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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Sankarea 12

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:14 | Go to Sankarea

-> RTS Page for Sankarea 12

Sankarea Chapter 12:

P1.Box1: During the last few days, in the Furuya household a lot of things happened----
P1.Side: This time the heroine isn't Rea----
P2.Box1: And the person who accepted all this calmly----
P3.Box1: Yes... Chiharu's little sister....
P3.B1: Mh.
P1.B1: .....
P3.B1: ....Pat.
P4.Box1: Furuya Mero (12 years-old)
P4.T1: A guaranteed good sleep!!?? Mero always wears this pajama <3
P4.T2: Chapter 12: Mother's....hand
P1.T1: Shiyou Middle School-----
P2.B1: Wah, amazing!!
P3.B1: "Zombie witnessed increase all over the world", "What will happen to mankind" is what it says!!
P3.B2: I'm all excited now.
P3.T1: Mero's classmate // Shinoda Ichie
P4.B1: Zombies don't exists--- // Because if they would, the news or newspaper would be full of it.
P4.B2: Don't be fooled, Miko!!!!
P4.T1: Mero's classmate // Yasaka Miko
P5.B1: The government is withholding information!! [small text] That's what the internet says!! [/small text]
P5.B2: What do you think, Mero-chan----?
P1.B1: If you're talking about Zombies, one is freeloading at my place at the moment. What about it?
P3.B1: Uwa, for real!? Show it to me after school!!
P3.B2: Eh, you're serious?
P3.B3: Ah, but she goes out, so she might not be home.
P4.B1: Then proof it with a photo!! // And then let's summit it to "Monthly Moor"!!
P4.B2: That would go against her privacy, so....
P4.B3: Like a Zombie has any privacy!!
P1.B1: More importantly, you said it goes out!? Is that okay!?
P1.B2: Mh? Well she attends school normally.
P1.B3: Hey, isn't she attacking humans and eating them!?
P1.B4: No, she always eats hydrogenea leafs, so I guess she's a vegetarian.
P2.T1: Attends school
P2:B1: ....
P2.T2: Vegetarian....
P3.B1: So- Somehow that sounds rather different from a normal Zombie... // Is that really a Zombie?
P3.B2: Well, my brother said so.
P4.B1: Your brother!?? // Just your freaky brothers delusions, huh----
P4.T1: I want to kiss a zombie----
P4.B2: And here I was getting excited, but it's just fake?
P4.B3: Who knows.
P5.B1: Tch. I thought a chance for us to became famous was there....
P5.B2: Geez, Your mom really needs to tell that brother of yours a few words---
P5.B3: Ah, Ichie-chan.... Mero-chan's mom is.....
P1.B1: Ah, Sorr---
P1.B2: Mh?
P2.B1: ....Ah, it's not really bothering me.
P3.Box1: That's right, my mother is gone.
P5.Box1: She was gone before I even remember, // so I nearly don't have any memories of her.
P5.Box2: I just remember one thing about her.
P1.Box1: And that is----
P1.B1: My, My, // Could you have a fever?
P3.B1: .......Ah, // Oops.
P3.B2: I can't tell your temperature with "that". [instead of the " " make it bold of italic]
P4.Box1: Her hand----
P1.Box1: The memory
P1.Box2: of my mom's bandaged hand // is very clear----
P2.B1: ....
P5.B1: Wait a mom, Dad!!
P5.B2: Are you really letting her stay her too?
P6.B1: But she's a friend of gramps, right?
P6.B2: We don't know if that's right, so why....
P6.B3: Do we have a guest?
P1.T1: -----Shiryou Temple Grounds - Graveyard
P1.B1: Mn.
P2.B1: That bro
P2.B2: offered some strange things again.
P3.B1: Geez, what's he thinking.
P4.B1: ...Okay.
P4.B2: This is better...
P5.T1: Rest in peace---- [or whatever you say at the grave]
P5.B1: Ah, Mero-chan!!
P1.B1: Welcome back----
P1.B2: Yeah.
P2.B1: I'm home, Rea-dono. // Do you need something here?
P2.B2: No, nothing particular...
P3.B1: It's just there is a friend of your grandfather, // and it was a bit awkward to stay there.....
P3.B2: I see....
P4.B1: And what are you doing here.... Ah, grave offering?
P4:B2: Yes.
P5.B1: For my mother.
P5.B2: !
P1.B1: I... I see... That's why I haven't seen her around. // That's how it was...
P2.B1: ...You're really a great girl. // Always doing all the chores.
P2.B2: Well, I'm doing it since I was small. [children labor!???]
P3.B1: I was always spoiled... // so I really admire people like you, who do things all by themselves.
P3.B2: ....Well,
P4.B1: I would wish though, that the men in our family would help out.
P4.B2: Ahaha.
P4.B3: Acchoo!!
P1.B1: Ah, I know.
P2.B1: Then let me help out with chores from now on!!
P2.B2: Eh.
P3.B1: No... I would feel bad....
P3.B2: Why? You don't have to. // I really want to help.
P4.B1: Okay,
P4.B2: Please let me, Mero-chan.
P1.T1: "Okay...."
P1.T2: "Mero-chan..."
P2.B1: !!
P3.B1: ......Okay.
P3.B2: Yay.
P4.Box1: ....Huh!? // Why did just now....
P6.B1: My, what's wrong? Your flushed. // Do you have a fever!?
P1.T1: -------------!!
P2.B1: .....Ah.
P3.B1: Oops, I'm a Zombie, so even if I use my hand, // I can't tell the temperature with "that". [same as before, bold or italics]
P4.T1: Ah....
P1.B1: Mama....
P2.B1: Mh?
P2.T1: "Mama"...?
P2.B2: Ah....
P3.B1: I- It- // It's nothing!!
P4.Box1: I don't know why I called her that....
P4.B1: Ah.
P1.Box1: But.... for some reason at that time
P1.B1: Mero-chan, your shoppings----
P1.B2: !!
P1.Box2: I saw, // my mom's face in Rea-dono------
P2.T1: ....After that we made dinner together....
P4.B1: ....That's a Zombie?
P4.T1: It was a fake after all...
Side: An illusion, or....It seems the Furuya household still holds a few mysteries. To be continued.

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