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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Kaitaishinsho ZERO 11

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:54 | Go to Kaitaishinsho ZERO

-> RTS Page for Kaitaishinsho ZERO 11

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 11:

P1.Box1: Sensei managed to treat the Spider Disease Demon, but...
P1.Box2: he was totally exhausted after he received the attacks of the masked man.
P2.Box1: So to let Sensei recover, we got permission to rest at an inn.
P3.Box1: And the it's the Nurse Momo's duty to nurse
P3.Box2: the exhausted Sensei back to health!
P4.Box1: ----So, with that...
P4.Side: This time, the great adventure of the Nurse Momo<3
P5.B1: Sensei! It's my special porridge!
P5.B2: I made it, so please eat it!
P1.T1: He flew...
P2.T1: He- He's gone!!
P2.T2: Chapter 03: Momo and nursing
P2.B1: Gahahahaha!!!
P3.B1: Auntie, one more Anmitsu please!
P3.B2: Ah, and some Dango too! And do you have Monaka? I totally love them!
P4.B1: Sensei... Looks like you have fun...
P4.B2: Of course, since I can eat without hearing Momo's scolding...
P1.B1: Kyaaaaaa---!! // You already used up all the money the association send us! // Hpo do you plan to eat tomorrow!?
P2.B1: You always do as you please!!
P2.B2: Please think about me a bit too!!
P3.B1: Then...
P3.B2: Sorry...
P4.B1: I give this back.
P4.T1: Already bite off some.
P5.B1: Grw
P5.B2: Grwrw
P6.B1: Haa
P6.B2: Haa
P1.B1: You have it hard, // Momo...
P1.B2: !
P2.B1: Eh? This voice? Tsubaki-san?
P2.B2: Here. I'm here.
P3.B1: !
P3.B2: 'Sup!
P3.B3: This dragonfly! It's Tsubaki-san's...!!
P4.B1: Yeah, I'm talking you to through my Shikigami.
P5.B1: Seems like you two were attacked by these guys too.
P6.B1: Then that means you too?
P6.B2: Yeah.
P1.B1: When I returned to the association, I reported it, but it doesn't seem like they can do anything.
P1.B2: I'll investigate these guys a bit... so until I know something, don't do something alone.
P2.B1: Ok, I understand.
P2.B2: They got Sensei really bad too...
P3.B1: Right, Sensei?
P3.T1: Gone.
P4.B1: ---Gah, he's gone! Sensei!
P5.B1: Hey, hey. Nursing your pet shouldn't be so thard.
P5.B2: Wha-!! // It's not like that!!
P1.B1: Could he having an affair? // *giggle*
P1.B2: Geez! Tsubaki-san!!
P1.B3: We don't have such a relationship! // Besides Sensei has no interest in love to begin with!! Probably...
P2.B1: Well, I wonder if that's true...
P2.B2: He's a bit dull.
P3.B1: Give your best protecting him~~
P4.B1: Geez... // Sensei is like this!
P4.T1: Who is that girl talking to?
P6.B1: H- How strange, I can't find him...
P7.T1: An affair...
P8.B1: It's Sensei we're talking about, I'm sure he went somewhere to read his books again...
P8.B2: Mh?
P1.B1: Eh!?
P3.T1: Kyaaaaaaa----!!
P3.T2: Her voice won't come out.
P5.T1: S- So he really was meeting a woman in secret!?
P5.B1: You're cute, how about a date?
P5.Forehead: Soutarou
P5.B2: Ah, sure.
P1.T1: And I thought he had no interest in woman...!
P3.B1: W- Well, it's to // understand...
P3.T1: I'm big and have a bad mouth.
P3.B2: Of course he would find someone he likes...
P4.B1: And we two are just childhood friends...
P4.B2: *grip*
P5.B1: Because he said he wanted to search for the Zero Volume,
P5.B2: I said I would go with him, but...
P6.B1: I'm only by his side, because I insisted so much...
P7.B1: So, if Sensei found someone... I...
P7.B2: will have to give up...
P1.B1: Oh!
P1.B2: I found it. This is it.
P2.B1: Good, with this...
P2.B2: Sensei----!
P3.B1: I can't stand it after all------!!
P4.B1: Uwaaaaaa!! // I don't want that!!
P4.B2: I'll give my best as a nurse!! So please don't abandon me~~~!!
P1.B1: Come again?
P2.B1: Eh?
P2.B2: Aren't you and this girl going out...
P2.B3: How did it come to this?
P3.B1: This girl is the sister of my patient!!
P3.B2: Her brother is currently bedridden! // So that's why we came to collect some herbs and berries.
P4.B1: But, your flirting...
P4.B2: I don't know what you saw, // but I just checked if she was infected too.
P5.B1: Sensei!!
P2.B1: Brother!
P3.B1: You're up already?
P3.B2: Yeah, thanks to his medicine I got better.
P4.B1: He came down with a cold because of malnutrition and exhaustion.
P4.B2: You can lower his fever with the Commeline we picked earlier. I wrote the details // on the paper. I also wrote some other stuff that will help him recover. Use that too, okay?
P5.B1: Yes!
P5.B2: Thank you very much!
P6.B1: Sensei, you also have a normal doctors knowledge!
P6.B2: Heh. // You always say I waste our money on those books, // but I'm studying with them everyday!
P7.B1: O- Ok, sorry.
P1.B1: Brother!!
P1.B2: ?
P2.B1: Ken-chan!
P2.B2: Fumi?
P3.B1: How is he?
P3.B2: The doctor took a look at him... // and he just woke up and feels better.
P4.B1: Who is he?
P5.B1: My sisters' childhood friend.
P6.B1: They're going out and are even engaged.
P1.B1: Because we're poor, // and I stay bedridden and can't work...
P1.B2: my sister would have to marry into a rich family...
P2.B1: I'm really glad those two hadn't to split up...!
P3.B1: Thank you...
P3.B2: Thank you very much!
P4.B1: Let me say my thanks too! Really thank you!!
P4.B2: Ahahaha
P6.T1: Thanks!!
P6.T2: Aha, you exaggerate
P2.B1: That's right, for a girl,
P3.B1: she want to be happy with someone she really loves.
P4.B1: Sensei, I heard you love books? // I have a lot of books I already read, so you can take them.
P4.T1: It's not much, but...
P4.B2: Really?
P5.B1: But...
P6.T1: *whisper*
P6.T2: Yeah // yeah
P1.B1: Wa---h.
P1.B2: It seems Sensei still has no interest in woman after all...
P1.B3: I'm glad!
P2.B1: Hey, Sensei!!
P2.B2: We had a short break now, so let's give our best now in the search for the Zero Volume!!
P3.B1: Mh?
P4.B1: You got some books from him?
P4.B2: Ugh!?
P5.B1: What kind of books are you reading?
P5.B2: Perhaps I should study a bit too.
P5.B3: Ah, no! No need to! That's my duty!
P6.B1: Ah, come on, let me---
P1.B1: Ah---!! No----!!
P1.Side: Of course he is a man...
P1.B1: Eh? You see, he said he was already done with it, or rather he wanted to throw it out, so...
P1.B2: So, yeah, I offered to dispose it for him...
P1.B3: Se // n // se // i, // you
P4.B1: IDIOT!!!
P4.B2: GWAR!!
P5.Side: Next time, a new development!!
P5.B1: Why do you care for such a book when you have no interest in me!?
P5.B2: Mh? // What?
P6.B1: Shut up!!
P6.B2: Gwaar!!
Bottom: Continued in Issue 26... On sale on 26/5 (Wednesday)

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