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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Sankarea 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:13 | Go to Sankarea

-> RTS Page for Sankarea 5

Sankarea Chapter05:

P1.T1: ...It's not like I'm hoping to show them off....
Side: It's really spring. When it gets warmer, thinks like meat go bad. So everyone please be careful.
P1.T2: hattori Mitsuru // Chapter 05: Being a Zombie... means...
P1.B1: Ha [*pant*]
P1.B2: Ha [*pant*]
P1.Sfx1: Hurrying [Extending from P1-P3]
P1.B3: Rea.
P2.B1: Wait.
P3.B1: Please wait, Rea...!
P4.B1: I'm so glad... // that you're still alive...
P4.B2: Ha [*pant*]
P4.B2: Ha [*pant*]
P1.B1: When you fell off that cliff, I wondered.... Good that you're find.
P2.B1: But there were no blood stains...Come.
P2.B2: Let's go to the hospital together...
P3.Sfx1: Grab
P6.B1: Th-
P6.Sfx1: Dark background aura
P6.B2: is is...
P7.Sfx1: Dark background aura
P7.B1: ...What's wrong?
P1.B1: Wha..... // You... have no pulse!?
P1.Sfx1: Dark background aura [Extending from P1-P3]
P1.B2: Blood dripping
P1.B3: Blood dripping
P1.B4: This is just....
P2.Sfx1: Blood dripping x2
P2.B1: like...
P3.B1: ...............!
P3.B2: Fufu....
P4.B1: Right.... I'm died. // And thanks to Furuya-kun's drug,
P4.B2: I came back to life like this....
P1.B1: Th- Thanks to that guy!? // What do you mean....
P1.Sfx1: Steps on water x2
P1.B2: Wait.
P2.B1: Don't go....
P2.Sfx1: Steps on water x2
P2.B2: My Rea...
P3.B1: No...
P3.B2: I'm no longer your daugther...
P4.B1: Thats... because...
P4.Sfx1: Dum Dum Dum Dum
P4.B2: I'm no longer a human....
P1.Sfx1: Splash
P2.B1: Why...
P2.Sfx1: chirp
P2.Sfx2: chirp...
P2.B2: did this happened....
P1.B1: What? No way. Rea-sama is!?
P1.B2: Yes.
P2.Sfx1: resolute stepping x3
P2.B1: Ssh
P3.B1: Ah, Aria-sama, welcome back.
P3.B2: Welcome back.
P3.Sfx1: resolute stepping
P3.B3: Where is my husband!?
P4.B1: He...Since last night he is in the bathroom...
P4.B2: Bathroom~~!?
P5.B1: Don't just stand here.
P5.Sfx1: Dang
P5.B2: Go help out in the garden or so!!!
P6.B1: ....Was she out the night again?
P6.Sfx1: Hihi
P6.B2: You see, it's because her husband isn't there for her.
P6.Sfx2: resolute stepping x2
Side: This work is just a word of fiction. There is no relation to any real person, organizations or events.
P1.B1: Dear.
P1.Sfx1: slight breathing
P2.B1: What's the meaning of this? // Rea run away from home!?
P3.B1: ...She died. But she still stood up again...
P3.B2: What!?
P3.B3: She stood up... and left me...
P4.B1: What are you saying!? With that my position as the chairman is at risk!!
P4.Sfx1: Boing
P4.B2: Uuur...
P4.B3: Do you know where she is now!?
P5.B1: I'm afraid she is at the place of the male student of Shiyou High, named Furuya...
P6.B1: What do you say? Who is that?
P6.B2: Fu....ruya.
P1.B1: Yeah... He... That guy deceived Rea.....
P1.Sfx1: Grab
P1.B2: He is the origin of all evil. // Fu...ruya...!!
P2.Sfx1: Raise
P3.B1. ....Just wait,
P3.Sfx1: Water dripping
P3.Sfx2: Dark background aura
P3.Sfx.3: Water dripping
P3.B2: Rea....
P1.T1: Mh, just seeing it, isn't that great.
P1.T2: Oh... It rose.
P1.B1: I'll will rescue you from his fangs. // And once again with my love,
P2.B1: I'll clean your body and heart!
