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To Aru Majutsu no Index 45

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 1, 2011 13:53 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

-> RTS Page for To Aru Majutsu no Index 45

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To Aru Majitsu no Index Chapter 45

Page 01

(Science X Magic Action, the long awaited new arc!!)
(It’s Index’s favourite bread, but…!?)
It’s been 1 week since the 2nd term started---
…It tastes different.

Page 02+03

On a new stage // a new fight dawns!!!
#45 Reunion

Page 04

I think Yakisoba Bread tastes the same everywhere.
The Yakisoba Bread I ate before
The originally taste, // the seasoned rigor // and it’s sourness were in strange harmony--- // A juicy combination that melted on your tongue.
It just was rotten….
You don’t remember it?
Okay, okay.
I’ll buy one next time again.
Now, // I’m off

Page 05

Not like I could have said “No, I don’t remember”
When it comes to food, you won’t know // what she will do…
(How unfortunate…)
I, Kamijou Touma
Have memory loss.
All my memories before summer vacation are completely gone.
That’s why I don’t remember anything that happened between me and Index, who is currently free-loading at my place.

Page 06

According to the letter I got at the hospital from a friend (?) of Index
I got dragged into an internal conflict of the magicians from the Church of England.
----or so it was writing.
It’s probably thanks to this letter that I have made it this far.
I don’t know from who it was, but I’m thankful.
I think the sender was…
S- Sty--
Styl Magnus?

Page 07

Central London

Page 08

Don’t call me by that pompous name, // Styl.
After all, I’m in casual clothes right now.
You came all the way here without guards… If you wanted to talk, we could have done so at the cathedral too.
I don’t want to be trapped all the time in that old church. // I want to talk by walking too.

Page 08

Well, I don’t really mind, // but if you go through the trouble to call me here, does it mean you don’t want others to hear?
Are you worried?
What a fussy man.
Can’t you enjoy the moment of sharing this walk with me?
…. // Am I allowed to ask one thing?
So formal. // What is it?
Why are you talking in that ridiculous way?

Page 09

I- // is it strange?
Isn’t that the proper way to talk in Japanese?
Grr… // When I studied some books and even had a real Japanese check it…
Huh // That real Japanese, who could you be talking about?
That Tsuchikado Motoharu…
Please don’t use a dangerous guy that makes his sister wear maid clothes as a reference!!
Is that so…
I wouldn’t think so, but let me ask in case: Could you have been that ridiculous speech in meetings with the representative of the Academy City?

Page 10

N- No, I have’t. (Don’t worry, don’t worry)
It’s that. Today I was just feeling a bit through the wind.
Test, test. Can you hear me?
A communication talisman?
You convey your words just by thinking.
If you’re not confident in your Japanese, why not just talk in English? // No need to go this far.
Y- You’re wrong!!
What follows is business talk!

Page 11

Do you know of the “Book of law”?
A Grimoire?
I think the author was Edward Alexander. Also known as Crowley.
What about it? // I believe the original is currently in the Roman Catholic Church’s Vatican library…
Written by the legendary magician Crowley, it’s said to have the “Angel’s Spell” which he got from the Angel Aiwass and the moment the “Book of Law” was opened the Era of the Catholic Church came to and end and gave birth to a completely new era---
I think // no one can decipher it anymore.
Yeah, not even the Index of Prohibited Books // who has 103,00 books memorized can’t do it.

Page 12

And if someone appears that can decipher this undecipherable “Book of Law”, // what then?
…What did you say?
She’s a Roman Catholic Sister, Orsola Acquinas.
Roman Catholic---
Don’t tell me // they plan to use the “Book of Law” as a tool in the power struggle?

Page 13

Don’t worry. It’s not like that. // At least for now.
The Roman Catholic Church has the greatest influence from the 3 great groups of the Catholic, but currently is lacking fighting power.
It wouldn’t be all that strange if they attempt // to use the “Book of Law” to regain power.
Aw, if I say don’t worry, // then don’t worry.
Whatever the Roman Catholic might plan, it’s impossible as it is now.
Both “The Book of Law” and “Orsula Acquinas”
Were stolen together.

Page 14

No way… By whom!?
Let’s discuss the details inside, shall we?

Page 15

T- That sound…
I knew it~~

Page 16

What are you doing?
If it isn’t the sister living with Kamijou Touma.
Uhh, uhh. // This strange Agathon is my natural enemy…// Every time it’s coming after me.
It’s a cleaning roboter.
If you‘re too dirty, it’s gonna suck you in.

Page 17

I- I’m not dirty!
I’m properly taking a batch every day and even the laundary…
Just kidding. // Actually I think it’s reacting to you hairy friend here.
You see---
The 2nd term is quite busy.
The combined sports meet, // the world's largest cultural festival

Page 18

The arts appreciation festival, // the Society observation day,
The great cleaning festival, the End of term Exam Festival, the review festival, the private lesson festival and the tearful detention festival!
It’s full of festivals // It can’t be helped, since everyone is busy with the preparations.
But I’m got nothing to do and am bored.
Touma won’t play with me at all.
Kamijou Touma has his own circumstances, so don’t cause him any trouble.
It’s not like he likes to be stuck in school.
I know, but…
Then why aren’t you stuck in school Maika?
Fufu. I’m an exception.
The training of a Maid is best done practically.
If you become a Maid you can go out whenever and whereever you want?
No, that’s not a maid---

Page 19

Then I’ll become a Maid too!
And visit Touma’s class---!!
That’s wonderful, // but the road to becoming a maid is thorny.
For a girl that gets her lunch made by a boy every single day it’s too thorny.
Okay, then I’ll make Touma a Maid. // And have him visit me.
…That’s so wonderful, I’m getting all teary…
Out of kindness you shouldn’t tell that Kamijou Touma.

Page 20

It’s too bad, but you don’t have the time to become a maid, nor to make that guy into one.

Page 21

Okay, what should I make for dinner--
K- K- Ka- Ka- // Kamijou Touma! Kamijou Touma!!
Tsuchimikado’s sister
It’s a super pinch!!

Page 22

The silver-haired sister got abducted by some guy!!
“Kamijou Touma, I took her in. Come alone to the abandoned theater, Hakumeiza, outside of Academy City at 7o’clock.”

Page 23

Lineal handwriting in this age?
He threatened me to harm the hostage if I should contact the police, so I couldn’t do anything.
I’m sorry, Kamijou Touma.
No, it’s better than making the situation worse with a careless move.
So, // how did that kidnapper look like!?
Firstly, he was over 180cm tall… // He was a westerner.
and kinda dressed like a priest.

Page 24

Like a priest..!?
So it’s a magician?
He reeked of holy water, // had long red hair till the shoulders---
Yeah, yeah.
He had gold rings on each finger // and had a barcode tattoo under his right eye.
He was smoking and had his ears full of earrings.
What the hell? A bad guy right from the book.
Yes, yes!
The are more than enough reasons for kidnapping Index.
Is it like the case with Yamisaka Ouma and he’s after her 103,000 books in her head---?
…Then there would be no reason to have me come.. // What is he after?

Page 25

Do we really not have to call for help, Kamijou Touma?
Yeah! // It’s a complicated situation.
Please look after Sphinx.
W- Will it be fine?
Just wait for me…

Page 26

Another kilometre until Hakumeizo…
Good… Plenty of time until seven.

Page 27

So I say, but I don’t really know the outside of Academy City.
Crossing the next street…
A sister.
…She wouldn’t be involved in this case, would she?
Excuse me~

Page 28

I beg your pardon
Could you tell me which bus heads towards the Academy City?
(A new story begins from the meeting with this sister…!!)

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