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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Sankarea 13

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:15 | Go to Sankarea

-> RTS Page for Sankarea 13

Sankarea Chapter 13:

VerticalRight: A vegetarian zombie Girl!
P1.T1: Chapter 13: I can't... understand....
P1.T1: That she doesn't know how to use a sponge gourd isn't because she's a zombie... but a lady.
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: ...You have
P3.B2: to use it like that, after all... huh.
P3.T1: Trying it // out
P4.B1: Darin is gone!!?
P1.B1: She left her luggage here and went somewhere....!?
P1.B2: Guess so... Gramps isn't here either... I don't know what's going on.
P1.B3: She's gives me bad vibes as no one ever knows what she's planning...
P2.B1: Maybe she's out for a walk with gramps?
P2.B2: Well, who cares. Hope she doesn't come back!
P3.B1: Man...
P3.B2: Mh?
P4.B1: Wah!!
P4.B2: She left him here too!!
P5.B1: Ah... Towa-chan... was it? // Good morning.
P5.B2: H- Hey, you better don't get to close to it....
P6.B1: I think it's okay....
P1.B1: !!!
P2.B1: Kyaaaaaaa
P2.B2: I told you. It has the same bad personality has it's owner!!
P2.B3: Ahahaha, what a sight. (Papa)
P4.B1: See you later, Don't be reckless again. // Specially in P.E.
P4.B2: Yes... I will hold back in running and jumping.
P6.B1: ....
P6.B2: Wanko isn't around, right?
P1.B1: .......Ah, you know.
P1.B2: It's about the day after tomorrow.... Umm....
P2.B1: Eh.
P2.T1: Day after tomorrow... [Let's go watch the movie!]
P3.B1: Ah, no. // I'll tell you later at home....
P3.B2: Later.
P3.B3: Okay...
P4.B1: ....
P6.B1: ...I wonder what he wanted to tell me...
P6.B2: The day after tomorrow is.... the festival, right?
P1.B1: .....Eh, then could it be, he wants to invite....!?
P1.B2: *prick*
P2.B1: .....!! [small text] I was so deep in thoughts... [/small text]
P2.B2: Not good. I sewed my finger.
P3.T1: ....Huh!?
P4.T1: Somehow the skin on my fingertips...
P5.above: *Before homeroom they have time for "Gracious Sewing" [<- since it's a upper class school with dancing classes and all, this is something to hone their lady-like atmosphere. gracious sounds stupid, but just sewing doesn't cut it, find something fitting please]
P5.B1: Rea-sama, please look at this!! It's the first time I sewed something so long!!
P6.B1: I sewed for the first time when I enrolled here, and now 1 1/2 months later... // This is proof that small efforts slowly pile up and became a great strength in the end...
P6.B2: Huh? Something wrong with your hand?
P1.B1: No... nothing. // I'm... going to wash my hands.
P1.B2: Eh? But homeroom is starting soon.
P4.T1: Huh....?
P4.T2: I think I saw.... this back before.
P1.B1: Ah....!! // There you are!!
P2.B1: Eh... Kurumiya-san!!?
P3.B1: Wh- Why are you here....!?
P4.B1: Fufu. The security of Japanese schools is a laugh. // As long as you wear the right uniform anyone can enter.
P4.T1: She trespassed!!?
P1.B1: My---- Sanka-san? Homeroom is starting, you know.
P1.Box1: Rea's homeroom teacher // Morizono Aya (24)
P2.B1: Mh? She's from which class again...
P2.B2: Ah, she...
P2.B3: Nice to meet you, Sensei.
P3.B1: I'm home staying at Sanka-san's house and will properly attend school here starting next week...
P3.B2: And I wanted to see the school grounds before.
P3.B3: My.
P4.B1: Then Sanka-san, show her around. [small text] Forget about homeroom. [/small text]
P4.B2: Umm... Okay...
P4.T1: Eh---- Is that really okay----!!?
