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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Aiki 84

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 30, 2011 01:26 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 84

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 84

Page 01

Even fat, he's strong......!?

Page 02

Aw~ I feel so heavy~~
So much my wound on my chest might burst open any moment.
What are we gonna do about this idiot?
Mh... What a nice stitched wound....
To be young sure is great. One heals way better.

Page 03

But it's only stitched.
Don't overdo it yet.
C'mon, when I start moving around a bit...
I'll become a real sumo wrestler. // By the way
don't you guys notice this strange sound for a while now?
...I don't hear anything.
No. // It's a faint "buzz" like sound?
Just a bug?

Page 04

Found it. Take a look over there.
UWA!? An UFO! A real UFO!!
What!? For real? Let me see!!
As if.
I saw that at the castle before.
It's an unmanned spying drone from them.

Page 05

Hoo-- Then that means...
Our hideout already got found.
That isn't a "wide range" type. It got a limited time in the air.
I take my guess they found us before and had this keep a "watch" on us.
Hey, stop looking at it. // We better pretend we didn't notice it.
O- Okay.
Eh-- I want to see it too.
But they still have business with us?
Or do they just want their revenge?

Page 06

How quick... Seems they're already here.
Heh, let's ambush them.
It's just... one person. And he's not even being stealthy.
And he walks strange.

Page 07

Lao Shi~~~
I found you~~
...Ah, sorry. You looked like him, so I mistook you for him.
I just got a bit fat and you treat me as a different person!?
You know her?
Rather than know, she pushed herself on my as a disciple....
So she was alive.

Page 08

Ug~~ I'm sorry, Lao Shi~~
I shamelessly escaped without being of any use~
They know of this place and preparing an assault!
We know that too already.
Are you an idiot? Admiring him so much that you would even put your life on the line.
Missy, you have to choose your master more carefully. This guy her corrupts people.
But I guess the other side wants to make a clear end to this.
Well, even if I didn't want to, it's too late now.

Page 09

I got treatment in the castle, but as I was on my way on desertion....
I overheard their attack planning and came to know about Lao Shi's whereabouts.
....That was on purpose.
Yep, definitely on purpose.
Eh? What was on purpose? // I wasn't really...
They let you go on purpose.
That Veronica isn't so stupid let a weakened person overhear her planning and even let escape him.
They send you here as a "Challenge Notice".

Page 10

And then the drone from earlier, instead of keeping a "watch"...
it was to "confirm" the arrival of the notice.
That means----
Eh? // Why picky-back?
Run into the back forest!!
HUH!? // Why so suddenly!?

Page 11

Not enough! Plaster them!!

Page 12

....What do you think?
Just bazookas seems weird....
That's why I told them to give me an assault heli or howitzer....
Geez, the higher-ups sure are stingy~~

Page 13

Now then... Guess we need to check out how effective that was....
If they're alive and we're getting closer, it's the perfect chance for them to counterattack. // Grind your teeth and look----
Close call...When you said challenge notice I thought martial artists would be coming...
(The curry~~~)
They won't to save their forces.

Page 14

Umm... Lao Shi.
What, I'm busy.
Sorry to bring it up in this confusion... // but it wasn't Veronica I overheard.
Then who was it?
Yeah, for some reason he seems to have enlisted with them.
Why is he here!? // Actually, he was alive too?

Page 15

How's it, Private? See any corpses?
N- No, nothing yet...
Idiot~!! I don't want to see ones!!
I don't quite get it, // but looks like he's used as a convenient runner-boy.
Well--- at least he's alive.
....What's with him?
Shall we get him?
No, don't make a hasty move. There's a high chance a sniper is around.
At that small-fry might be the "bait" for it.
He looks like a small-fry even from afar.
I wonder if Joukyuu died~~~
Aww~~ What if I find leftovers....
Oh, just a piece of wood....

Page 16

How's it? You see anything?
No, not yet... // Only trees---
And there's still a lot of smoke...
Don't tell me we really finished them off with one strike?
I don't really think they were that stupid...

Page 17

Look what we find coming back from shopping.
I don't think they get done in though...
Tch, // There was a separate group!!

Page 18

I see, the military went ahead. // Well, then let's see how they fare.
You sure you hadn't tag along?
I'm skipping this time. // I got an excuse with my injury too.
Reminds me, that General... I haven't seen his abilities yet.
But I don't think he's an average soldier.
Let me enlighten you a bit, // he is not a "general".

Page 19

His correct rang is "Lieutenant".
"General" is something of a nickname for him...
I thought it was strange that a General would lead such a small group.... // but his pride sure is General material.

Page 20

You go and let Kunitoshi know.
I'll be fine here by myself.
Even if it's a side show, you got your first stage appearance! // Good luck!!
You're pissing me off! Go already!
Guess I'll take care of the bazookas too on my way.
*buzz* *buzz*
Weird. I can't get in touch with Mikoyan's group.
Well, well, something happened I guess...
Aw, guess an accident happens after all...

Page 21

Knifes in both hands is a bit plain
but I'm sure he has some strange skill too.
If I remember the list right...
she was that weird woman using a weird Japanese sword for fencing.
...... // Just what about me is weird....

Page 22

He's wearing something beneath?
My slashed don't hurt him!
That's all?
Then it's my turn.

Page 23

I see now.
Mysterious "clasp-knife" man, huh....

Page 24

Hey, get me a proper report, Nakashima!
I can't understand your mumbling!
The sniper and bazooka team are done for... ? // Well, well, for real?
Isn't that fine, General. It's within your speculations, right?
In the end, it's a martial artist against a martial artist.

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