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Aiki 78

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 4, 2011 19:25 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 78

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 78

Page 01

Can he break through the encirclement of strong enemies?

Page 02

Page 03

Don't ever let your guard down. // His expression is always saying "What did I do?"
Let's get into formation.

Page 04

Don't stand there like poles, you fools!
He just went for the long-range attackers!!

Page 05

I see!
No matter how great your skills are...
a moving object isn't that easy to snipe.

Page 06

Damn! Why are you coming straight at me!?
You monster!!
Not like you would show yourself.
I searched for place you would be at immediately.
It's quite easy to image that this side
is the best spot for sniping.

Page 07

Good luck,
but now that I'm this close, it's too late.
Your only method left is a suicide bombing.
Don't look down on me---!!
It's impossible for Catacomb.

Page 08

He plans to throw him down!?

Page 09

Page 10

H-- He used Catacomb's body as a shield!?
No way-----!?
It's a defect, I'm giving it back.
Hey... // Gyaa---!!

Page 11

So, who's next?
Only about the old guy with the hat I have no information.
You got in exactly the right range...
Guess that makes me next.
Show me <3
If you request so...

Page 12

Ehm... That a gun?
Yeah, an altered one.

Page 13

Didn't I tell you...
I'm the master of Harry, who you defeated.
Ah, that perverted Gunman...
Then I can image your way of fighting.
The basics are the same.
But of course our levels are different!!

Page 14

That form...
A donut?
Carchs, distract him.
I don't mind, but don't hit me.
Dornier, you go too!!

Page 15

...What's this, Dornier?
I'll follow Lao Shi!
I'll take you on!!

Page 16

How cute---
Damn Dornier...
I knew she adored him, but I didn't think to that extent.
Lao Shi! Take this chance!!
Not good, the balance will break. // We're going, Oblette.

Page 17

Aw, after all that form...
let's one fire freely in three directions...

Page 18

Stop it, Dornier!
Damn! Can't we do anything?
You only concentrate on not being a burden right now.
You're the burden!
Heh. Don't underestimate me, who walked in various battlefield.
Even without a sword
I have plenty of ways to fight.

Page 19

Wooh, hold your horses.
You'll have to face me. // There's still the debt from stripping me naked.
I have no time for that. // You take care of this, Oblette.
Ignoring me, huh.
I feel sorry for going against you, who's barehanded,
but I take you have a plan...?

Page 20

I have to take him by myself?
That's a bit too much.
Snap out of it already, Dornier! // You want to get removed from the Ten Knights?
Heh! That's just a bunch of soldiers!
Oh, good. // Looks like you got reinforcement.
Oh, Veronica.
Geez, he's just such a pain in the ass!

Page 21

I'll stop him.
Dehabrant, you finish him then.
Puh--- Thanks.
I was about to cry from missing time to reload.

Page 22

Now then... Even if it's you...
what do you plan to do without a weapon?
Yeah, I was thinking about that in my cell.
Of a way to fight you.
Did you bring it with you? // Hand it over.

Page 23

Oho. That sure keeps me busy.
Don't you think you two are being unfair?
For how long can you keep that calm face I wonder.
I'm sick of your endless smiling.

Page 24

Isn't there just
the perfect "shield".

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