P1.B1: ...Over there is the Japanese dance room.
P1.B2: And at the end there is the AV room.
P2.B1: Then next, let us head to the fourth building....
P4.B1: .....Umm... Is it boring?
P4.B2: ....Hey, could it be, this is just a normal school?
P1.B1: Of course, what else....
P1.B2: I see...
P2.B1: You're an idiot, huh?
P3.B1: Eh, what do you mean....
P3.B2: Whatever.
P3.B3: How about we go over there?
P4.B1: Eh....? // Onto the auditorium rooftop....!?
P5.B1: Entrance is forbidden there, so we can't go...
P5.B2: Mmpf.
P1.T1: Eh--------------
P2.B1: !!
P1.B1: Then, I guess it's fine when we come from "above".
P2.B1: ....You coming along?
P3.B1: Eh...Ah... Umm...
P3.T1: Uwa....!!
P3.T2: That distance without inrun....!?
P4.B1: You not coming?
P4.B2: Ah, wait....
P4.B3: Kurumiya-san.
P1.B1: Ah, geez...
P2.B1: Dah!!!
P3.B1: Kyaa
P4.B1: Ah, you really followed me.
P4.B2: O- Of course.
P1.B1: I was told to
P1.B2: show you around by the teacher!!
P2.B1: Huh?
P2.B2: What kind of reason is that....
P3.B1: B- But, why can you do that!?
P3.B2: "That"...?
P3.B3: Your jump. You jumped that far without inrun...
P4.B1: Same reason as you.
P4.B2: Eh.
P1.B1: It's turned off.
P1.B2: My brain's "limiter".
P2.B1: E-EH!? // But you're not a zombie...
P2.B2: Yeah. I'm a living being... But as part of my research I put in a bit of the "Zombie Poison" into my body....
P3.T1: Poison...!!
P4.T1: Then she's the same as
P4.T2: Furuya-kun before, a half-zombie....!?
P2.B1: Guh.
P3.B1: My wound still hurts... I should have gotten a bit of Rea's poison....?
P3.B2: But if I take too much, will I die too...?
P4.Box1: More importantly, this morning was a failure... // I'm sure Rea wants to go to the "Shiyou Festival" the day after tomorrow,
P4.Box2: so I thought I would invite her.... but my words wouldn't .... come out... [small text] I'm still green, huh... [/small text]
P5.B1: Ah--- What's wrong, Furuya?
P5.T1: You look down, something troubling you?
P5.B2: Different from you, my life is filled with problems!!
P6.B1: ...Ah-- // Speaking of....
P6.B2: Mh?
P1.B1: Ju- Just theoretical....
P1.B2: How would you ask a girl to come with you to the coming festival?
P3.B1: Huh...!?? // Huh. huh~~~!???
P3.B2: Wh- What?
P4.B1: Who are you going to ask!?
P4.B2: Ug.
P5.B1: You couldn't be thinking of inviting Rea-san!? // Or could it be Wanko-san!? I won't forgive you either way!!
P5.B2: No, I don't really... Umm...
P5.B3: I wonder... who he'll go with...
P1.B1: I don't get your "Normal lifestyle" blabbering.
P2.B1: Eh.
P2.B2: Why is a Zombie attending school
P2.B3: and mimicking a human lifestyle?
P3.B1: ... // Is that weird?
P3.B2: It is.
P4.B1: Isn't it totally contradictory?
P1.B1: You don't seem all that concerned about the maintenance of your body.
P1.B2: Your exposing your body to damage by going out like this...
P2.B1: When I heard you're going to school, // I clearly thought it was for the sake of research or that this place would be a research institute for bodies....
P2.B2: But this is just a normal school with air conditioning!!
P3.B1: Ah, but there are no problems so far... // I'm eating the hydragenea regular...
P4.B1: That's because your still a "fresh state"
P4.B2: !?
P1.B1: Since I was 6 years old, I participate in the now 8 years running "Zombie Medical Anthology" and saw numerous Zombies , so I can assure you: [fuck I have trouble phrasing this, basically, the anthology runs for 8 years now, and started when she was 6. She was part of it the whole time. Something like this?]