P1.T1: At the same time at Furuya's house--
P1.Sfx1: Mhm~~
P1.B1: A book
P1.B2: about preserving corpses?
P2.B1: Yeah! You were reading one before, right? I want you to lend it me...
P2.T1: Ho
P2.B2: Ah, you mean the one about embalming*?
P2.Note: * Treatment to prevent decay.
P2.wall: Praise to Amida-Buddha
P3.B1: I lend that a classmate yesterday...
P3.B2: I.. I see... (small text:) What kind of middle schooler is that...
P3.B2: For what do you need that book, Bro?
P4.B1: Ah, no, nevermind... Bye.
P4.B2: ....You're really weird lately.
P4.Sfx2: rub
P1.B1: ...I guess the best choice is formalin after all. But it got a strong scent...
P1.T1: Don't go in!!
P1.B2: I can't have my family or the neighbors find out... Yeah...
P2.B1: ....For now I have to find a way conserve Rea's body,
P2.Sfx1: Humming of the aircon
P2.Sfx2: door opening
P3.B1: before numbness goes away... // Lying like this, makes her look like a normal sleeping girl....
P3.Sfx1: chirp
P3.Sfx2: chirp
P4.T1: Hey, Chihiro, Mero, Hurry and get up. Come to the temple area.
P4.B1: Ah, shit.
P4.B2: Today is "service"!!
P1.B1: On the bed she will be found instantly if someone entered. I better move her into the closet.
P1.B2: But I can really see it well...
P2.B1: I guess the numbness will be gone till tonight, so stay still in here till then.
P2.T1: I'm sorry.
P3.B1: .... // Mm...
P4.B1: .....
P6.B1: Growl
P1.B1: Wh- What was that? Her stomach!?
P1.B2: Is... Is she hungry!?
P2.B1: ...mm
P3.B1: I...I see. When you can move again, // I will give you something to eat.
P4.B1: I'm coming, dad!
P5.T1: You could call our house a (poor) temple too.
P5.B1: Running
P5.B2: walking
P5.T2: On holidays I have to clean the shrine every morning.
P2.B1: Damn~~~ I // don't have time to do this...
P3.B1: Oh, right, Chihiro---
P4.B1: You tried to keep a cat again, didn't you---
P4.T1: Head priest of the Shiryou temple // Furuya Doon (44)
P4.T2: I heard if from Mero---
P4.B2: And you lost Babu just recently...
P4.Box: keep dry
P4.B3: !?
P5.B1: That isn't right, dad!! // Babu came back to life!!!
P5.B2: I don't get it---
P1.B1: Hey, you saw him too, right Gramps?
P1.B2: Yes!!
P1.B3: That was Babu!!
P2.B1: Both Sada and Babu came back to life!!
P2.B2: They're both idiots...
P2.B3: Yes
P2.B4: Who is Sada?
P3.B1: You should appreciate the resurrection drug I developed more!!
P3.B2: Yeah, your resurrection....
P5.B1: Gr- Gramps, what did you just say?
P5.B2: Mh? About A Sada?
P5.B3: No, after that!!
P1.B1: You said, "Resurrection drug".... could it be...
P2.B1: Are you talking about that drug??? You even said, "I developed".....
P3.B1: I said that?
P3.B2: You did!! (small text:) You forget too fast!!
P4.B1: I don't know such a thing. // I will go take a bath.
P4.T1: wlak away
P4.B2: Ah, // Wai-
P4.B3: grab
P5.B1: He--y. You still got cleaning to do. // You're always trying to escape.
P5.T1: How shamful, bro.
P5.B2: Unya....
P1.T1: Oh god, if gramps really developed that drug....
P1.B1: Well, though I'm kinda doubting it...
P1.T2: He might even know about treatment for the resurrected body..!!?
P2.B1: Thanks for buying~~~
P2.B2: !?
P2.B3: Oh, Ranko-chan---
P4.B1: Why are you coming here everyday....
P4.T1: For you, Mero-chan.
P4.B2: Thanks.
P5.B3. I was on my way back from a delivery, and i was near---
P1.B1: ....That guy is really dense... // I would really nice to have him marry a older woman like Ranko-chan--
P1.Sfx1: Haha
P1.B2: Aha, wife, no... // You're so funny, Uncle---
P1.Sfx2: Slap
P1.B3: Ouch.
