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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Aiki 76

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 30, 2011 23:11 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 76

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 76

Page 01

Closing in t your goal
but then an irregular appears----
who is it...!?

Page 02

T- That's the entrance...?
C- Coming in~~

Page 03


Page 04

...So, that's him?
Seems so---
They got him specifically from Japan.
What? What the fuck is going on here!? // What's with these super scary foreigners?
Glad you made it here, discipline of Master Joukyuu!!
Mhm, he doesn't look strong at all..
Eh // Eh!?

Page 05

Mhm, I can only see him as some commoner...
You think so too, Obletto?
But Mr, Joukyuu called for him.
He just might not show his strength to the outside. // We wouldn't know.
Where am I?
Who are these guys!?
What's going to happen to me!?

Page 06

We're back.
We got a big catch~~
..What you mean big catch?
I just wanted one single sword.
And how would I know which you wanted.
You just said "Bring me the broken sword"
These are all broken.

Page 07

Geez, what a pain...
Veronica-sama, since the sword belongs to that black-haired woman...
I would assume it's a normal one.
Wouldn't it be this?
Ah, it was the one...
I broke with in the fight with the Gunman after all.
By the way, Joukyuu.
Is that discipline you called over any good?
Ah, him? Could it be he's already here?
He's amazing. And I'm saying that as his master.

Page 08

Good, sounds promising.
I'm looking forward to it.
Lao Shi!! He's that amazing!? // More than #1!?
Mh~ Well~ // He certainly is amazing. (But in the bad meaning)
Speak of the devil...
Ahhh... I- I finally found you... // What's going on here~~~

Page 09

Please tell me~~
Where am I~~~
I heard it, it was you who called me here~~
Yo, good you made it here, Mister Bull. I welcome you.
Be happy! You just became a member of an international underground syndicate!!
Of course not one that focus on something that half-assed like japan.

Page 10

Don't fuck with me!! // You suddenly kidnap me and make a member of some underground syndicate in a faraway land!?
What are you? A cocky producer with the D*rth V*der theme in the background!?
Your tongue.
Give me back my peaceful days I finally obtained!!
He also has that delinquent attitude towards his master.
Could he really be the real deal!?
Don't get so excited, Bull-kun. // Once he snaps, he's so out of control even I can't do anything about it.
For real!?
This is a chance to get a real man---
It's the super big league that does underground job all over the world! // With it's support you can easily get a control of the Japanese Yakuza.

Page 11

From a mere underling to the boss of the Yakuza in a flash!?
T- That might be great...
And you don't need to be so scared of the guys here. // They're all just a tick better than that Shika dude your nearly killed before.
U- Uwa... real guns... // T- This is a real battlefield after all.
Of course. What else is there for a real man? // You might overdo it and burn out though.

Page 12

H- Hey! // You have some grudge against me!?
(Uwa~~ )
You now my strength, right?
Yeah--- You're weaker than these tiny weapons.
Well, just desperately try to "stay alive".
If it really gets dangerous, I'll lend a hand. // If I feel like it.
a real devil!!
And I was an idiot to get involved with him!!
Hey, dude, you're japanese right?
Wanna fire a gun? // They're prohibited in japan right?
(Uwaa, Great)
(Wuhuu, so much fun)
He fits in alright.

Page 13

Good, the Sumo-Boxer is gone.
A normal soldier is no deal for me!
Hey, you.
I'm bored. Got a newspaper or so for me?
Tch. Why not.
A newspaper should be okay. I'll go fetch one.

Page 14

A chance! Nice timing, Gramps!
Eh? Why!?
You mean right now is "no good"?
Oh, thanks.
Hey, I hope my daughters are alright?
Go help them.
As I fuck a fuck. That's not my place to act.

Page 15

That was directed at me as "Go help Shizu-nee first", huh?
Ew~~ When this here is far more difficult.
Nothing I can do~~
Let's go for Shizu-nee first.
Is this your broken sword?
So fast!! You already found it!?
You shut up already!!
So, the memory card?
There certainly was one.

Page 16

It's still not complete!!
That pisses me off! How long he plans to prolong it?
I think with just one more piece it will be done...
One more... What now. If you think about it, it only leaves the shorty.
But she uses throwing knifes... // Even if it's a micro-chip, does it fit in there...?

Page 17

She might possesses hers in a different way.
There's also the possibility of her having a sword, but just not using it..
Anyways, that old fart sure is a master in pissing me off.
You feel like telling me where the shorty is?
We couldn't even if we wanted to.
Also, get me a cigarette.
She operates separated from us...
Uwa~~ It totally turned into a convo about me...
Not good-- If I carelessly get close to her, it looks like she will notice. // How am I supposed to help them now.

Page 18

This is interesting.
You made this yourself?
I have other stuff too!
Hey, #3!! // How about you show me your skills too?
Eh!? // M- Me!?

Page 19

According to Lao Shi you're quite something...
But I'm the number one discipline. // As a fellow discipline I want to see it for myself.
No, you're #2
That idiot~ What's he flaring up things on his own~
He's making me out to be Martial Arts Master.
What's up here?
That discipline is going to show his skills.
Oh, wonderful.
And now we're even getting spectators!!

Page 20

Gah, screw this all!!
Let me show you the temper of a just a weakling!!
Hoo.. He finally looks a bit threatening...
Okay, I'll take him on!
That's just perfect. // He's a boxer. // You did boxing before, right?
Eh? Really!?
Ah-- He's still my discipline at best, // so please go easy on him.

Page 21

I-If it's boxing..
I should be able to make a show!
Hehe. What's more, he's a total fatty. Can he move at all with that body?
This will be fun--
Okay, don't hold back!
But why boxing when he's Joukyuu's discipline?

Page 22


Page 23

Continuous wide wings with full of power.
What's this? He almost swings like a beginner.
His speed is nothing great either and his aim is all over the place.
Eh? Does that mean he wants me to attack?
(What the fuck!?)
W- What's with the awkward atmosphere?
And what's with his fatty? I don't even graze him.

Page 24

Eh? // H- Hey, wait...

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