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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Aiki 75

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 27, 2011 09:43 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 75

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 75

Page 01

Those that are fighting for the Uran mine
their respective intentions are entangling---

Page 02

I have been caught a lot... // but a luxurious cell like that is a first.
(Fluffy Bed)
Guess they can't have an 80year old geezer die on them.

Page 03

Those these two are the swords of the daughters...
How as it? Did they have a memory card hidden like the "Heaven"?
Though just in the weirdly formed one...
What's more, the date on it...

Page 04

when we put it together with the first, there's still a part missing.
What did you say?
Right, my usual sword is...
is damaged from Joukyuu-sama's fight with the Gunman.
So I brought a reserve today!
The sword that lies over there is brand-new.
And my broken one has the memory card in it.

Page 05

Let's hear your explanation!
Why is your sword the only one without a "key"? // That's strange.
Who knows---?
Ah---! I know!!
Shizu-nee's sword is broken so she brought a different one!!
I see... Good you're so honest.
What do we do now? We're still lacking a piece now.
Reminds me...
there should be another shorty.

Page 06

Mh, another camera here....
Man, for a ruin it sure got technics.
For my lack of strength...
I was trained in ninja skills.

Page 07

Ah, it's Joukyuu!
Mister, it seems the things you requested arrived.
Hoo, that was fast.
Tonight's a sushi party?
No, I don't think we can make sushi out of that.
Eh? Didn't you order fish?
Well, it's technically still fish, but that's dried fish.
What's that?
What is that idiot doing?
His perverse is on par with the Geezer's.

Page 08

Hoo--- So the shorty got in all right on a different route.
Heh. She thinks I won't notice her like that? // Mm~~ What should I do~~ Should I expose her~~
Lao Shi!!
How long do plan to play with these girls!?
No, well this is... Hey, wait.
We have work!! Work!!
I have no time to involve myself with that idiot.

Page 09

Is the Geezer here?
Tch, that Sumo-Boxer is here too.
Damn. I could have manage a normal soldier though.

Page 10

Mh? Another heli?
Tch, another air-raid!?
That's strange. What could they still need from us?

Page 11

Page 12

Oh? If that isn't Joukyuu-kun.
We're from the union of child and human rights!! // Make a donations, you assholes!!
What bullshit returning is that!? // You damn traitor!! I'll kill you!!
Aw-- Guess you're angry after all...
Both your eyes are bandaged.

Page 13

Joukyuu-kun, what do you need here?
I was ordered to go collecting.
We have no money here.
No-- I don't want money.
I'm here to collect some broken "sword".
Broken "sword"...?
Well no need for me to go out personally.
Go, my discipline #2!
Yes, Sir!!
Discipline #2?
You had another discipline from me, Sensei?
WHAT!? Then you're #1!?
Unforgivable!! I'll flatten you and take the #1 spot!!

Page 14

Weren't you against taking disciplines?
Unlike you guys, she really adores me.
A passionate fan is easy to handle.
I'm Joukyuu Lao Shi's official discipline!!
I know all about him, even his sensitive spots!!
Not only is that self-proclaimed, but we only know each other for a few days.
Ah, right...
I guess I have "third discipline" too...
When did you get so many disciplines?
Rather then calling them disciplines, more like fans?

Page 15

Are you okay? Your eyes are still...
They're mostly good again.
Show me your skill, Dornier.
Of course. Just watch me Lao Shi.
You'll be speechless.
Reminds me, I haven't seen her fighting yet. // Was she the type to fight bare-handed?

Page 16

Eh? EH!?
Pico-Pico hammers?
You're her master but never saw them!?
What's that? // That's not for cutting.
They're attached to her arms like crutches.

Page 17

It got some range, but...
if it's not for cutting, it's nothing.
Watch me, Lao Shi~~

Page 18

What's this?
What's she trying with these cat punches!?
Ah! I get it!!
Her skill is the same tactic I used against Veronica!

Page 19

T- This is!?
The "sweeps" are going around and cutting in?
She was also an Aikido-Type, huh.
That's rare for a westerner. // No wonder she's so attached to me.

Page 20

Aw--That's the "Extended Arm" after all...
Withdrawing from it actually bad. // One instead has to draw closer.

Page 21

Page 22

Oh- Even upside down she's not neglecting her counter-attacks.
Kageyasu shaped up quite too.
Not bad---
Your injured right arm is too slow!!
Aw, so she followed up on her right arm with the leg after all.
In top form Kageyasu would be stronger?

Page 23

These things are made of the same stuff as prostheses for athletes.
They got both "flexibility" and durability.
Damn-- If my right arm weren't injured, I could use my Lighting Ten Hands...
It's all that shitty Master's fault!!
You're to die first!!
Eh!? For real!?

Page 24

Maybe I should lend a hand?
Eh? She too!?
Well even though I didn't know it was you...
it still was not nice to drop a grenade on you...
no mercy!!
Going against the own Master, what a delinquent Discipline!!
Where's your Japanese sense of duty!?
As if a newbie like you could understand his real character!!

Page 25

I'll bestow punishment on you!!
An idiot blended by trust!!

Page 26

Winner: Dornier~
Balboa, you wanna fight too?
Unfortunately I no more swords and I can't fight bare-handed.
Okay, then without modesty, we'll conduct a house-search. // Follow me, Dornier.
Someday I'll kill that Asshole of a Master!!

Page 27

By the way, suddenly this is Japan.
Umm, excuse me.
Be quiet and come with me. // If you listen, I won't kill you.
Hiii!? O- Okay...

Page 28

Umm, where are we going? Hokkaidou? Okinawa?
Just shut up and wait.
Hey, don't touch the blindfold.
Umm, I need to go to the toilet..
You're annoying. Do it in a bottle. // Get in there.
Umm... A whole day per plane and another half a day per car...
Ah, I'm telling you to keep it shut!
I thought it would be an easy job. How wrong I was.

Page 29

C'mon, we're there.
Get out.
Eh, O- okay..
You can take the blindfold off now.
U- Umm, where am...
Great, job is done. // See ya. Be strong.

Page 30

Don't tell me...
this isn't Japan... // anymore...

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