P2.B1: After about one week, the "fresh state" ends and even hydragena won't be able to keep your body or sanity intact....
P3.B1: When it comes to that.... you can no longer "co-exists" besides humans....
P3.B2: A Zombie is a Zombie after all.
P1.B1: .....!!
P4.B1: Eh.... // I... see...
P6.B1: That's how it was... Kurumiya-san...
P6.B2: You finally understood, huh....
P1.B1: You are
P1.B2: young than me, right. [small text] You're 14. [/small text]
P3.B1: Geez, when I first met you, you were dressed so grown-up, // I thought for sure you are older.
P3.B2: Wh- What you're talking about!?
P1.B1: Now that I think about it, I'm a bit taller than you.
P1.T1: You were wearing high heels when we first met, so I didn't notice it....
P1.B2: So cute-----
P1.B3: !!!
P2.B1: C.....
P2.B2: Cute!?
P2.B3: You're Japanese is also very good. And with your name, your family must be living in Japan for a while, right? [her name: kurumiya, obviously not a foreign name....]
P3.B1: No, it's my first time here. // My grandma taught me Japanese....Hey!
P3.B2: More importantly, aren't you worried about your own body!?
P4.B1: Eh, but there is nothing I can do about it. // As a zombie...
P4.B2: So
P1.B1: isn't it all the more reason
P1.B2: to treasure my lifestyle now before it ends?
P3.T1: ....This can't be.
P4.T1: How could a Zombie creation think so positively...
P4.T2: This can't be!!!
P1.T1: I can't understand.
P1.B1: ?
P1.T2: I can't understand.
P1.B2: Ah... // I don't get what's going on in your head at all....
P2.T1: I can't...
P3.B1: Ah....
P1.B1: ......
P1.B2: Ah, Kurumiya-san!!
P1.T1: Damn, the wind....!!
P3.T1: I can't grab on anything....
P4.T1: My body capacities might be enhanced... but with this falling posture....
P4.T2: there's no way I can prevent my body from getting dama---
P1.B1: !!!
P1.B1: Kurumiya-san!!
P2.B1: Wake up, Kurumiya-san! // Are you okay!?
P2.B2: Mm...
P3.B1: Ah... I'm glad... you're okay..
P3.B2: Are you hurt anywhere?
P4.B1: ....
P4.B2: Y- You saved me...!? // ....Hey.
P1.B1: What's with your arm!?
P1.B2: Eh.
P2.B1: AH-----!! It ripped when I grabbed onto the branch!?
P2.B2: ....
P3.B1: Ah.. but thanks to that, it took most of the falls impact and prevented serious injuries....
P3.T1: Wha......
P1.B1: Ah, but what now.... // Furuya-kun will get angry....perhaps!!
P1.T1: Something is off....!!
P2.T1: She's
P2.Small1: Ei~
P2.Small2: Ei~ I can't reach it---- [FUCKING CUTE LOL]
P2.T2: just an idiot after all...
P4.B1: Ah, there it is..
P4.B2: But... I wonder if I can sew it back on...?
P5.B1: ....Man, you're so hopeless. I'll reattach it for you.
P5.B2: Eh, you can do that!?
P1.B1: Well yeah, // since you saved me just now....
P1.B2: Wah, thank you, Darin-chan!!
P2.B1: CHAN!???
P2.B2: Ah... Right!!
P3.B1: You just said you couldn't understand what's going on in my head, right...?
P3.B2: So, umm, to get you to understand me... if you like, // umm...
P1.B1: would you go with me
P1.B2: to the festival the day after tomorrow?
P2.T1: I can't understand her at all.
P3.B1: Should I show her a flyer of the festival and wait for her to ask... // Not good...
P3.T1: Brood~ Brood~ Brood~ Brood~ Brood~ // I have no clue [his head] how to ask her
P3.B2: Aw--- What must I do so it seems naturally....!?
Side: [arrow pointing above] An example of natural invitation. [arrow pointing right] An example of someone who missed his chance.

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