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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Aiki 82

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 1, 2011 20:04 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 82

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 82

Page 01

The enemies clashing with Joukyuu...
What is Karasumaru's goal?

Page 02

Aw... Aww...
It hurts----
E- Every inch of my body hurts....
One hour push-ups // 3 hour march with 50kg luggage // 2 hour swimming with clothes (with a gun) // Suddenly jumping off in 2000m height.
Does that brutal General plan to kill me...

Page 03

Get up---!!
Well, well, the perfect day for some training.
Got a good sleep? Let's go wild today again.
I was too tired and only slept for 2 hours!!
Don't worry. Today's just some "education" and no exercises.
R- Really!?
I'm no devil, you see. What's the use in breaking your body.
A soldier won't survive if he can't use his head!
Okay, give it a try.
(But it might really explode)
Suddenly some real mine defusing....!?

Page 04

You sure like to be alone, Rookie.
Finished cleaning the toilet?
Of course.
Besides I wanted to start as a Rookie, so it's alright.

Page 05

You came specially from Asia to get bosses around?
I don't get Asians after all.
I don't need you to understand me.
And why are you hiding your face?
Understanding and...
interest are two different things.

Page 06

Your trick from last night... That was Ji-jutsu, right? // There was some other stuff mixed in though.
Guess so.
You're blind, right? // I saw a film called Japan's Zatosomething. [Zatoichi, a blind masseur of some TV series]
Guess so.
You're not a man of much words. // Wanna play some catch ball?
Guess so.

Page 07

Hey, Gouda, wanna grab a meal?
You were peeping on us, Dehabrant?
If you came when Mister Joukyuu was still here, it surely would have been chaos.
...Just now
did you say Joukyuu!?
Oh, he reacted.
Mh, you know him? // Well it wouldn't be strange if you do.
Why is Joukyuu here!?

Page 08

I don't know the exact reason...
but it's him we're talking about. // So I guess he smelled "something" and dropped by?
Hey, what are you doing? // Out of the blue..
Oh, sorry. My excitement got the upper hand.
I feel like I found a treasure here on the opposite side of the world.

Page 09

But... while I'm happy, it's also troubling.. It's too early...
I just started up again.
Is that what they call a godly favour or a prank....
What are you mumbling about, Rookie.
There are already a lot of strange martial artists... but now there's one more.
Now that's interesting....
What should I do.
He's weird all right...

Page 10

Oh, no. I totally forgot. // I'm too forgettable.
What? Complains about the food!?
EW. Bull is in that castle!? // Why is that there!?
"That"? Who? Some great enemy?

Page 11

Eh...? That trickling guy at the end
in the fight with Karasu?
....Was there really someone like him ...
...Well, whatever.
You sure?
What did you call him here for....
Involving a normal Yankee in a battlefield...
He might be dead around now.
I dropped him into the valley like the lions do..
That aside...
Aren't you bit fat!?
You're imaging things.
No, you're clearly growing larger.

Page 12

Page 13

Well, well. Dehabrant and Co, who came ahead of us, makes 4...
and together with us 6 who came later...
Ah--- General, General.

Page 14

What. I'm in the middle of talking.
Dornier from our team is currently retired.
Mh? Ah--- Right.
And our team lost one member on the first day after coming here.
....Thanks to a certain someone...
That was something like an accident.
Aw--- So we currently have 7... 8 with me included.
Well, well, that screws up my plans. // And most of Veronica's soldiers are out too...

Page 15

By the way, General.
What do you plan to do with Joukyuu?
While it is true that we were done in by him,
according to our mission we have no more reason to chase him now
And besides, at best we only came here to "surveillance" this base.
That might be true for us...
but do you think he'll be like that?
What do you mean,
From all of us, I'm the one who knows the best
about his "practice".

Page 16

There's no way he'll pull away after playing around so much.
He'll play without end until the playground he tasted from is completely destroyed. // He's that kind of "animal".
....Hey, hey. Stop it. // That doesn't sound like a joke to me, who actually spend some time with him for little while.
Of course, it wasn't a joke.

Page 17

The boss here... Veronica-san, was it?
All the more if she wounded him.
According to Veronica who fought with that Joukyuu.... That Houjo seems to be around too.
Even without Joukyuu, this place is too interesting.
You too seems to have fun.
So, if we go by your words...
"We need to be wary of attacks"?
Not wary. He'll surely come.
If you like, we can bet some alcohol on it.

Page 18

You sure got a loose tongue when it comes to fighting. // Before you didn't speak a word with me.
Mister will again....!?
It's scary as you don't know what he'll pull off.
Well, well.
Is he that scary? That Joukyuu...

Page 19

Veronica-sama, some tea...
I think I should get some Knights from headquarters on our side.
Just us are lacking in power. // I want more time to betray headquarters too.

Page 20

No worries.
If it should come down to it, even I alone...
No need to force yourself.
There is no need for you to go that far, is there.
30 years ago
I was just a novice lusting for blood.
The one who shed a piece of light onto that wild life of mine was

Page 21

your mother, Cordelia-san.
Her beauty was of a single flower blooming in the desert.
The me at that time somehow wanted to gain her favour...
Now that I think back, I fidget so much one would laugh.
But she obviously was a person that didn't need the protection of someone like me.
Because she was way stronger than me back then.
The result isn't worth mentioning....
She soon paired up with a normal man.

Page 22

Her man died in an accident.. and like chasing him, she soon died of an illness too...
And the left behind kid was taken to a asylum....
I, only knowing of the world of war, couldn't help at all.

Page 23

That's why I....
decided to never have regret again.
Thought it's late, this is the only thing I can do for you.
Even if the way leads into hell...
I'll accompany your daughter.

Page 24

Who's there?
I wish you would at least knock.
Ah, my apologizes...
I wanted to greet Veronica-san at all cost and was overly excited.
I'm... Jouykyuu's "good friend", Karasumaru.

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