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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Cage of Eden 104

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 16, 2011 20:13 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 104

Cage of Eden Chapter 104

Page 01

Page 02

Page 03

Page 04

Chapter 104: A mysterious lady
Chapter 105: A map
Chapter 106: Jelly beans
Chapter 107: Stranger
Chapter 108: Exchange
Chapter 109: Pyramid
Chapter 110: Whom should I choose?
Chapter 111: A brief separation
Chapter 112: Coward

Page 05

Chapter 104: A mysterious lady
Just what is this..?
S- So dark. But my eyes are getting used to it...
And something reeks...
W- What's this...?
W- Who knows... Some kind of tin?
S- Saki!?

Page 06

Aw, geez. It's full of junk here!!
Doesn't seem to be anything impressive here...
It was, in the past....
...In the past?
Yeah, look at the wall.
There's a line on it. Looks like the high tide sunk everything until there.
And from that the waves everything either rotted or got swayed away here... // Things that would us lead to know what this is...
Eh? To lead us what this is?
This is a light-house, isn't it?

Page 07

Don't you think
there are too much rooms here for that...?
...Whatever. // Let's try climbing up...
...Hey, Yarai-kun,
what do you meant when you said there're too many rooms before?
...Do you know what a light-house it?
A tower to guide ships, right?
To guide them into the harbor...
A little off.

Page 08

Light-houses are "marker" so the ships know their own positions.
By sending out a line of light from a set position, it gives them the right course.
Currently, Japan has more than 3300 and they're all unmanned.
Basically, a "marker" doesn't require personal....
Despite that, why does this tower have so much rooms...?
I don't like this.
So this is the second floor...

Page 09

I- It won't open.
Here too. Seems like it's locked.
Tch. These doors are quite thick.
Why is every door locked...? // And isn't it strange that they're so thick...?
For now, let's get on top...
Tch. Don't touch the handles here. Looks like they're rotten.

Page 10

S- Saki!!
Segawa! Grab my leg!!

Page 11

I- I'm letting you down below.
Hey, what were you doing!?
S- Sorry.
Sorry to you too, Segawa-san.
I- It's okay, I'm okay.
L- Leg? I just get the leg?
And he grabs onto Sensei----

Page 12

What's wrong with you, really...
I'm really sorry...
Don't tell me you caught a cold.
From the swimming...
T- That... might be.
S- Suddenly I got dizzy...
How strange..
H- Hey!
Look above!
There's light, so it's the top, right?
!! L- Let's hurry.

Page 13

This is a light-house, so there should be a bulb.
And then... there should be electricity, right?
But it's quite old, maybe it runs on a torch or something?
But if there's some oil or gas left then...
We can send out a signal!
Y- Yeah! From this high up, someone might notice it...
Doing so, we might
be rescued....!

Page 14

We're there!!
The top!!

Page 15

T- This...
T- There's nothing!
There's no bulb....
Thought so...
I knew it was strange.
After all, this tower is way too big.
For a light-house on a coast....
N- No way... Then...

Page 16

This is no light-house!
C- Can't be..
W- Why...?
Just when we thought there was hope...
should we do now....?
Don't give up, Girls... // You can't lose hope just because of this!

Page 17

We need to be strong!
S- Sensei...
This is...?
This form...
A bell...?
There are anchors on the ceiling.
So the bell hang there...
....A tower with a bell? Was is some kind of religious building....?
If so, why was it build in such a isolated place?
Going to all the trouble to bank up the ground...

Page 18

Without doubt this isn't a light-house, but...
it might be
that it's an even more important building...!!
Y- Yarai, come here....!!
I found something strange...!!

Page 19

...What's that...
A barrel...?
Strange, isn't it?
I can't open it because seems to be sealed very hard. // I was thinking something might be inside...
Move a side.

Page 20 [lol]

Page 21

A mummy....!?
W- What is this...!?
For a mummy it's quite raw though...

Page 22

Could this be what they call "Adipocere"?
After death, the body's adipic change into wax-like substance...
Apparently such a corpse won't rot for hundred of years.
The "Adipocere" of Rosalia Lombardo in the Italian Capuchin catacombs of Palermo // is said to have protected her appearance like she was alive for more than 80 years.
...I wonder about that. It shouldn't be possible at such a hot place like this. // It needs to be colder.
Then it's more closely to the so called "Wet Corpse"...
"Wet Corpse"? What's that?

Page 23

It seems they found a mysterious corpse in a grave from the antic China.
And this reprehensive piece was called a "Relict of Mawangdui".
The corpse of a woman found in these ruins is thought to be 2200 years old. // It still had fingerprints and the skin was still soft. It was a corpse just like a living body.
The reason why it didn't rot at all
is still unknown even now...
...But this exactly looks like that.
Then, this is quite old...?

Page 24

This is
a key....?
To a room on the third floor, huh...

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