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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Aiki 80

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 16, 2011 10:10 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 80

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 80

Page 01

Kunitoshi VS. Veronica! The end of that battle is... the unbelievable!?

Page 02

Page 03

The technique that send Dornier flying in one hit earlier...!

Page 04

I already saw that before---
Though to begin with, it wasn't a trump against me.
He floating like dodged even the attack from eight directions.
Guess sword skills are useless against him for now.
I saw that for the first time...
Eh? What?
Originally, Veronica's basic is the "quick draw".
Before an attack, she's sure to sheet the sword and then draw.
Look. // She has drawn it already.

Page 05

Page 06

She let got of the sword!?

Page 07

She used the sword as a decay and "sweep" with her palms!?

Page 08


Page 09


Page 10

Guess even you can get careless.
I bet you thought I can only use the sword.
Aw~ What a failure.
I should have paid more attention to your sword handling.
You see, the Aikidou style Dornier mastered...
I'm her senior fellow pupil.
If it's gravitation...
I have a bit of knowledge of it too.
So that's what you meant---
You hid it well behind your sword play. Not bad~~

Page 11

But you managed to avoid a fatal wound of my "modified" quick draw...
That at least calls for some praise.
Well, thanks for that. // As a reward let me fondle your breasts.
The wound doesn't look too deep, but...
it's broad and will be trouble.
You sure are calm for running your mouth like that again.
But it's him... The same trick won't work twice on him.

Page 12

No wonder I thought her sword handling was different despite being the gramps grandchild....
I should have noticed something from her using a light short sword. What a blunder~~
Veronica is amazing.
She gave got such a big wound on Master Joukyuu!
C- Could this be...
W- What!?

Page 13

Hey, what's the heli doing here?
Someone called it?
Veronica-sama! Reminds me, do you see Mr. Houjou around?
What!? Don't tell me...

Page 14

Uwa, it's coming down!!
D- Don't tell me it's a Kamikaze---!?
Nice timing, Geezer.
Girls, grab on the rope!
Pops is riding in that!?
Hurry or we'll leave you here!

Page 15

Wah--- Watch out!!
We're gonna smash----!!

Page 16

Hey, don't shake so much!!
You're piloting sucks, Pops!!
But asking me to drive... this is completely different to a car. Geez.
Besides, I just flew a UH-1 a few times 30 years ago!
Houjou is flying that!?
Hurry! We're going to chase them!
With the Osprey will catch up to them in no time.

Page 17

As expected. they weren't careless and stopped our tracks.
Just the windows are smashed. I don't care. Fly it!
I- It's not as easy as that!
It's plenty dangerous already with just that!!
Veronica-sama, I understand your feelings, // but aren't you a bit too focused on them...
I know!

Page 18

Hey, can you walk?
Hang in there, Jouykuu-sama!
Pops! Why did we land here!?
If we take this heli for the whole way, we're leaving tracks.
And anyway, we can't fly for too long with an injured person on board.
I know... I'm sure around here stands the truck left behind...
If we don't hurry, it's gonna be dangerous with the blood loss!
P- Please let me fondle your breasts before I die...
(Eh!? Eh!?)
What are you thinking about it for....
He looks fine to me.

Page 19

Puh, I somehow pulled it through.
I'm not a surgeon, you know.
We could get him now, right...?
Get him? Sure.
Are you really his pupils?

Page 20

But for him to get such a deep wound...
means Veronica is better than I initially thought.
Joukyuu-sama.... To save us you put your line on the line and even got a serious injury...
Oh Lord, how could this happen.
No, no. Before he betrayed and caught you!
She's the useful type to get used my idiotic men.
His invincibility is his only strong point though.
And if you take that away, he's just trash.
You guys are cruel.

Page 21

Kageyasu... Balboa....
Ah, he's awake.
At my end.... let me fondle...
I see! You're close to find the mine, huh.
I was getting impatient, but well done, Veronice! // In case it should turn out to be non-existent...

Page 22

The "Usage test" weapons at the mine lend by America too will...
turn the back on you. // If it comes to that, the situation will turn around immediately.
Please give me a bit more time.
If we narrowed down the position a bit more, I'll let you know.
I'll wait for a pleasant reply.
....Is that alright, Veronica-sama. // The mine is....
Don't say anything. // I need to buy some time against these idiots from headquarters.

Page 23

Are you worried about your future, Obleto? [what was his name again?]
...Not at all.
I'll follow you even to hell,
Geez, Dornier might be saved but her ribs are a total mess.
I'm sure she wasn't pleased...

Page 24

But Dornier aside...
what do we do with that...
In the end, who's that guy....
We can't completely rule out that he's a spy for Jouykuu, but... // he left him behind.
Let me out~~~ please.
I'm telling you I'm totally unrelated to all this~~
It's true~~ I'm really just a commoner~~
I think I'm forgetting something... // but what?
Your memory in chaos because of the wound?
It's always like that.

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