P2.B1: Ah
P3.B1: Right, right.
P3.B2: Do you know, Chihiro?
P4.B1: And what exactly?
P5.B1: The young lady of the Sanka family ran away from home yesterday--
P6.B1: Mh?
P6.B2: Ah... // No...
P1.B1: The Sanka family is our biggest customer, and when I went there earlier for a delivery, there was a really big ruckus. // Even such a girl has worry, huh----
P1.B2: Ho.... Hoo~
P2.B1: Could it be a forbidden love?
P2.B2: Did they eloped?
P3.B1: And those two are spending the night together at a room with view to the sea. // Binding their heart and body.... (small text:) just kidding
P4.B1: ...Is that girl your type?
P4.B2: Wha??
P5.B1: Huh? I mean your friend said yesterday, // that you're really close to her.
P5.B2: N-
P1.B1: No---- I just by chance meet her during a random night stroll, and we just chatted a bit--
P1.B2: Mhmm?
P2.B1: Wait, why do I even have to explain it to you?
P2.B2: That's of course, as your older sister, I have to know your friends--
P2.B3: Like I said, we aren't like that!
P3.B1: Yeah! I understand!
P3.B2: I still have to help at home, so I'll go back.
P4.T1: Sorry to had bother you.
P4.B1. What's with her... What is she implying.
P5.B1: Hey, Chihiro. Clean the back too.
P5.B2: I know!!
P5.B3: ...Oh!!
P1.B1: Since I'm already here,
P1.B2: I'll lend a DVD.
P2.Sfx1: Open door
P3.B1: Wh- What's this? (small text:) So cold. // Why is the aircon on at such a time...
P3.B2: freezing
P5.B1: Lets see. // Which haven't I seen yet...
P5.Sfx2: Mhmm~~~
P5.B2: They are all sound like Zombie movies....
P6.B1: Ah, whatever.
P6.B2: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....
P7.B1: Mh?
P2.B1: .....!
P3.B1: A long hair...!?
P3.B2: However I thin about this.... it can't be Chihiro's...
P4.B1: grumble
P5.B1: !?
P1.B1: What... // was that sound...?
P2.B1: open
P4.B1: ....
P1.B1: Just my imagination, huh.
P1.Sfx1: Running
P2.B1: Earlier Rea's stomach crumbled...
P2.B2: but seeing as it is breaking, it still needs food?
P3.B1: Being a Zombie... means...
P4.B1: .....
P4.B2: Couldn't... be
P1.B1: !?
P1.B1: Ee.... EH?
P1.B2: You... are!?
P2.B1: grab
P3.B1: grab
P3.T1: So... strong!!?
P1.B1: Mh // Mh
P1.B2: Ah... // Eh....
P2.B1: Hyaa!
P3.B1: Hey... wai...
P3.B2: Mmn..
P4.T1: H..uh? This girl...
P4.T2: is she Sanka...
P5.B1: Drip
P5.B2: !!
P5.B3: Drip
P1.B1: drip // drip
P1.B2. drip
P1.T1. ------!??
P2.B1: Hey...
P3.B1: You're gravely injured!!!
P3.B2: A...
P3.T1: Stare
P3.B3: It's no time to laugh, // we need to hurry and call an ambulance...
P1.T1: Something... is off...
P1.B1: Fufu...
P2.T1: Could it be... this girl...
P1.B1: Wa...nko?
P2.T1: No way.
P4.T1: Just now... // That came from inside the house....
P4.Sfx1: running
P4.T2: Could it be...
P5.Sfx1: door opening
P5.B1: Wanko.....
P6.B1: lick
P6.B2: lick
P1.B1: !!!
P1.T1: Rea...!! // The numbness is already gone..!?
P3.B1: Wa- Wanko, are you alright!?
P3.B2: Ah... // ruya...-kun...
P3.B3: Chi- Chihiro....
P1.Sfx1: kiss
P2.T1: Eh?
P3.B1: Mm...
P3.T1: The hungry Zombie took his first kiss----!?
P3.B2: Mmm..
P3.B3: Eh?

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