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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Aiki 77

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 2, 2011 17:52 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 77

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 77

Page 01

Possessing a strong claws, leading astray those it hits...
They get more charming as the danger rises----

Page 02

You aren't drinking, Lao Shi. // You don't like wine?
It's not like I hate alcohol or wine in particular.
But I enjoy how you forget all the unpleasant things when you get drunk...
You see, humans, unlike animals, fight with their "brain" in compensation for their powerless. // And I quite like to dull that.

Page 03

In the past, real man were also seen as drunkards,
it's not rare that they suddenly got stabbed and died when they were totally wasted.
What are you crying for?
I'm moved!! // That's my Lao Shi!!
How you're ready to fight 24/7!
Starting today I'll to stop drinking.
(Then don't drink)
Nah, you don't really need to.
What was up with the discipline?
He's resting in the medical room now... // but he's truly an amateur?
Ah, sorry, he still got jet-lag. // Let's do it again some other time!
....Is what he said, but... // That clearly wasn't just because of jet-lag.
Just what is he thinking?

Page 04

But why would Mister need to call an amateur as his discipline here?
That's the problem. It's get more and more incomprehensible...
You can't use an amateur as a spy.
Well, for now let's wait. // We wouldn't understand how a genius thinks.
Even my boxing....
didn't work at all.....

Page 05

You really thought it would, Bull-kun?
I brought you some food.
Want it?
That was like a dude doing boxing for a month
going against Mike Tyson.
You like wine?
But to think you went K.O by a simple graze on the chin.
Instead of bare-handed, he should have had the biggest gloves on.

Page 06

are you really serious about boxing?
Huh? // Of course not, I have a tons of other things to do too.
You have quite some talent, what is rare here in Japan.
If you get serious, you could make it big in a way...
What you mean "In a way"! // If I, who's undefeated in street brawls, gets serious, I would be champion in no time.
But boxing isn't going to feed you.
I'm aiming for something more reliable "atop".
Reliable atop, huh...
I might not look like it, but I'm thinking about my future.

Page 07

....Is it fun?
Is it fun watching guys weaker than you
at your feet?
IT IS~~~~!!
....but back at you,
Don't you remember doing the same?

Page 08

You should have done the same as me in your turf.
Getting excited about threatening or kicking average people just because they pissed you off. // You can't tell me you haven't.
"I'm a delinquent, but a good guy. I haven't had anyone crawl at my feet".
You won't say these stupid lines at this point, right?
Every man leaves the "cradle" at some point.
But the most unforgivable thing for a man to do...

Page 09

to leave the first "cradle" he was raised in
and immediately chasing after another comfy "cradle".
I don't get wine. // Don't they have any beer?

Page 10

Lelulia didn't help you, huh.
Well, whatever.
No guards...
What an obvious trap.
I don't think she'll fell for it.

Page 11

You don't think she will fall for such // an obvious set-up?
To be honest, yes...
Well, I too.
So... If you anticipate that it's such an obvious trap // what you think will happen?

Page 12

Here it is~~ the generator room.
Good, an easy lock.
If I cut off the electricity of the cameras it'll be a walk in the park.
Yo, I knew you would come here.

Page 13

You just can't jump in if the trap is obvious...
so first one would think to cut off the electricity.
Y- You really plan to betray us for real!?
For real or not, I'm now on this side.
N- Not good! There's no way I can win against the guy who tied with the geezer.
What do I do? Just what!?
Actually I came to help you. // Come! Let's save everyone together.
Eh? R- Really?
No, just kidding <3

Page 14

You got her, // Good.
An easy job for me.
Idiot! Bastard! Traitor! // Fucking Liar. Drop dead! Asshole!
Uahaha. Flattering me wont get you anything.
That's what she was carrying.
Nothing special on a glance.

Page 15

Mhm... Guess it's not in throwing knives after all..
They're weapons to be abandoned after use after all...
Hey, shorty. Don't you have a sword from Houju?
No! // I can't use swords yet.
You're searching for a memory card, right?
Then what about that thing?
A call phone, huh... To think of, we were to focused on "swords"...
You noticed about the memory cards after all, Joukyuu...
Don't look down on me.
Though I hope you do a bit.

Page 16

So? This memory card have a clue to the uranium mine?
Seeing as you're searching for more, the information must have been split.
There's no need for you to know more. // Leave.
Well, call me if you need me.
I'll help out then---
A capable man
sure is handy but also dangerous.

Page 17

Geez, to think Joukyuu would get us all.
His acting skills are far beyond mine.
Why would you get caught too, Lelulia. // Next time I meet Joukyuu, I'll chop him into pieces and make curry out of him.

Page 18

T- This....
We collected them all...
but the mine's location part is still missing!?

Page 19

But we got plenty information now, if we just search on our own...
It's not that easy.
The missing part has at least a radius of 2km.
What's more that area is under the influence of the government.
As if we leisurely could walk in there and search.
It would be possible after we have overthrown the government, // but that would reverse our order and make things meaningless.
That old fart... Toying with us...
I'm at my limit!!
I'll make the geezer spit the beans by pointing my sword at his daughters.

Page 20

Oh, my~
Where are you headed with such a terrifying look?
That's not good--- // You plan to have him talk by beheading his daughters?
Could it be, you...
knew of that torn up map from the beginning?
I didn't know about the memory cards or the map,
but I of the most important part.

Page 21

I'll give you heaven.
Don't want it.
They too will notice it soon.
If so, it'll surely turn into the climax of this festival.
I can join, // but you have to do your part too.
I call it climax, but's rather a climax of anger from disappointment.
You see, even I don't know the last keyword of the treasure map.
Because I ripped it and throw it away.

Page 22

He, himself
ripped it and throw it away...!?
He said he did it because it looked like it would stir up trouble.
But because someday it could be needed for this poor country
he only throw away a single part of it.
I didn't thought it would be a "treasure map" for real.
But a treasure dazzling from radioactivity is sick.

Page 23

So you see, they're not involved with the treasure anymore. I'm going to release them.
Nothing gonna come out if it if you continue now.
....Now I see why you were so cooperative.
Oho, Stop it. // You would just be venting your anger at this point.
I have things going on my end too.
I can't have it end with just the line "We couldn't find the uranium".
I'll at least take your lifes.

Page 24

Mh... What's with the ruckus in the middle of the night.
What a noisy bunch...
Eh!? Gunfire!? // No way. A real battle!?
No, might just be training.
Wait, training in the middle of the night!?
Hey, Bull. Hurry, we're leaving.
If you idle, you'll be killed in this confusion.

Page 25

Page 26

Hurry if you don't want to die.
...What's going on, it's so loud, I can't sleep.
Training in the middle of the night?
Yo, folks.

Page 27

Watch what you're doing!!
Couldn't you have opened it a bit more softly, idiot.
I couldn't find the keys.

Page 28

After all, you came to!
Hurry and run. Veronica is furious.
It's turning into a genocide!
Thought so. The talk will have to wait until later. Let's get out here!
So Joukyuu was playing false all along...
I respect him, but this is a job...
No way~~ Lao Shi~~

Page 29

We're all just running targets, we won't be able to help out!
Don't worry, I alone are plenty.
The problem is the geezer who can't run for long.
Dad! I told you I would carry you!
Shut up
Don't be stubborn. You're causing problems here!!

Page 30

I can't have you leave the organization so easily.
You'll have to pay your toll, Joukyuu.
The opponent is Jouykuu, be careful.
Lao Shi~~
Uwa, guess I need to get serious for a change.
Sorry if I kill you.

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