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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Girl Girl Ball Shoot Girl 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 30, 2011 18:22 | Go to Girl Girl Ball Shoot Girl

-> RTS Page for Girl Girl Ball Shoot Girl 1

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Girl Girl Ball Shoot Girl Chapter 01

Page 01

Page 02

Page 03

Kaori sure is late.
Lunch break is going to end!!
-----I'm being followed!?
W- Why!?
I never spoke with Umezawa-san before...
S- She got this kinda scary aura...

Page 04

R- Reminds me, even during class, she was always looking at me.
You see, today...

Page 05

----Umezawa-san is always so beautiful. // She's like a model with that height. (Must be about 180cm)
...But it feels like you can't get closer to her because of her beauty. // Speaking of, she's always alone.
N- No way!! She's still following me!?
Could it be...
I despise your guts!!

Page 06

N- No way...
Starting today, I'll hit you once every 20 minutes every day.
What if it's like that!? Aww--- W- What should I do!?
That can't be!! She isn' that kind of person....!!
Ah, I'm sorry.
Right at my weak spot the hips....
Mizuno. huh...
Carrying that "thing", you're going to the gym again?
How about you join some proper club? Mh?
You don't really want to waste your 3 high school years, do you?

Page 07

E- Excuse me.

Page 08

Wow, we're really doing well!!
Today we might get over 10 times!!
Ah, Kaori!!
You're late!!
Hurry, hurry!!
You weren't paying attention!!
With just two more we would have had a new record!!

Page 09

That's what you get for kicking it facing us with the back..
Kaori!! Kick it back here!!
Eh? EH!? H- Hey. I can't!!

Page 10+11

Page 12

W- What was that just now!? She caught it in midair!?
And the ball didn't touch the ground!!

Page 13

U- Umezawa-san!?
T- Thanks.

Page 14

Hey! When did you become friends with Umezawa-san?
I mean, you brought her here, right?
C'mon, Kaori!! Say something!!
Ah.. Ehm...
Please join our soccer appreciation society!!

Page 15

W- Wasn't that a bad move?
L- Look at that face, she's surely angry!!
First-year class 2, Umezawa Hikari
Let's get along.

Page 16

We're always practicing here when school is over.
Because they won't acknowledge us as a proper club, // we can only train at this park.

Page 17

We all want to play soccer no matter what...
W- With Umezawa-san joining us, we finally got 11 players!!
Umm, since when have you been playing soccer?
Just with good body balance that ball touch early would be impossible.
Since my childhood, together with my brother
the whole time----

Page 18

W- Was I too pushy?
...I just wanted to know more about her.
Sachiko!! Centering in front of the goal!!
...Hey, it's not reaching at all!!
It got a ground pass!!
Ah, sorry, Midori.

Page 19

How can she looks so cool by just drinking juice!?
S- She chocked!!
For some proper introduction,
I'm the captain, Touno Sachiko. I welcome you.

Page 20

It's my first time joining a soccer team.
----When's the tournament?
Female High School soccer isn't acknowledged at all schools.
There's only one tournament in fall, the national female championship tournament.
But our club isn't an official one, so we can't participate. // There're only 5 schools with a female soccer club in the prefecture.
why don't you make an official club?

Page 21

Trust me, we tried.
...But a girl playing soccer is just being made fun off.
And since female soccer is a minority sport to being with, even the teacher won't listen to us.
And without an adviser we can't apply for one. // The student council has no interest in female soccer either.
There's nothing we can do.
When you speak of soccer, it's about the boys after all.
...But! I want to form an official club no matter what!!

Page 22

A game.
We have them to acknowledge us by showing them our skills.
Eh...!? S- Suddenly a game!?
But how do we find an opponent for that game?
Who would take us on, a unofficial club? // We don't have any connections either.
Let's ask the boy's soccer team from our sister's school!!

Page 23

Boy's soccer team!?
Yep!! We have our school festival next month. For that we'll invite Kuroyama Academy.
And then we'll appeal in front of the teachers and the students!!
A big event against a boy's team?
I'll shoot a goal <3

Page 24

is impossible....
Huh? Where's Umezawa-san?
She was still here just now...
Eh... D- Don't tell me...
W- Wait, Umezawa-san!! // You're going to ask for a game!?
Sachiko just said that as a joke...
P- Please wait!!

Page 25

can't fathom us playing against a boy's team.
Are you seriously saying that?
What's the use in giving up before trying it?
U- Umezawa-san...
If that's our only choice--- // then we have to do it.
Just by saying you want to form an official club, nothing will be achieved.

Page 26

....She's right.
She's totally right.
I'm sorry.
---Besides it won't be a good game.
If we're going to do it, we're going to win.
We'll win and establish our female soccer club.
Women!! // For real? Where!?

Page 27

That uniform, they're from Hikarigaoka Girl's Academy, right?
Really!? From that high-class school!?
Hey, look at that rack!!
Aren't her face really cute too? // The other one is...

Page 28

Oh, no. Everyone is entranced by Umezawa-san.
W- We have to hurry to the field!! // Or they'll attack here.
Hey, girls. Why don't I show you...

Page 29

S- Sorry.
Push me some more...
No, kick me....
I want to be stepped on by her!!
T- They're opening a path!?
...Wow!! She's like a queen.

Page 30

Hey, what are you doing!?
Don't be sloppy just because it's a practice match!!
And shoot!
We'll lose at the first round this year again anyway, don't get so heated up.
Why would our ace say that....!!
First-years, go buy some drinks.
S- Sugihara...

Page 31

W- Who told you to rest!!
Eh... // At Hikarigaoka's school festival!?
Yes, a game.
First and Second-Years, tidy up already!!
Y- Yes!!
I'm the captain, Tanizawa.

Page 32

...It's a deal.
But only if you can score a goal against me.
The tall one, get over here!!
U- Umezawa-san.
You can come closer.
Looks like the captain is going easy on her.
Of course.

Page 33

...Hey, isn't that too close!?
Oh, geez~~ He's after a panty-flash.
I can't miss the moment she kicks!!
Definitely not...!!
Red panties....!?
No, purple silk ones...!?

Page 34

No, black!! They're without doubt black lace ones!!
D- Damn...
I started trembling....!!
Just wait!!
I'll definitely see your panties!!

Page 35

I- If it's her...
I'm sure....!!
Hey, what's up!? You're scared even at this distance?
And you dare to ask for a game like that, huh!?
If she gets provoked and kicks widely, it's in my favour!!
The captain was like that?
Kuku... He's hot-blooded idiotic virgin after all.
...But he got the right skill.

Page 36

Don't tell me you want to back off!?
Don't make me laugh!!

Page 37

Eh...!? What did she say just now?
Did she say "Look"!?
For real...!?
Light pink...!?

Page 38+39


Page 40


Page 41

The game is next month! Thanks.
Together with Umezawa-san, I'm sure we'll win.
We'll win!!
(First Game End)

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2011
"I despise your guts!!" when I read this I read this as "I love you!!" when I read...still a way to go in my jskills and...selective reading skills xD

Shoujo-ai wa *.*
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2011
lol, gl...
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