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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Aiki 81

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 26, 2011 07:47 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 81

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 81

Page 01

You can't fight on an empty stomach!
New development in the fight for the uranium mine....!?

Page 02

He sure is noisy.
He got a fever from the wound.
Will he be alright? He's usually so firm, but is now suffering so much...
Don't worry about it.
Because he's usually invincible he acts all whiny when he gets done in for a chance.
You're cold as fluid azote---

Page 03

Ramen in the morning, huh...
Yeah. We'll be out here once we stuffed ourselves. // They know of this place after all.
And we left Heaven with them.
We have to pay that old castle another visit.
Eh!? You plan to infiltrate it again!?
My mislead Grandchild is there too.
I'm sure that idiot plans some real reckless stuff.
I'm not trying to pledge on our blood-relation at this point... // But I can't leave her alone now that I know of it.

Page 04

Now that she knows she won't get the uranium that easily
she surely will move mountains.

Page 05

W- What? A CH-53?
Why is a heli from headquarters here?
These weasels from headquarters....
They said they would wait, but send hindrances anyway...

Page 06

Aw--- Feels like we got demoted.
Looks like we can't expect any alc and woman here.
Stop complaining. // Just work for your pay.

Page 07

Geh... The General from headquarters...
Uha--- We got a devil superior. // Farewell my peaceful days.
Well, well, Veronica. // A fine woman as always.
You're making your way yourself to this remote battlefield, General?
No, no. Be glad it's just an inspection for now----
The higher-ups told me to "surveillance" for a while.
Man, what a pain in this boondocks.
Assembling so many martial artist in the middle of nowhere in such a grand fashion,
just what are the higher-ups thinking----

Page 08

Hmp. When you already have an idea.
What a faking General.
You guys, good work on the vanguard.
Haa... Thanks.
My, my. You're making a real displeased face.
So with this, it's going to be a blast for a while!!
I brought plenty of alc, so rest assured!!
Just thinking we're having drinking contest every night makes my stomach...
He's like a Japanese salary man.

Page 09

What... is going to happen to me...
Am I gonna die in this call, located in some foreign land I don't know...
Everything is his fault!!
What? They captured someone?
General~~ Who cares about that.

Page 10

Why must I suffer like this for a whim of him!?
I'll kill that bastard the next time I see him!! // But I can't win against him. Damnit.

Page 11

Hey, dude
what are you doing?
What!? Who's he!?
Hey, Dehabrant, who's that?
Deserter? Spy?
Ah--- He's...
Well, I can't know where to start...
Haaa. Could it be they're discussing my execution?
Will I be hanged? Or shot? Nooooooo
I see... So mainly a commoner---- Well, well.
But he had the right radiance in his eyes just now.

Page 12

Okay, I decided!!
come with me!!
I'll train you!
Into a perfect soldier! // A martial artist would be impossible.

Page 13

Huh? // Eh.
No, why me?
Geez, the General's bad habit again.
It's troubling how he takes a liking to things.
He just wants a toy.
Well, well. Now that I look, you have a good build!
If I train you // the SAS or SEALS won't be a dream anymore!
Hey, Rookie, we're going ahead.

Page 14

But I must say that rookie sure is gruff.
Most Asians are like that.

Page 15

Ow // Oww
Hey, here's an injured man. Drive more carefully...
Stop complaining when we're taking care of you.
I'm with you, Joukyuu-sama.
Gramps, where are we going?
For now to a place they don't know of.
How about we try our previous house.

Page 16

Wah. It's been about 15 years since I was here?
It's a first for me.
It looks pretty rotten. Will it be alright?
Bear with it. It won't be for long.
Geez, again such a inconvenient lifestyle.
Guess, for now it's canned food again.
Haa---Again days full of cans and retorts...
Bear with it until Joukyuu-sama's wound is healed.

Page 17

Page 18

Oh, what's up, Rookie?
Sitting all alone here. // You shy?
I have no interest in alcohol.
And actually such noisy places aren't my thing too.
I'm just hanging out here, since I have choice, seeing as I'm new.
Huh? Hey, hey.
Sounds like we're the idiots here for drinking and having fun.
That you come up with that // shows that you think so for yourself.
I get you. As a Rookie, you want to act big. // I was like that back then too. I won't deny it.
Looks like you still have some composure left even drunk.
That's good.

Page 19

But you know--- After all
it's still pissing me off.
That's what you call cause!!
He's at it again.
He's a bad drunk.
Well, well.
One has to enjoy himself drinking.

Page 20

That's your way of "encouragement", huh.
It's the same all over the world.
Well, well. // What a foolish guy.
He was admitted after being tested by me directly.
Sun-glasses dude...

Page 21

I'll "educate" you, Rookie!!
would it be okay to reduce our manpower by one?
It's a drunken frenzy without any reasons or insight.
Can't be helped.
It'll be you who gets reduced!!
Nothing to worry about if we lose one rookie!

Page 22

Take that---!!
Senpai, your swings are too chunky.
If you were driving with that, you would be arrested immediately.

Page 23

I'm not that blue
to get done by a drunk, even if he's a master.

Page 24

Forgive me.
Next time please teach me when you're not drunk.
That rookie isn't bad.
It won't go the same if he's sober.
Nice, Sun-glasses. // But technically, we're still a military organisation.
As a disciplinary punishment you're to clean the toilet for one week.

Page 25

I'll use this from now on!
Not a bad choice.
With you previous sword it was hard to control your own movements.
I too prioritize speed and choose a light short sword.
I can't lose to Veronica in quick drawing.
And my sword?
(I want to graduate from throwing knifes---)
Still impossible for you.

Page 26

dinner is served.
Why the hell am I doing the chores!!
Can't be helped. You can't fight for a while.
Cooking is hurting me too~~~ // Oww
Man... You don't know if he's strong or just weak.
Yay-- You made curry again?
Yeah, but
just warmed up retort one!
If you want me to cook properly, then buy ingredients.
Guess we need to go shopping after all.
We got no money.

Page 27

Geez... I knew it would turn out like this.
Mh? Why are you?
So you didn't abandon your master, huh.
Tch... These bothers...
We can hear you.
Gramps Kizuki wouldn't stop nagging us to take things.
He even gave us upkeep and other needed things. // He's quite rich despite his look.
Hmp! I don't need you guys who are holding a grudge forever.
It's your fault for throwing bombs at people...
If you don't feel like apologizing...
I guess I'll bring these back.

Page 28

UHO!? Japan Rice!?
Horseradish and Umeboshi!? I haven't eaten that in 40 years!!
Curry! It's Curry!!
I don't know what's going on, but apologize already!!
Ram your head into the ground until blood comes out!!
....So, as you see, this idiot is reflecting on his actions, so please!
....What do we do?
They have no pride when it comes to food.

Page 29

*munch* *munch*
Rice, Rice
Curry, Curry.
*gulp* *gulp*
They're like over starved kids.
Kageyasu, seconds!!
Eh, that was your 5th bowl already.
I have to eat a lot, recover my strength and make that woman cry.
I'll have her pay with her body for harming my sexy body.

Page 30

Hey, 100 more!
No food if you don't finish it.
Work out until you puke stomach acid! Work out until you piss blood!
That was makes a man!!

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