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Aiki 83

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 13, 2011 18:16 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 83

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 83

Page 01

Resolve and killing intent in the blade---What she's after is the uranium mine and....?

Page 02

good friend, you say?
It's not like you don't look like it, // but even a shark can look like something else with tattoos.
Quite sharp

Page 03

As fellow people who held down Joukyuu....
I think we'll hit it off quite well. How about it?
You're saying you won against Mr. Joukyuu once!?
...Well, in the end it ended as my loss, but...
Ah... I see...

Page 04

Veronica-sama, why don't we scout him?
If it's true that you can match Joukyuu to some extent...
then you have the talent, but I wonder.
But if you have talent, you let your guard down on the next occasion.
That's a lecture I learned from Joukyuu.
Haha. I see.
Then shall we go by the textbook...
and test each other out...?

Page 05

If one who normally burns up a lot of calories, stops exercising and continues to stuff himself...
Bringing a lot of Japanese food backfired, huh...
Kah-- I can't get enough of this.
How many years has it been since I have eaten this!!

Page 06

Those threads Pops is eating,
what is that?
That's... definitely rotten.
And that white stuff on top. What's that? Disgusting.
Say what you want. You wouldn't understand as you haven't grown up in Japan.
Kah--- Ah!!
Indeed, to people without "imprinting" it looks like highly complicated food.
Ah, impressive! To think I can eat such a feast again after frozen food. // Living long paid off.
Hey, Sensei. Even if it's to regain your strength, but aren't you eating too much?
Don't come crying to us when you easily get beaten in battle because of your overweight.
I'm fine. I'm fine. I'll go with sumo this time!

Page 07

And these Umeboshi!! // I can eat tons of it!
We have sardines too!
As expected, such a deep Japanese food is....
I don't follow anymore.
(Their way of eating that is.)
I tried that thing called natto, but puked immediately.
..Mr. Houjo, it seems Japanese Food pleases you quite well.
Yeah! You have my thanks! // Ramen and curry aside...
it's been so long since I ate this. I could cry.
That's pleasant to hear, but...
what's the use in even you getting fat.
Mh? // Really?
A 80years old fatty...
(You'll die of high blood pressure)

Page 08

Oh, what's going on?
Seems like the Rookie and Veronica will have a bout.
Will the Rookie be fine?
Well, well. This is a good chance. // Keep a close watch, Private Bull.

Page 09

Eh? // I feel... like I have seen him before...?
H- He...!? // Isn't he the last boss who fought with Joukyuu in Japan!?
What's up, Private?

Page 10

A wooden sword?
You don't have to be so considerate...
At my level it's hard to hold back... I can't have you die by chance.
And one more...
A light wooden sword is obviously faster than a real sword. // It's possible of break at least your bones, so be careful.

Page 11

It's fast.

Page 12

Indeed... If I had remained like that, my bones would have been shattered...
I was surprised. // To think I would see skills here you even rarely find in Asia.
It was wise to travel the world after all.
The world is broad.
Shall we begin?

Page 13

Right! I think he was called Karasu or so!
Joukyuu left aside, what's even he doing here!?

Page 14

I'm relieved. // Looks like you just aren't a big-mouth.
She didn't pushed away Joukyuu for nothing!
If I face her lightly, I won't just get a away with some burns.

Page 15

That woman is going to get done in!
Mh? Well, just look.

Page 16

Page 17

My, my.
Did I overestimated // him?

Page 18

Oblet, treat his injury.
I welcome you.
That's some generosity.
That you would accept me after I showed you so a pathetic act.
Wasn't it you who was looking down on me?
Challenging me with your disabled body...

Page 19

Eh? // Is he injured somewhere?
Nothing escapes you.
Due some circumstances the "breaks" are on on my body.
How troubling...
But with time it'll be back to normal...
Thanks. It's no serious injury.
(No, you don't need to return it...)

Page 20

What? How disappointing.
Well, with Veronica as the opponent...
Well, well.
Guess it's still no good with her as the opponent..
How about some food?
T- The last boss who fought so hard against Joukyuu, got pawned so easily!?
Don't fuck with me!! Just how many monster are lurking here!?
Don't space out, Private. Onto the next training.

Page 21

That man... I don't know his circumstances, but hasn't even used half of his power.
It felt like his elasticity suddenly dropped. // He'll be quite something if he heals.
Geez, how ironic.
That Joukyuu would put me in the same state he was in before.
I understand his old fear now of not being able to use your full power.
But I'm a bit happy too...
Life is more interesting with a modest "bother" after all.

Page 22

Mh? Reminds me...
What happened to "Nakajima"?
Who knows. // I don't quite get him either.

Page 23


Page 24

The 20kg rice we bought vanish in an instant.
When did we become cooks for sumo-wrestler...

Page 25

How long do they plan to eat.
Pops! Think about your age already!
What's up?
No... just my imagination I think.

Page 26


Page 27

What's up, Lelulia?
Well... I thought I saw some light over there...
How careless.
I felt my sensor going off too just now.
But couldn't be... Might just be some animal.
I'll leave that to you.
It's impossible for my eyes or ears.
Found you!
Found you!!

Page 28

We know Joukyuu's
and the Houjou family's whereabouts.
That was quick. // You got a personal "ninja"?
Seems he has japanese blood and has some interest in Joukyuu and Houjo from before.
Once Houjou popped up, he came here.
A guy most capable in covered operation.
If he hides, not even you or me will find him so easily.

Page 29

You checked up on their whereabouts just in case...
but what do you plan to do?
We no longer have any business with some from our "job".
Personally, I would want to like to warm up a "old friendship" at once...
But both Joukyou and me are wounded. I would just be some lame reunion.
But I would love to meet Mr. Houjou at least once... What a bind.
I already told it the General
but he'll come here if you just leave him alone.
But it's up to you, Veronica-san
Either "wait" or "visit" from our side.

Page 30

General~~ // I- I- I- I'm done for~~
H- Hey... General....?
If it's inevitable... // we should do it now that they're weakened....?

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