Don't worry about me.
P1.B1: If you don't want any trouble, that is.
P2.B1: ......
P2.B2: What are you saying!
P3.B1: H- // Hey.
P4.B1: What's with her?
P4.B2: Let's go.
P5.B1: Boss!?
P5.B2: I thought she was different from those lying there, but she's still a delinquent. // She nearly fooled me.
P6.B1: Trouble, my ass.
P6.B2: And I wasted my precious time to teach her. Don't fuck with me.
P7.B1: Are you really letting her go!?
P7.B2: Actually she's quite nice. I'm sure something must have happened!
P1.B1: Eeh? Boss!?
P2.B1: What's with this water coming from my eyes!?
P2.T1: He might be strong, but he has completely fallen for her.
P3.Box1: And like this the day of the mid-term test came...
P4.Box1: while we never saw Hasuno again.
P4.B1: Haa // Haa
P5.B1: I need to hurry!
P5.B2: Boss!!
P6.Sign: Male Toilet
P7.B1: Da- // Damn~
P8.B1: Impossible.
P8.B2: It's only 10 minutes till the test, // but somehow I'm distracted and can't concentrate on my studies!
P1.B1: It's not the time to take a shit, Boss!
P1.B2: !!?
P2.B1: I- I'm not taking a shit.
P2.B2: What would you do if I had?
P3.B1: Whatever. It's a pinch!
P4.B1: At this rate Hasuno will be killed by Koumori!!
P5.Box1: Old School Building, 7th Field
P1.B1: Yaa!!!
P2.B1: Puh-
P3.B1: Kukuku // Taking on 15 people, not bad.
P4.B1: But this isn't enough to satisfy me.
P4.B2: What?
P5.B1: All this time I held myself back, because you were one of us.
P6.B1: But I always wanted to see you lying in front of me as a bloody pulp.
P2.B1: ---That's why she avoided us.
P2.B2: So we wouldn't be dragged in...
P3.B1: .....
P4.B1: Let's go and help her!
P4.B2: At this rate she is really getting killed.
P5.B1: Don't be stupid, we have a test now.
P5.B2: Beside why would "I" have to help a delinquent girl? [the " " means emphasize, make it bold or italic]
P6.B1: A test might be important, // but she's our friend, right?
P7.B1: Be- Besides...
P1.B1: You like her, don't you!?
P1.B2: Isn't it obvious that the girl you like is more important than a test?
P2.B1: Gr.
P3.B1: I- I don't really like her. // We aren't even friends!
P3.B2: Boss!
P4.B1: And even if there would be a peculiar feeling towards her,
P4.B2: what about it.
P5.B1: To me there is nothing more important that the score of my test.
P6.B1: Tch.
P6.B2: Boss!!
P7.B1: .....
P8.B1: I... might have misjudged him... // No matter how smart one is,
P1.T1: this is just too uncool, Boss.
P1.B1: Haa // Haa
P2.B1: I can't calm down before I haven't messed up my opponent completely.
P2.B2: Most of the times I can't even sleep because of it...
P3.B1: Kindergarten teacher, was it?
P3.B2: Eh?
P4.B1: It's a perfect dream to scatter!!
P5.B1: Gr.
P1.B1: !!?
P2.B1: Eh?
P3.B1: Grr.
P5.B1: !?
P6.B1: You're in the way, asshole.
P1.B1: I have to hurry to the classroom, but I can't pass like this.
P2.B1: Ma- Manabizaki?
P2.B2: Mh.
P3.B1: It's not like I came here to rescue you.
P3.B2: I was just passing by here and they blocked my way. So I'm just clearing the way.
P4.B1: You want to clear me?
P5.B1: It's dangerous, stand back!
P5.B2: This is my problem, you don't have any reason...
P1.B1: I have.
P2.B1: Haa // Haa
P3.B1: !?
P4.T1: As expected! // He came after all!
P5.B1: Don't get cocky, you stupid maniac!!
P5.B2: Heh.
P6.B1: ....Y-
P7.B1: You're... kidding, right?
P1.B1: How can Manabizaki be so strong.
P2.B1: Wrar!!
P3.B1: !?
P4.B1: Noisy bastard!!
