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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Sankarea 8

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:13 | Go to Sankarea

-> RTS Page for Sankarea 8

Sankarea Chapter 08:

Page01: [skipped the mag cover]
Side: Sankarea Tankoubon Vol. 1 release shortly!! Cover and first pages in grand color!!
P1.B1: Furuya-kun----!!
P1.Box1: Sanka Rea (15) // The only daughter of a good household. After running away from her father and falling to death, she revived as a Zombie.
P2.Top: K Prefecture, Ashikura District, Town Shiyou
P2.B1: Heh...
P2.B2: Now's the time.
BottomBox: Chapter 08: ...Disgust...
P1.T1: *Inside the car
P1.B1: Hey, let me go!!
P1.Box1: Furuya Chihiro (15) // A Zombie-Otaku, who used a drug to revive his cat. Rea also drank a bit of that drug...
P2.Box1: Sanka Danichirou (48) // The culprit who drove his only daughter Rea into death with his crazy love for her...
P2.B1: Okay, Furuya... // Let's settle this.
SideText: At the same time at the Furuya Temple....
Sidebox1: Furuya Mero // Daughter of the Furuya Family - Interest: Copying sutras.
Sidebox2: Babu // A Zombie-Cat
Top: Sankarea
TextRight: Breaking Limbs!!
TextMiddle: Moving Corpses!!
TextLeft: I want to love
TextLeft2: summer to it's fullest!!
Bottom: First Volume goes on sale on 16/7 (Friday)!! // Hattori Mitsuru
Side: Fiction bla bla bla
P1.T1: Remember to read the color pages at the front!
P2.T1: Sanka Mansion----
P3.B1: Thank you for coming here, Furuya-sama.
P3.T1: Maid Akino-san // (In Service: 3 Years)
P3.B2: Here a welcome drink for you.
P4.B1: Hooo--- // Nice, I was getting a bit thirsty-
P1.B1: Before that, this whole mess is wrong!!!
P1.B2: Let me go!!!
P1.B3: Then please enjoy the drink.
P2.B1: Damn...
P5.B1: ...
P1.B1: I took all these pictures.
P2.B1: In whatever situation I took a picture, Rea is always so beautiful.
P3.B1: Because she was born with this beauty and fugacity. // She is "purity" in person.
P3.B2: Till now I have always protected her "purity"...
P4.B1: ...
P4.Box1: ...He showed himself.
P1.B1: I'm...
P1.B2: grateful to you.
P1.B3: What!?
P2.B1: By losing her once, I again
P3.B1: felt my "Rea Love" blossoming stronger within me...! // I now want to protect her even more...!
P1.B1: I thank you, // but won't forgive you,
P1.B2: Furuya Chirio.
P1.B1: What's this...
P2.B1: A girl was swinging this bench around earlier?
P2.B2: Eh-- Can't be...
P2.B3: Hey, someone collapsed here...
P3.B1: Ah.. Excuse me... // Could increase
P3.B2: the air-conditioning some more?
P4.B1: Yes.
P4.B2: Is it really that hot today?
P5.T1: I'm sure,
P5.T2: these guys from earlier were send by my father...!!
P1.T1: Furuya-kun is... in danger...!!!
P1.B1: Could you speed up as well?
P1.B2: Yes.
P1.B3: I wonder if she's rich...?
P2.B1: Heey
P2.B2: Where're we going?
P3.B1: ...I just hope
P3.B2: he doesn't throws me into boiling oil or down a cliff...
P4.B1: Eh, Maid-san, // could I go to the toilet?
P4.B2: And use this chance to escape.
P1.B1: I'll clean up later,
P1.B2: so just relief yourself here.
P1.B3: ....
P2.B1: Don't worry...
P4.B1: I didn't bring you here to torture you.
P1.B1: !!? [small text] A training hall!? [/small text]
P1.B2: The weapons are over here.
P2.B1: Weapons!? [Small text] What? [/small text]
P2.B2: Just pick what you want. // I don't mind bare hands too...
P2.B3: Hold your horses! You can't possible mean...
P2.B1: ...Let's find out,
P3.B1: who is qualified to protect Rea---
P4.B1: Looks like she has the money...
P3.B1: ....Please call
P3.B2: my father..!!
P4.B1: I'm truly sorry, but Danichirou-sama [Maid=polite]
P4.T1: Head Maid Satsuki-san (In Service: 10 Years)
P4.T2: Second in Maid Natsukawa-san (In Service: 7 Years)
P4.B2: is currently busy. [Maid=polite]
