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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Sankarea 18

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 27, 2011 12:35 | Go to Sankarea

-> RTS Page for Sankarea 18

Sankarea Chapter 18:

Side: Everyone has memories that won't stay sad forever. Even Zombies---
P1.T1: Chapter 18: Strong....Memories...
P1.B1: ....Then what about this....?
P1.B2: Fufufu
P1.T1: Aria loses are clothing piece and Furuya backs off!?
P2.B1: How far have you gone with her?
P2:B2: Huh!?
P1:B1: Still at the kissing stage? // No, did she give in to her lust she had to suppress so far?
P2.B1: W- What are you saying, // Rea would never...
P3:B1: My, my... Then you haven't even done it once with her...?
P3.B2: ....Ah!! I know. // After all she's a "monster".
P1.B1: It's because her body rots, since she's a zombie, right? // And the stench drives you away.
P1.B2: Her skin also begins to rot.... Fufufu...
P2.B1: Fufu... Fufufu. Hahaha
P2.B2: ....
P2:B3: How could you say that about your own daughter, who you bore....
P1.B1: ....Bore?
P2.B1: That cat-like boy is here again=
P2:B2: Ssh
P2.B3: I did...?
P3.B1: No, I never was pregnant.
P3:B2: !?
P4.B1: Huh!? // What do you mean?
P4:B2: That makes you...
P4.B3: I am... Danichirou's // second wife...
P5.B1: !!
P1.B1: Yeah... Rea is
P1.B2: the child of his previous wife....
P2.B1: She has no blood relation to me whatsoever.
P3.B1: No way!?
P1.B1: Rea never said anything about that.
P1.B2: Obviously. It's the biggest taboo of the Sanka family. // Just a few people in this mansion know of it.
P2.B1: Did you know?
P2.B2: No...
P3:B1: Fufu... While I'm at it, let me tell you a story from before Rea was born. // For generation, the maids employed here
P3.T1: Only those who passed certain criteria, like education, lineage or literacy
P3.B2: were originally hired as bride candidates for the succeeding son of the Sanka Family.
P3:T2: were allowed to work here.
P1.T1: Most of the maids wanted to get into the Sanka Family
P1.T2: so they were after Danichirou-san, who was still a graduate student at that time.
P2.T1: Yes... I was one of these maids.
P2.B1: Good morning, Danichirou-sama.
P2:B2: Yeah...
P2.T2: ....But Danichirou-sama had no interest in anyone....
P3.T1: His non existing interest in women was so great is was suspicious.
P3:B1: Tch.
P3:T2: Now that I think back, he must have been sick of it all, when he realized how he was raised to be a clean-freak.
P4.T1: But it totally turned around.
P1.T1: On that day, as part of a welfare activity, // a fencing tournament was held.
P1.T2: Letting people from the neighborhood into the mansion to watch.
P2.T1: Of course Danichirou-san participated himself.
P3.B1: Wondeful, Danichirou-sama<3
P4.T1: He defeated the strongest fighter of each country----
P4:B1: ...
P1.T1: Only to expected. The Sanka Family was the greatest sponsor of the FIE.
P1.Below: *FIE = Fédération Internationale d'Escrime (International Fencing Federation)
P2.B1: C'était un bon jeu. (It was a good fight)
P2.T1: It was already decided beforehand that Danichirou-san would win this tournament, which is held every year at the Sanka Mansion.
P4.B1: Why wouldn't you face me seriously!?
P4.B2: You think I couldn't take it!?
P5.T1: Well, he never was good at reading the atmosphere.
P5.B1: Grr.
P6.T1: He didn't seem to like this "rule"-----
P1.T1: It was when the tournament was over and the visitor paid their farewell....
P2.B1: Excuse me....
P3.T1: That girl called out to Danichirou-san....
P3:B1: Here....
P4.B1: Ah... Yeah.
P4.B2: You might have been unsatisfied with the match
P5.B1: !
P5:B2: but if you treat things to crude, God will be angry at you.
P1.B1: Even more if your training and skills are impressive
P1.B2: despite being in a maybe-set-up match.
P2.B1: A few days later, he proposed to that
P2:B2: little 15 years old girl.
P2:B3: !!!
P3.B1: That was the first tragedy in the Sanka Family. // He ignored us and choose a frail little girl, who's linage was unknown...
P3:B2: ...That's Rea's real mother...!! [small text] Hey, hey... [/small text]
P1.B1: Well, after giving birth that girl died. // I wouldn't have cared if I made him mine immediately after....
P2.B1: But....
P5.B1: But....
P5:B2: But why!!?
P1.B1: He hasn't looked at me as a wife, not even once, sine we're married.
P2.B1: He's just crazy over Rea....
P3.B1: In the end, he's still chasing the face of that girl....!!!
P5.Box1: It seems... // it wasn't just her father
P5.Box2: who trapped Rea.
P1.B1: Say... Furuya-kun... don't you think...
P1:B2: am an unfortunate woman...?
P2.B1: Won't you comfort me // with your body....?
P3.B1: Here.... A warmth a zombie can't give you....
P4.B1: I'll teach you all about it... <3
P2.B1: Hyan!?
P3.B1: Wha--
P4.B1: Sorry.
P4:B2: I'm only interested in zombie chicks!!
P1.B1: Rather, coming here made me realize,
P1.B2: I was wrong to come to ask you for help.
P2.B1: U--
P3.B1: Uwaaaaa
P4.B1: Why... Why is everyone only after her....
P4.T1: She's crying...
P4.B2: Why is noone looking at me~~~~!!
P5.B1: Nba~
P1.T1: Nbaa~
P1.B1: ....Ah.
P2.B1: Kitty... you want to comfort me...?
P2.B2: Such a me....?
P3.B1: Ahh... how lovely....
P3.B2: Good kitten....
P4.B1: That's a zombie too. [tits in this panel <3]
P5.B1: Someone throw out these two freaks------!!!
P5.B2. I'll leave on my own.
P1.B1: Ah, the exit is not...
P2.B1: Furuya-sama!?
P3.B1: I'm already here.
P5.B1: Maybe I can find some kind of... // hint...
P2.B1: ....This is
P5.B1: Rea's room....!!
P3.B1: ! // This...
P5.B1: I see. Back then, she
P5.B2: drank the drug from this bin....!!
P1.Box1: And with the intent to commit suicide
P2.Box1: the emptied it with one gulp...
P3.Box1: She's been keeping this been as a kind of memento....
P1.Box1: The memories... of that time...
P2.B1: .... // Rea....
P2.B2: ....diot... [cut off]
P2.B1: ----Ah...
P2.Box1: Wait.. Could it be...!!
P4.B1: Ah....
P2.Box1: In movies, Zombies often
P4.Box1: take action based on their habits when they were alive or on strong memories......
P4.B1: If that's so....
P2.B1-2: *plash"
P3.B1: *plash"
P4.B1: Rea... are you here!?
P4:B2: Wha---
P3.B1-2: *plash"
P4.B1: Rea...
P1.B1: It's you after all... // So I bet you're worrying about how you bit me, right?
P1.B2: That's... nothing!!
P2:B1: Getting bitten a bit by a Zomie....
P3.B1: is more of a reason to be proud, as a Zombie Maniac.
P4.B1: Therefore....!!
P4:B2: ....
P4.B3: Therefore
P1.B1: Please....
P1.B2: Come out once more....
P4.B1: .....!?
P1.B1: .....
P2.B1: Ah...!!!
P2.B2: Furuya.... // -kun....
P2.T1: Looking into the well reveals the drenched Zombie. Rea is bind in heart and body!?

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