P4.B2: Gaa.
P5.T1: He's just too cool!
P6.B1: Grr.
P1.B1: At this point, according to my calculation, chances that I'll win
P1.B2: are 98%.
P2.B1: W- What?
P3.B1: I put your movements and the terrain as numbers in my head. // And if I use them in my algorithm,
P4.B1: I can clearly see your next movement!!
P5.B1: What's with that?
P5.B2: Then he isn't strong at all.
P6.B1: Heh.
P7.B1: !
P8.B1: ...Then how about this?
P1.T1: Konpira-Breakdown!!! [Note: Konpira = some Buddhist god]
P2.B1: To think you had... a hidden card.
P3.B1: !?
P4.B1: My calculation...
P6.B1: Manabizaki!!
P7.B1: Small fry forcing out my joker.
P8.B1: N- Not just Hasuno, but even Boss.
P1.B1: I won't forgive those who hurt my friends!
P2.B1: I- Idiot!
P3.B1: Damn small fry.
P3.B2: Gwaaa.
P4.B1: Now then,
P5.B1: time to end this play.
P7.B1: You broke my glasses, which I value the most after my life.
P7.B2: !?
P1.B1: I'll have you pay up for this no matter what, asshole.
P2.B1: Boss!
P2.B2: ....
P3.B1: I never // thought there would be someone, who could stand up again after receiving that blow.
P4.B1: You shitty swot.
P5.B1: I'll crush your head too, while I'm at it.
P6.B1: Wraaaar
P7.B1: Konpira-
P1.B1: !!?
P2.B1: It's useless going at me with a technique I already saw.
P2.B2: Surrender already.
P3.B1: B- Bastard!
P4.B1: Those interrupting,
P4.B2: !?
P5.B1: Those interrupting someone's studies,
P1.B1: Whoever they might be, I won't forgive them.
P2.B1: Not ba... // d.
P4.T1: He defeated that Koumori.
P5.T1: He's really strong!!!
P6.Box1: Several Days later // Rooftop.
P7.B1: Da- // Damn...
P7.Paper: Japanese 1 // 8 [rest is just scribble]
P7.B2: How could "I" fail a test... [small text] If only my glasses didn't broke. [/small text] [" " again emphasize]
P8.B1: But it's really cool to throw away a test to save the girl you love.
P8.B2: Re- Really?
P9.B1: Huh? IDIOT! // I said I don't feel that way at all!
P9.B2: Hahaha, why are you getting so flustered?
P10.B1: I'm sorry, you failed because of me.
P10.B2: Ug.
P1.B1: But don't worry, I won't hang around with you anymore.
P1.B2: So I don't cause you anymore trouble.
P2.B1: Wh-What are you saying?
P2.B2: The Bats are beaten, right? Everything is fine, right?
P3.B1: There are a lot more who are after my head.
P3.B2: There will definitely be trouble.
P3.T1: Th- That much!?
P4.B1: Haha, // I thought I could properly study when I left the Bats,
P4.B2: but it seems I can't leave the delinquent world that easily.
P5.B1: See ya.
P5.B2: It was only a short time, but I'm glad I met you.
P6.B1: Hasuno...
P7.B1: If you want to study, we're still around to teach you.
P7.B2: !?
P1.B1: Since the delinquents will be an interruption either way, I planned to erase them all either way....Also,
P1.B2: it'll be more effective if you're around.
P2.B1: Eh.
P3.B1: Boss.
P4.Box1: My life began to change when I meet him.
P4.B1: Then let's get along from now on too!
P4.B2: ....
P4.B3: Y- You two...
P4.Side: Begin... of the Manabizaki Legend!!
P5.B1: Thank you.
P5.Box1: In a really good way...
P6.B1: Hehehe
P6.B2: Heh.
P7.B1: Mh?
P8.B1: Wait, we don't have to clean up all the delinquents!
P8.B2: It's more refreshing then, right?
P8.T1: That's totally reckless!
P8.Box1: And also in a very crazy way.
Bottom: Glasses 1 / End. // Next time, Chapter 2 with center color page and 25 pages!! // With Manabizaki's appearance, Skeleton High School begins to take action!!

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