P1.B1: Furuya-kun is here too, right!?
P1.B2: Bring me to my father!!
P2.B1: We cannot do that. [Maid=polite]
P2.B2: You will have to // rest for the time being. [Maid=polite]
P1.B1: Excuse me. [Maid=polite]
P2.B1: Aria-sama, [Maid=polite]
P2.B2: Rea-sama was taken into custody. [Maid=polite]
P3.B1: ....// Ok...
P4.B1: ...
P4.B2: Will you not go to see her? [Maid=polite]
P4.T1: Maid Himuro (In Service: 1 Year)
P1.B1: Just tell her this:
P1.B2: Even if your father forgives you for this, I won't.
P3.B1: Kyaaa
P1.B1: Eh.... // What... !?
P1.B2: Why are you...
P2.B1: Please excuse us. [Maid=polite]
P2.B2: This are Danichirou-sama's orders.
P3.B1: Then I'll order you too!!
P3.B2: Untie me immediately!!
P4.B1: My, my. Giving out orders with such a scary face... [Maid=polite]
P4.B2: To think you changed so much in the few days you ran away... [Maid=polite]
P5.B1: We cannot have this...
P1.B1: I guess a little punishment, of course hidden from Danichirou-sama, is in order. [Maid=polite]
P2.B1: You are right, // A chance like this won't come again...
P3.B1: Eh...What // are you doing!?
P3.B2: N- No...
P1.B1: Hooooo~~~~~~~
P3.B1: .....
P3.B2: So cute~~~~~!!!
P1.B1: Wh- What's with this lewd outfit...!?
P1.B2: I always wanted Rea-sama to try it out~
P1.B3: Yeah~~~!!
P2.B1: Gr.. You cowards!!!
P2.B2: To take advantage of my immobilization and forcing this embarrassing outfit onto me...!!!
P1.B1: An embarrassed Rea-sama is also cute~~~~<3 [Don't dare to leave the <3 in the release...]
P1.B2: What should we make her wear next? As a female ninja? Or some cosplay?
P1.B3: .....!!!
P2.T1: And when I don't have time for such...
P2.B1: Let's go with this.
P2.B2: Eh, isn't this better?
P2.T1: I have a bad feeling...
P3.B1: *rip*
P3.B2: *rip*
P3.T1: Furuya-kun....
P4.T1: Furuya-kun!!!
P1.B1: Mh? What's wrong?
P1.B2: I said when you can land one hit on me, // it's your win.
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: Isn't that unfair?
P3.B2: Though I don't know anything about fencing.....
P3.T1: I think I even hold the this thing wrong... [yeah he calls it thing]
P3.B3: Then just come at me with your sword brawling skills.
P1.B1: I don't even have skills like that!!
P1.B2: What? How pathetic. // So you never learned any self-defense skills?
P2.B1: Then why did my Rea come to you, a pathetic guy // without any talent or skills....
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: .....Eh? // You don't know that?
P1.B1: You don't know that??
P1.B2: You don't know that???
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: ....What... are you trying to say.
P4.B1: Basically...
P4.B2: It's...
P1.B1: Disgust. [start symbol here]
P2.B1: ....What?
P2.B2: "Let's settle it in a 1on1"?
P2.B3: What's that?
P4.B1: Ignoring Rea's feelings,
P4.B2: The winner gets her, // or this selfish abducting of me. Things like that.
P5.B1: ...
P5.B2: You're too self-centered!
P1.B1: Or specially that habit of taking a nude picture of your daughter when it's her birthday.
P2.B1: Y- You bastard, how do you....
P2.B2: That's totally crazy~ // That surpasses the normal "Parent Love"!!
P3.B1: OF COURSE someone would want to run away [capital= emphazise, make it bold]
P3.B2: from such a DISGUISING FATHER! [capital= emphazise, make it bold]
P4.B1: Right?
P4.B2: So this duel is useless.
[no text]
P1.B1: ...Furuya, // it seems you slightly underestimated me...
P3.B1: Your tiny existence,
P3.B2: can be easily erased by my influence...!
P3.B3: ...Right,
P1.B1: Rea?
P3.B1: What's wrong, Furuya?
P3.B2: You only thought this was a game?
P1.B1: Mh?
P2.T1: Eehh----!?
P3.B1: No way...
P1.B1: What's thiiiiiis!??
P1.B2: Duui.
Side: Furuya somehow enters ultimate mode with a strange key phrase!!

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